Desperately seeking..

I know a lot of people do not like Clay Aiken but that boy can sing.  He gives me goosebumps singing this song.

Desperately seeking help to fix the other blog.  Unlimited money to give away to the one that helps (that is a baldfaced lie but you won’t tell, will you?)

I threw out Fig’s favorite cardboard box today, making me very sad. I recycled it actually. Still made me a bit sad even though I was not polluting the environment.


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9 responses to “Desperately seeking..

  1. Clay who?

    It sucks having to toss those little things. I’m still finding balls under furniture, but it’s not like I can keep every little thing they ever touched.


  2. Eh, why don’t you just stay here? I’m not the sentimental type, and were I in your shoes, that’s what I’d do — dump the old, embrace the new!!! 😀

  3. I’m sorry that I’m no good at fixing blogs or I would do it for FREE.

    I actually saved combed fur from a beloved cat and tucked it behind a photo of him…a bit of Victorian oddness but it was and still is comforting. Odd but true.

  4. I found you! And I thought you were taking a break. Right 🙂 You even have a spare blog – you ARE amazing!

  5. I wish I know how to fix your blog. At least a few of us know where you are.

  6. hmm… well you can start with all that you have already tried clearing cache, maybe try a different browser… not sure what the exact problem is, but keep trying or submit a ticket to the wordpress help ppl :-/
    Good luck!

  7. Sorry I can’t help with the blog. I kind of like it over here though. Thanks for keeping the carols coming!

  8. Have you tried asking the blogging groups on Ravelry for help? I belong to a couple and there’s always someone there who seems to know their way around a blog. I just screwed up my computer so bad that I’m having to reload everything, so trust me, you don’t want me in your blog!

  9. I’m thinking you’re self hosting, right? Is the problem still you’re unable to log into the area you write? I haven’t worked a lot on MT, since I used the Typepad platform, but I’m thinking if it’s similar to WP, you can reset the password from the log in screen with your host. I buggered up my password once and had to go through the back door to get in myself.