(I have no idea what number post I am on anymore, sadly) Current Events

I am not gay but I am happy sometimes. That does not make me any type of expert but listening to NPR today had my blood boiling! It was a discussion about the upcoming allowance of same sex marriages in California. Which, just for the record, I am FOR. It was a great discussion, until a MINISTER~ A man of God, who forgives and loves started talking. He does not forgive and love. I seem to hear a lot of people who hide behind the church coming out against same sex marriages which sickens me. If (Just go with me here) it is indeed a “sin” as they claim, shouldn’t they not throw stones? Shouldn’t they welcome ALL sinners into their flock? Aren’t we ALL sinners? Including themselves? HOW is being gay/lesbian make you any different than anyone else in God’s view?

No. Really, How? How does a hypocrite minister get off condemning people?

I believe our world is full of horrible stuff. One just has to read a newspaper or flip on the nightly news for an eyeful. If 2 people love each other and want to get married, HALLELUJAH! We should be celebrating each and every loving union. Our world needs more love. And? My marriage to my husband is not threatened by anybody getting married. Just so you know.

Yeah, so that really Grinds My Gears.

I was shocked and stunned to read that Tim Russert died today. He is solely responsible for me being interested in the political process of our country. He seemed real and warm, explaining things in a no nonsense way. Seeing him interview Politicians was a treat. He was forward and direct, always aiming for the heart of the matter, seeking the truth. I respected him immensely.

RIP, Tim Russert.


I cannot have a bit of a current events talk without giving a sad nod to the BLOG. I fear the worst, my friend. You see, I have been harboring a secret. A great bit giant whopper of a secret. I am clueless about blogging. It is quite like a car for me. I put the key in, turn it and drive. I put gas in every now and then and that’s about all of my understanding.
I log into my publishing platform, type in some words which miraculously come to me, push publish and like a magician, it shows up and looks great. Now? I cannot sign in to my cgi page to publish an entry. I went to the Movable Type page and looked through the forums and frankly? I’d rather poke my eyes out with hot needles than look at them one more minute. Seriously. I do not, nor do I want to, know the internal workings of a blog.
So? The blog may be forever dead. I will be here, leaving the light on, hoping you will find me. If anyone is interested in beating their head against the wall being hired by me to do the dirty work and get the blog up and running, speak now. If not? Meh. I’m going with the flow.
SOMEONE has told me that she kind of likes this substitute blog.
HEY~! Did You just throw a paper airplane??

See you tomorrow when there will be more current events, I’m sure. But I really hardly ever talk about them. But sometimes, a blogger just can’t resist.

Who threw that?who threw that??



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11 responses to “(I have no idea what number post I am on anymore, sadly) Current Events

  1. SOMEONE is here (though that link doesn’t work) not that it matters in the scope of things. Because I’m a SINNER. Not that I’m gay, but I’m sure I’m a sinner anyway. Because I don’t believe in organized religion. Or hypocritical men of the cloth. Bastards. People of hate hiding behind that book they thump.

    In case you were wondering where I stand on the issue. But I know you weren’t. 😛

    P.S. I love your new place. It’s clean and fresh and it’s even bringing out the best in you already — you’re even talking differently. So stay. It’s good.

  2. Agreed.

    (its apparently one-word blog comment day).

  3. I like it here. Plus your feeds work and that is just beyond fab.

    Gay marriage? I think it’s a must because how dare anyone tell another person who they may or may not marry. No one should ever have the right to stand in judgment over matters of love when adults are involved. (Unless either of my parents want to remarry. Trust me, they don’t count as grown ups. Oy.)

    Btw, Norma’s got a fountain pen and a bottle of ink. That can’t be good.


  4. 172? When was the last time you upgraded? That could be something to check. I’m WP, so I don’t know anything.

    I’m happy wherever you decide to be…as long as I have a dose of Sandy.

  5. Hey! Good thing Stacey told me where the heck you were – I was getting worried!! I wish I could tell you how to fix your blog. As long as I can find you, I don’t care where you are…

    Don’t get me started on officious white males passing judgment on others. Can you tell me why it is that eventually we tend to find out that said OWMs are perverts? Most gay couples I know have far better relationships than the straight ones, and that is a good and beautiful thing.

    Damn it.

  6. This is why I use Typepad, I don’t need to know a thing really. Love that. And gay marriage and hypocrital folks, I’m so with you on that. I remember there was some politcal thingy that plotted your views against those of various world leaders, it was in the form of a graph (the kind with ++, +-, –, -+) and I was wayyyyyyy out past Ghandi but he was the closest one to my views. I’m just weird like that 😉

    (ps it might have been this test here: http://www.politicalcompass.org/)

    Oh and that so couldn’t have been my airplane, I always use origami paper!

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  8. I pay some guy $15 a year to host my blog… but in actuality, I have never paid him… he knows it too, but he hasn’t kicked me off (some glitch with his payment system). IHS web hosting. So far no problems. And he answers my techie help questions.

  9. Amen, indeed. It matters not to me where you blog, I’ll find you if I can. I am so, so sad about Tim Russert…so sad.

  10. Cat

    I so agree with you. I am so disenchanted with the attitude of so-called loving Christians LOL I guess that was why I became a Buddhist LOL.