My other blog is broken again. I wish I could fix it myself OR: I got a hippopotamus for Christmas

Joy arrived in the mail yesterday. Can I say that it was well needed too? I laughed and cried when I saw what was in the package from the wonderful Jean. She knit me a hippopotamus. Srsly. Can you believe it? I’m a lucky girl. This hippos name is Joy. I received Joy in the mail. And? I got a hippopotamus for Christmas.  Again, with the lucky me.
Makes me feel all warm. Thank you, Jean!

A cute hippo indeed

A cute hippo indeed

I have a tail and it is curly

I have a tail and it is curly

Time for my closeup

Time for my closeup

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

And? My blog is broken. I cannot sign into the part where I write the blog. Blast it all. I am really a blog dunce. I don’t know how to fix things when they are down.  I need to send the batsignal up for some blog help. Anyone?

AND? A Christmas carol for today:



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17 responses to “My other blog is broken again. I wish I could fix it myself OR: I got a hippopotamus for Christmas

  1. Oh, that hippo is ADORABLE!!! That Jean. And you, my San, are a lucky girl with such wonderful friends. XOXO

    I will alert the troops tomorrow that your blog is broken and to come here. But of course that is all dependent on MY blog working. Heh. We are a pair. XOX

  2. Blogs…can’t live with them, can’t live without them. 😉
    The hippo couldn’t be cuter or more deserved! Did you name the hippo Joy?

  3. Liz

    Love it. How perfect that you receive “Joy” just when you need her!

  4. Hey, nice job having a substitute blog. Being prepared, aye?

  5. Joy is adorable! Isn’t Jean wonderful?

    I’m sorry your blog is broken, my Sandy. Want me to kick a geek for you?


  6. DebbieB

    Found you! How cute is that hippo?????

  7. /waves

    Hi Sandy! That hippo is the cutest thing ever, and how lovely is the sentiment?


  8. Barbara M.

    “Weeping ans sorrow endureth the night, but joy cometh in the morning.” I’m sure glad she came to you, Sandy.

  9. What a wonderful hippo! He is adorable. xoxo

  10. Hee! Cute hippopotamus!

  11. ARGH! It has taken me all day to get that song OUT.OF.MY.HEAD!!!!! I refuse to click the link.

    Joy is cute, however.

  12. Sandy, older versions of WordPress were hacked recently, my blog included. I had to really jump through hoops to get it working again. Email me if you want details.

  13. Lisa McGuire

    I LOVE Joy! You are really a lucky/special/blessed girl to have Jean send you Joy! 🙂

  14. Kelly

    OMG!! That has got to be the cutest hippo I have EVER seen!! Wow, Jean, fabulous job!! You’re a lucky girl Sandy! What a perfect time for Joy to come into your life.

  15. When you say “can’t sign into the part”, what do you mean? If you want to email me with more info, I would be happy to try to help.

  16. Whew. I was starting to get worried about you! So glad it’s just a broken blog (though I know how frustrating that can be). It’s been a crazy busy week so I’m behind a bit.
    You made me smile with your video about the hippo so it was only fitting….

  17. Diane

    Just catching up on reading my bloglines… So sorry to hear about your dear Fig. Hope you’re feeling better.