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Today is a bratwurst Father’s day!

On this day to honor Father’s Everywhere, I would like to take a minute to salute the man that is the best Father I know. My husband! Everything I have learned about what it takes to be a great Dad, I learned watching him interact with our children for the last 21 years. As I read people’s wonderful tributes to their own fathers, I ached to do one of my own but the circumstances do not call for it. I know that my Father did/does the best that he could do with the kind of life he led growing up and being an alcoholic. I have long since forgiven him because how can I hold him up to standards that he could not live up to? When I left my home at19 years old, I knew without a shadow of doubt the kind of man I did NOT want to spend my life with. I would not spread the mistakes of generations.

This is not to be a monument of my own Father’s transgressions but a celebration of a loving, caring man who is the best kind of father there is: One who wants to be with his children. I’m sure that he has made a mistake or two because he is as we all are, human but he teaches them that making mistakes is not the end of the world. He teaches them how to have a loving relationship with a spouse, how to be responsible and pay bills and save money (Frankly, thank GOD he teaches them about saving because I am not very good at it!) He has taught them how to be a physically active and healthy adult, how to have a sense of humor when things are looking grim, how to cook great stuff on the grill! 🙂 The lessons are many and I, for one am grateful to that man.

Happy father’s Day, Andy!
(Don’t worry, we have a huge Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake in the freezer which is, as far as he concerned, the best gift EVER)

Andy and nephew


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(I have no idea what number post I am on anymore, sadly) Current Events

I am not gay but I am happy sometimes. That does not make me any type of expert but listening to NPR today had my blood boiling! It was a discussion about the upcoming allowance of same sex marriages in California. Which, just for the record, I am FOR. It was a great discussion, until a MINISTER~ A man of God, who forgives and loves started talking. He does not forgive and love. I seem to hear a lot of people who hide behind the church coming out against same sex marriages which sickens me. If (Just go with me here) it is indeed a “sin” as they claim, shouldn’t they not throw stones? Shouldn’t they welcome ALL sinners into their flock? Aren’t we ALL sinners? Including themselves? HOW is being gay/lesbian make you any different than anyone else in God’s view?

No. Really, How? How does a hypocrite minister get off condemning people?

I believe our world is full of horrible stuff. One just has to read a newspaper or flip on the nightly news for an eyeful. If 2 people love each other and want to get married, HALLELUJAH! We should be celebrating each and every loving union. Our world needs more love. And? My marriage to my husband is not threatened by anybody getting married. Just so you know.

Yeah, so that really Grinds My Gears.

I was shocked and stunned to read that Tim Russert died today. He is solely responsible for me being interested in the political process of our country. He seemed real and warm, explaining things in a no nonsense way. Seeing him interview Politicians was a treat. He was forward and direct, always aiming for the heart of the matter, seeking the truth. I respected him immensely.

RIP, Tim Russert.


I cannot have a bit of a current events talk without giving a sad nod to the BLOG. I fear the worst, my friend. You see, I have been harboring a secret. A great bit giant whopper of a secret. I am clueless about blogging. It is quite like a car for me. I put the key in, turn it and drive. I put gas in every now and then and that’s about all of my understanding.
I log into my publishing platform, type in some words which miraculously come to me, push publish and like a magician, it shows up and looks great. Now? I cannot sign in to my cgi page to publish an entry. I went to the Movable Type page and looked through the forums and frankly? I’d rather poke my eyes out with hot needles than look at them one more minute. Seriously. I do not, nor do I want to, know the internal workings of a blog.
So? The blog may be forever dead. I will be here, leaving the light on, hoping you will find me. If anyone is interested in beating their head against the wall being hired by me to do the dirty work and get the blog up and running, speak now. If not? Meh. I’m going with the flow.
SOMEONE has told me that she kind of likes this substitute blog.
HEY~! Did You just throw a paper airplane??

See you tomorrow when there will be more current events, I’m sure. But I really hardly ever talk about them. But sometimes, a blogger just can’t resist.

Who threw that?who threw that??


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Well this is a fine predicament I find myself in

A broken blog is cause to fret for a 365 person. I guess the old blog does not like all the usage. It used to have a break now and then and now? It’s expected to work every day, all day long.

So, welcome once again to my Substitute blog. I must reiterate that there will be no spit balls flying around just because this is a substitute. That goes for YOU in the back too!

I was going to make fun of myself because I misnumbered the posts, thanks to LoriG for giving me a bit of a smack on the head about that! I always hated numbers.

But making fun of my numbering skills seems dull now, you know with the BROKEN BLOG! It gives me a headache just thinking about it. I do think that my movable type needs to be upgraded or some such thing or so Kim told me the last time this happened.

Here’s a picture of the beauty in my yard right now. This is my favorite time of year in the garden. (PLEASE, for all that is good and holy, say the word GARDEN with some quotations around it! Like this: “GARDEN”. You could even put in a question mark there: “GARDEN??” That works too)

It's peony time


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