Today is a bratwurst Father’s day!

On this day to honor Father’s Everywhere, I would like to take a minute to salute the man that is the best Father I know. My husband! Everything I have learned about what it takes to be a great Dad, I learned watching him interact with our children for the last 21 years. As I read people’s wonderful tributes to their own fathers, I ached to do one of my own but the circumstances do not call for it. I know that my Father did/does the best that he could do with the kind of life he led growing up and being an alcoholic. I have long since forgiven him because how can I hold him up to standards that he could not live up to? When I left my home at19 years old, I knew without a shadow of doubt the kind of man I did NOT want to spend my life with. I would not spread the mistakes of generations.

This is not to be a monument of my own Father’s transgressions but a celebration of a loving, caring man who is the best kind of father there is: One who wants to be with his children. I’m sure that he has made a mistake or two because he is as we all are, human but he teaches them that making mistakes is not the end of the world. He teaches them how to have a loving relationship with a spouse, how to be responsible and pay bills and save money (Frankly, thank GOD he teaches them about saving because I am not very good at it!) He has taught them how to be a physically active and healthy adult, how to have a sense of humor when things are looking grim, how to cook great stuff on the grill! πŸ™‚ The lessons are many and I, for one am grateful to that man.

Happy father’s Day, Andy!
(Don’t worry, we have a huge Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake in the freezer which is, as far as he concerned, the best gift EVER)

Andy and nephew



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8 responses to “Today is a bratwurst Father’s day!

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Andy! Good fathers are worth their weight in gold. !!! Ice cream cake all around! (yum!)

  2. *giggle* I love your re-numbering. πŸ˜€ Mmmmm… DQ cake! Growing up, ours was only open in the summer. My favorite place was Carvel. Oh, how I loved Carvel’s cakes. YUMMO,

  3. Happy Father’s Day, Andy! The world could use many more men like you.

    Do I get cake?

  4. Happy Dad’s Day to Andy. Ice cream cake…yum.

  5. Thank goodness that both of my husbands (serial marriages, folks, no bigamy here) are better dads than my late father ever was. I worried for years that I would do that thing where girls tend to marry their fathers (not literally, of course) and hoped to escape that trap. And I did. I married men who were capable of genuine love and empathy, emotionally available (at least part of the time) and interested in being part of a family. Now, neither marriage has lasted in the traditional sense, but I count them as successes none the less. And my sons (one per husband) know they are loved and valued by both parents.

  6. I meant to add this, but screwed up and hit submit too soon:

    I’m glad your husband has given your whole family that sense of “dad” that your early life didn’t have. Ice-cream cake all around!!

  7. Yay, Andy! He deserves to have his cake, and eat it too!! Hope he had a great day and enjoyed his brats – with or without kraut!! πŸ˜‰ xo

  8. A belated happy Father’s Day to Andy!

    Hmm… perhaps I should have done a Father’s Day tribute. But my dad always disdained the holiday, so I should probably do it when he least expects it.