Honey, we’re home!

I have a new home

I have a new home

Where's my brother, Mitchell?

Where's my brother, Mitchell?

I miss Fig desperately. My home feels cold and empty. Even filled with people as it is.
Bethany and I visited the Northeast Animal Shelter and came home with the cutest cats. Plural. 2 cats. Myron and Mitchell. Myron is the one you see above. Mitchell is an orange cat. They are 9 months old. They lived in a house with a lot of cats. They both seem sweet. I’m not so sure right now as one is under the bed and one is under a table sitting on a game.

Poor things.

I hope they come out soon.

Sorry, no Christmas carol for today. I’ll put an extra one in tomorrow. I’m all excited and nervous about who came for dinner. (cats, in case you missed it)



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36 responses to “Honey, we’re home!

  1. COLOR ME STUNNED! Hell, woman, you don’t do things precipitously like this! Who are you?!

    Anyway, welcome home, kitties! You will be well and truly spoiled. XO

  2. Sue

    Congratulations on your new kitties. They are two lucky little kitties. They won’t ever replace Fig, but they surely will fill a void left in your life. I did the same thing after losing a cat 8 years ago!

  3. Muahaha, Fig has turned you into a cat person! Go Fig! His spirit lives on. For making friends at light speed I really have to recommend Kookamunga catnip treats: http://www.petco.com/product/8613/8-in-1-Kookamunga-Catnip-Treats.aspx These worked even on my feral and really really stubborn kitty Winnie.

  4. I think the appropriate Christmas carol (even if you’ve used it before) would be,
    “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”….eh?
    As sung by Myron & Mitchell.

    Myron’s a cutie; looking forward to seeing Mitchell when he comes out.

  5. Kitties for Christmas – what a great idea! Have lots of fun with Myron & Mitchell (they’ll come out soon.)

  6. Two lucky boyz. Welcome M&M!

  7. Jo in Boston (formerly)

    Oh, handsome! I can’t wait to see Mitchell–I love orange kitties!
    When Simon first came home he jumped right on my bed and made himself at home on my pillow. George and Weedon spent several days under the couch and Oliver lived in my bedroom for four days until I finally carried him to the kitchen and showed him that food was actually served there. Eventually, they all settle in and rule the place.

  8. Congratulations on the new kitties! I hope they settle in quickly.

  9. I completely understand. That’s a wonderful Christmas present! Fig would approve. Myron is a handsome fella. I like to use lots of catnip for stressed kitties.

  10. Welcome to your new home on the internet, boys!

  11. meezermeowmy

    Congratulations on your new fur people. They’ll be out soon, but you can coax them a bit with a trail of catnip. (Better living through pharmacy !)

    My 3 Meezers send love and welcome to the new boys on the block.

  12. Liz

    So cute. Enjoy your new family members.

  13. So completely cute. Fig can’t be replaced. But you are giving these lovely felines a great home, and they sure needed one. YAY!

  14. Congrats on M&M! Myron is gorgeous – hope to see Mitchell soon. I’m sure they’ll settle in, but it’s got to be a big change for them 🙂

  15. Awww. Welcome new kitties! Please fill Sandy’s life with joy!

  16. Kelly

    Myron is sooo handsome!! I can’t wait to see Mitchell! I think that orange cats are just the best. There’s something about their personalities. They’re my favorites. They’ll settle in soon, what a good time for you to have found each other.

  17. hareball9

    Very cute kitties. Lucky, too:)

  18. So sweet!! What a lovely addition to your holidays.


  19. They’ll take some time to relax and get to know you and the house but they’ll be so happy to have a new home! Way to go Sandy grrl!!!!!!

  20. You make me laugh! We had tons of animals growing up (I mean it: hamsters, fish, chickens, dogs, cats, etc). We usually got a new one within a week or so of one passing on. My parents said it was because there was always room to love and the animals at the shelters needed good homes. Happy Christmas to Myron & Mitchell!

  21. I’m surprised and not. Good for you for taking care of you. Myron is adorable!

  22. I’m so glad for you and the kitties. You’re in for a treat. I miss having kittens in the house, all that activity and playfulness. Mine mostly sit around now and stare at me dragging the ribbon across the floor. Sigh.

  23. Charlotte

    How wonderful for these two cats to be given the gift of a home! Not only have you saved two lives- you have also made it possible for the shelter to bring in two more cats, so it’s a wonderful chain affect. May I suggest that those of us who have been touched by Fig might consider dropping some spare change in our own local animal shelter’s donation jar? What better way could there be to salute the joy a pet gave us then to help homeless pets find a home of their own?

  24. Good for you ! It’s right if your heart says its so .All of our pets , except one have been either strays or shelter animals . You did a good thing and Fig would approve…

  25. Congrats on the new felines! This totally reminds me of that commercial with the pet adoption, where “the real reward is when the pet adopts you.” Enjoy when they come out from under furniture. 🙂


  26. Danby

    Oh my, Myron looks just like my Cleo who we lost last spring at the ripe old age of 22. Enjoy them!

  27. royea

    oh Sandy – I hadn’t been reading blogs that much for a few days (damn Ravelry!!) and I checked on you and saw that dear Fig went to the bridge. I’m very sorry to read that and I know how you feel.

    Those two kittehs are adorable – just wait, in a day or so they’ll be hanging from the Christmas tree, getting into everything. They look very sweet.

    take care,

  28. Doris

    I am really happy for you. When we lost our cat a few years ago it was just so dang quiet around the house (this was remarkable, since Miles was a cat and quiet!). It was hard to get used to and we ended up with a puppy. We would have rescued a dog, but my husband is allergic and needed a “hypoallergenic” one and none were at the pound. Anyway, it’s lovely for you and wonderful for the kitties!

  29. I am astounded that you were ready to open your heart and home to new kitties so quickly. They are LOVELY. Very exciting. Congratulations.

  30. Beebs

    Welcome home, you lucky little boys! You will be well and truly loved.

  31. Betsy

    Myron is a fascinating looking cat! I look forward to following the continuing antics of Myron and Mitchell…Fig would approve of what you are doing…wouldn’t appreciate it while still around but now it’s ok…

  32. They will relax in time and, hopefully, be a comfort.

    Does your smart squirrel know about them yet? o.0


  33. Congrats on the new kitties! I know they’ll help your heart heal.

  34. Ahhh they do seem like sweet kitties and will be a nice addition to your home. I’m sure that Fig would approve of you having the kitty love surrounding you even if he wouldn’t necessarily approved of the actual kittens.

  35. I’m SO glad you got new kitties!!! One thing I’ve learned, while I will never forget my past kitties, I like to have more than one cat in the house so that I don’t go thru total kitty withdrawl when one dies. I also find that the other felines help me with the grieving. These two sound like they will help you out and they will be guaranteed to be totally different than Fig. LOVE the M&M boys!