Well this is a fine predicament I find myself in

A broken blog is cause to fret for a 365 person. I guess the old blog does not like all the usage. It used to have a break now and then and now? It’s expected to work every day, all day long.

So, welcome once again to my Substitute blog. I must reiterate that there will be no spit balls flying around just because this is a substitute. That goes for YOU in the back too!

I was going to make fun of myself because I misnumbered the posts, thanks to LoriG for giving me a bit of a smack on the head about that! I always hated numbers.

But making fun of my numbering skills seems dull now, you know with the BROKEN BLOG! It gives me a headache just thinking about it. I do think that my movable type needs to be upgraded or some such thing or so Kim told me the last time this happened.

Here’s a picture of the beauty in my yard right now. This is my favorite time of year in the garden. (PLEASE, for all that is good and holy, say the word GARDEN with some quotations around it! Like this: “GARDEN”. You could even put in a question mark there: “GARDEN??” That works too)

It's peony time



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10 responses to “Well this is a fine predicament I find myself in

  1. Oh man! What am I going to do with all my little wadded up pieces of paper now!?

  2. Damn blog. At least you have another room of your own! Pretty posie even if it isn’t from a real garden. 😉

  3. The regular teacher says we CAN!!!

    So. Broken. My Broken Sandy.

    I invited you to the Ravelry Garden Along Group. Just thought I’d make your day there. 😀

  4. I love it that you have a substitute blog. Beautiful peony, too. I glanced at mine through the raindrops while I was out trying to find my dog… who was actually hiding out in the laundry room the whole freakin’ entire time I was home. It was hard to see anything with no electricity.

  5. I love your peony. It almost makes up for the broken blog.


    At least, bloglines is still picking you up. I’m the cranky owner of four dead feeds. It’s lonely at my blog.

    Oh, and don’t sit down on your chair. Norma put a tack on it.

    /tattle tail

  6. I have to admit, I like this one better because I can see the whole post and photo in googlereader and thus am much less likely to miss something when life is crazy busy. Can I draw on my arms like Daniel does when he has a sub?

  7. Pretty, pretty! All the peonies around here have been flattened by all the storms. We ran errands yesterday and all the flattened flowers were very sad!

  8. Thanks to the bat signal (aka Norma) we have all found you! 😀 Happy Friday Sandy!

  9. Ohhhh, my favorite, the peony! Lovely. I hope the blog-plumber is able to fix your blog soon. This is fun but there’s no place like home. BTW, Norma sent me.

    Should we tell Stacey that she has a sign on her back? I bet Norma put it there.

  10. Kim

    Sandy! Broken? Oh, sweetpea. But what a beautiful peony photo, you lucky girl you.

    Since I just now saw this post, your regular blog must be working again….?