Sandy’s Knitting II

Well, who knew that I would get home today and find my blog all broken to bits. This caused quite a panic, I can tell you. I am not ready to give up my 365 blogging yet! (SHAKING FIST AT THE BLOG DEITY)

Okay, well, until I can figure out what is wrong, here’s my blog.


It was a dark and stormy day….no, that’s not right It was a cloudy and windy day. That’s The sky is dramatic today

If anyone ever asks you? It is impossible to capture the wind in a still photo. I tried. But there is something I love about a windy day. Especially in the winter when the trees are bare. The wind sounds soothing when it howls through the branches and around my home. It makes me feel so cozy and safe inside. Thankful. Glad that I am not out there.

She knits:

I have been exclusively knitting on Flyingdales lately. While that makes for some productive knitting, it gives you nothing new to look at. Poor you.

It's looking a bit like a wearable object.
Fingers crossed for the blog. It’s very very sick.


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12 responses to “Sandy’s Knitting II

  1. Phooey on the old one — I like THIS one! Now make sure you register this one with the Blog 365 people, k? I’ll mention this in my post tomorrow, too.

  2. Kim

    We’ll get you back up & going again, sweetpea. Promise.

  3. I’m gonna have to give up & buy the Beaverslide, aren’t I.

    You can show the wind out here in CO–when we get ground blizzards (powder that gets stirred up by wind and makes it impossible to see) ot my favorite, the tumbleweed.

  4. Here you are! šŸ˜€

    I like the sweater and I feel ya on not having much to show. How many times can we show the same piece of knitting before people start to complain? At least, you’ve got the pretty trees.

    Good luck fixing the blog! ♥

  5. I hope Kim can get the old blog back because this one hates me!


  6. I hope you girlies can get the old blog fixed soon because this blog hates me.


    & I know what you mean with the sweater. How many times can I post that pink lace before people start to complain?

  7. You need trees that move in the wind, so we can see them leaning over. ;^)

    I feel ya on the sweater. I keep waiting for someone to complain about that pink lace I keep showing.

    I hope you girlies can get your blog fixed. This one seems to hate me.

  8. Wow, stricken with no warning!!! I’ve got my fingers crossed for a full recovery. And Go You, finding a way…
    ; )

  9. Kim is a master! She’ll get you set right. Flyingdales is looking fabu! It’s wonderful to see you’re making progress and will have a nice warm sweater to wear THIS winter.

  10. You mean blogs can get broken? Ruh roh.

    I sure hope you get the old one back up and running soon.
    There’s lots of good stuff on there.

  11. Oo a substitute. I can always tell when Daniel’s had a sub, he comes home with his arms covered in doodles and sometimes the girls ink in his fingernails. Can we draw?

    Urgh, I’m with you on wind being tough to get in a still photo. I took countless pictures of the leaves whipping around and trees bent over in the wind last summer and nothing “felt” windy when it was all said and done.

  12. Betsy

    I feel your pain…had a computer meltdown myself about a month ago…my nerd is still trying to salvage some of my data…good karma to ya…boring knitting is probably a very good thing right now…we’re with you…