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365. I’m feeling a bit verclempt today.

Here it is. The end of 2008. I have successfully posted 365 days in a row. Who knew it could be done? Not me. I was my biggest doubter. I joined on a whim and did not have any confidence that it may end in success.

A funny thing happened along the way. Every single day I posted. I rose to the challenge that I threw down for myself. I’m not saying that I posted funny, intriguing, relevant things every day. It was not a year of my best writing. Some days I struggled for something to say. But you always held me up. You encouraged me by commenting and emailing and sharing your life. Blogging became a great conversation amongst friends.

You were there for me through the boring posts, through the sorrow you lifted me. We had a laugh or two. We cried. And now, we celebrate.

Quite the occasion, this.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. Day after day. Month after month.

Thank you.

So, what’s next? Perhaps you are wondering that also. I wonder. I will not commit myself to another year because there are days that one must take a day or two off from blogging. But they say that it takes 30 days to create a new habit. I personally think it’s longer than that but I’ve had 12 chances to make this a habit. We’ll see tomorrow, then, won’t we?

May 2009 find you happy and healthy.



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Do you resolve

fetching handwarmers in Classic Elite Waterlily

fetching handwarmers in Classic Elite Waterlily

I have almost finished the 2 knitting gifts that will be given out New Year’s Eve (that’s tomorrow, not much more knitting time). Fetchings are done but for the thumbs. That will take 10 minutes. (pray) and I’m working on the hat. I have done squat all day long. I slept late, played with some kitties, showered and then pretty much spent the rest of the day in a daze because I did not get anything done. Nor did I watch tv. Or knit. So your guess is as good as mine at how the hours ticked away.

Snowstorm coming for tomorrow too. That will be nice, but I wish it weren’t right on New Year’s Eve. Makes me nervous.

The question is: Resolutions: Make them or not.

What say you?


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Shrooms and shopping

Stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms

I made another batch of stuffed mushrooms just for you. Help yourself. There’s plenty more you’d better snatch one quickly, they go fast. Recipe at end of post! They would make great New Year’s Eve munchies. OR. Perhaps just Monday night eats. Or Tuesday, you get the drift.

Bethany and I took a little shopping trip to the pet store to see what we could find. We bought a cat brush for Myron. That cat sheds more than I’ve ever seen a short haired cat shed. In perfect irony, not a hair is on the brush after a vigorous brushing but my shirt? Covered. I wonder how he does that??

We also purchased some kitty grass to grow for Mitchell. If he needs greens so much, so be it. I hope that the “legal” greens will be as tasty to him as the houseplants. Perhaps I’ll just place it over with the surviving plants when it has grown.

Our best purchase though was a laser pointer. We figured that Myron would be the one that loved it the most. We were wrong. Mitchell is CRAZY for it. He has exhausted himself chasing that red dot around the house. It has made him a bit bolder which is good for all of us.

Now, I have to go knit a hat for a gift. Show you tomorrow.


Stuffed Mushrooms

1 package white mushrooms

4 slices bacon, chopped

1 small onion, chopped

1/2 cup bread crumbs

1/3 cup white wine or water (I’ve made it both ways, either are delish)

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese


Remove stems from mushrooms and finely chop, set aside. Place bacon in skillet, cooking until almost crisp. Add onions. Cook until soft. Drain grease. Add mushroom stems, cook for a minute or so.

Add bread crumbs, wine, cheese and pepper to taste.
Stuff mushroom caps with mixture.

Bake 375°F for about 20-25 minutes.



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A list: My favorite things of this season

~Stuffed. Mushrooms. I cannot get enough

~gazing at the lit Christmas tree (Decorations this year, thank you very much nephews)

~sleeping late


~watching all the kids reminisce about their grandfather

~Having my gifts well received

~saving some of my Christmas shopping for after Christmas, taking advantage of the post season SALES (not the crowds, though)

~hot chocolate in my new GNOME mugs~!

~knitting my little fingers off

~Eating or not eating dinner

~I even enjoy the mess this year for some reason. The mess, the clutter of Christmas is just piles of joy

~Yes and finally, again, stuffed mushrooms. Perhaps I’ll post my recipe if anyone is interested..

Today is Christmas number 3. In fact, we do have one more that I forgot about but it is not as elaborate. We are traveling to central Massachusetts to be with my family today. While I do not (frankly) look forward to seeing my father, I can’t wait to spend time with my mom, brother, sil and favorite uncle.

Be good while I’m gone. Keep the kitties out of trouble, will you?

Mitchell and Myron looking out the window

Mitchell and Myron looking out the window


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4 more posts until the end of 2008

When I read/hear  an interesting article that gets me to thinking, I always have this thought: what would the blog readers think (DO). WWBRD

The topic is cilantro. Love it v. hate it.

I am on the hate side. I always thought that people were just being weird when they said they did not like it (Before I actually tried it) because I assumed that I DID eat it along the way. I love Mexican food so I must like cilantro, right? Then I had it. In a soup. Tortilla soup. All I could taste was an acrid, strong, awful flavor. It was awful. Now? If I just smell cilantro, I can taste that in my mouth. Taste flashbacks.

I heard this article and I thought smugly, I must be a SUPERTASTER! Then I listened through to the end. Perhaps not then. I guess I am just an ordinary taster, a persnickety smeller and a cilantro hater.

What about you? Do you like cilantro? Hate it? I have not met anyone in the in between category.

Photo Update:
I did give the pictures of my Father in Law and I do not regret it. I did save them until later in the day, gave them separately and tears were shed all around. But it was good to share that moment because we were all just sitting there thinking about Bob anyway. We all had a good cry. A hug or two and I do think the pictures went over well.


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Because it’s the giving that feels the best

So, I ask you this…what was the most favorite thing that you GAVE this Christmas?

(Short post) (You can answer short) (Or not)

(having Christmas number 2)


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hot chocolate, movies, knitting, snoozy kitties and a turkey dinner. That is what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown

A turkey is roasting in the oven, making the house smell heavenly, the kitties are snoozing comfortably nearby and the men of the family are having a good time having a Wii bowling tournament, Bethany is off “saving lives” so I thought I’d spend a bit of Christmas time with you.

It’s been such a great, quiet day, just what my soul needed right about now. Our weekend will not be as relaxed but that is okay as that is our family time.  I have knit, watched movies and even tried my hand at Wii. I just have one thing to say about that: good thing the kids get their coordination from their father. Srsly.

All day long I have been a bit emotional feeling, tears spilling easy for any number of silly things. Some of the movies, a commercial or two, seeing Andy share a tender moment with Myron. It all makes me weepy today. It’s been a tough couple of months for my family. We of course, make it through but every now and then you realize how much it takes out of you.

With all that moosh, I’ll share one more song with you and then I’ll stop. Yes, well, it’s one of my favorites. I don’t really view it as a Christmas song although the radio stations do.

I hope your heart is full tonight.

Mitchell loves to sleep

Mitchell loves to sleep




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