Do you hear what I hear? Cat fights, that is.

Things I have learned:

~Mitchell likes to eat houseplants. Of course, I have no idea which, if any of mine are poisonous.

~Myron makes chirping noises quite like a bird, which is ironic but cute as hell

~Mitchell has a head tilt from a previous untreated injury/ear infection (they are not sure which)  that makes his incredibly cute and inquisitive looking

~Mitchell is the biggest slob when eating. Food gets everywhere and I mean everywhere in the kitchen. He is also a slob in the litter box.

~Myron is not a slob at all

~They can play for hours

~But I am very concerned because all of a sudden, they are fighting a lot. And I mean, all out, screaming, hissing, fur standing on end, rolling around and swatting. Fighting. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the hall, in the bathroom on the stairs. Fighting.
Can’t we just all get along?
I have asked them why, if they could get along living in a small cage, do they have to start fighting with each other in a big house? There’s lots of room for everyone! No answers. I just get that head tilt questioning look that Mitchell gives out so well.

~But the odd thing?

Dinner time

Dinner time

They don’t fight over the food.

Just everything else.

Any thoughts? Any advice from you multiple catters out there? Help this newbie out?


Because we are having our first big snowstorm, timed perfect for a Friday night at home, here is today’s Christmas Carol!

Let. It. Snow~



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22 responses to “Do you hear what I hear? Cat fights, that is.

  1. It’s like starting a new relationship by having someone new move in, isn’t it? *L* All the learning new things and adjusting.

    They could just be playing. You know how some boys like to rough house. This may be the kitty version of that.

    Do they still have all their boy parts? Because it might be them trying to figure out who is the kitty in charge. A power struggle sort of thingy.


    I’m not totally sure because I had female kittens and they got along. Good luck, my Sandy! xo

  2. Sue

    I agree with Cookie. My two male cats (brothers who have been together all their lives) started fighting more after my older female cat passed away. I always felt like they fight to see who’s in charge now. But sometimes I think it is just rough playing also. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you think they might damage something in the house.

  3. You’ve taken them from something they were used to and brought them into a new place. New order has to be established. Plus, like the others said, they are boys and they roughouse. Heh.

    As long as they are destroying things or getting themselves into danger, it will all work out. Crazy kids!

    Thanks for the card! We’ve had warm days down here in Atlanta, I’m ready for the cold to come back!

  4. I meant NOT destroying things or getting into danger. This is the problem with being up after midnight!

  5. i’ve got an older female and a middle-aged male (both neutered). the female basically raised the male,even though he’s not her kitten. Jimi left to live with me for 2 years (he’s originally hubbie’s cat, but i needed something to keep the snakes out of my house). when we got married, i brought jimi back, and they’ve been duking it out ever since (2 1/2 years!).

    i think it’s because older cat (joplin, hubbie’s a musician, can you tell?) is getting senile. she acts the weirdest way sometimes (she’s 14).

    they’ll fight til i yell at them, then it’s like little kids scrambling, cuz mom yelled.

  6. KT

    One word for you Sandy- Transition! It does not matter human or feline, transition is hard- even if it is good transition. And i’ll bet this is a mixed transition for them as they probably miss the familiar and have yet to realize just how awesome of a Mamma they lucked into.

    Also- if you have 2 cats (as I do – Frog & Tink) THEY say you need at least 4 litterboxes. 2 different stations in the house… Sorry.

  7. My Gwen is fond of eating green things and I have to be careful what I bring in. When she was little she broke her leg because she was standing on a wire shelf eating my violet and I hissed her. She fell twisting backward with one leg trapped- pulled it out of the socket and broke it in two places. Argh! She’s a bit knock kneed as a result. A list of what’s poisonous to cats can be found here:

    As for the fighting I agree with everyone else. They are having a top cat competition.

    As for the litter boxes, we’ve always been told one per cat and it does seem to help.

  8. meezermeowmy

    All good input in the comments above. Plus, if they do have their boy parts, it’s time to have that little trip to the vets. As I once read in a cartoon, one dog was hanging out the car window and saying to the neighbor dog “I get to go to the vets and get tutored!”

  9. Any time something changes, it can upset things and take a little while to settle. As long as they’re not damaging each other 😉 If they’re going at it too hot and heavy, distracting them might help.
    A good list of toxic plants, both indoor & outdoor:

  10. Jo in Boston (formerly)

    My boys fight with each other, then two minutes later they’re curled up in the chair purring. I don’t think it’s ever really real, just part of how they play. You might want to get Mitchell his own kitty grass if you can ever get out of your drive way and drive to petco. Isn’t the snow beautiful, though?

  11. Eating plants, being a pig and fighting with your brother…sounds like he has a tough time adjusting. He’ll settle down when he realizes what you have to offer is love.

  12. I don’t have any additional cat wisdom, but they sure are cute little guys!


  13. Charlotte

    When I brought a second cat into my house, I was very surprised to see him start wrestling with my other cat. He would come over and squat on her back and bite at her neck and she would twist and they would be a ball of cat, rolling around together, each jockeying to be on top. It did scare me at first because it looked like they were fighting. In time I realized that this was just how they play! I foster kittens for my shelter these days and I got to tell you, it starts young! Even at a few weeks old, cats love to chase and tackle and pin each other down. Check to see if your babies have any actual bite wounds or scratches, and if they do I would call your vet for advice, but my guess is they are just playing.

  14. I have two cats. The male is about a year older than the female, not that this is significant…
    They get along, sleep together, etc. She pushes him away from his food — he lets her.
    every now and then … there is yowling, and hissing, and swatting and chasing.
    I think it’s at least 50% play, likely more, but some may be still working on who is boss cat. You’d think after five years together they’d know already.
    (oh, neither of them have baby making parts left).
    so far… no harm has come to either of them …

  15. kt

    Great version of one of my favorite Christmas songs. I have to find the vid of our Miss M at 2–we sang the lines and she sang just the last word in each–utterly adorable of course.

    Invest in a good sprayer/squirt bottle/gun and just pop em a jet of H2o when it gets intense. Surprise is a strong element…

  16. They are reestablishing their territory. New place=new set of rules. It will settle when they decide who gets which favorite place to nap.

  17. I vote for transition too but I’ve only had one girl cat at a time, so my opinion is pretty worthless on the subject. They’re darling though. Myron chirps like a bird? Cute!

    Town & Country looks really good, btw.

  18. Kimba still beats up Igor, and they are both 15.

  19. I have an older 16 year old male and then the two new female kittens who are about 7 and 8 months old. They tear through the house chasing and fighting and rolling around. The old male just swats them when they even try to walk by him.

    As for the plants, be careful and watch for diarrhea. My youngest kitten ended up at the vet a month or so after I got her with explosive diarrhea and the vet thought it was from one of the plants. They are now all up high out of reach.

    I second the spray bottle. I use that for their misdeeds.

    Good luck, they are so cute.

  20. Everyone has given great advice. New location, new top cat.

    Here’s a YouTube of my two boys wrestling.

    You can see the hair drifting in the breeze. 😀

  21. I hope it is just a pecking-order-type thing that they will quickly work out! They look so cute.

  22. jenn

    My two cats (one male, one female, both “fixed,” raised together, brought home as tiny kittens on the same day in 1994) have been fighting for fourteen years–pouncing and hissing and wrestling and carrying on. I have concluded that it is a form of entertainment for them, because they get along fine when they eat, and they often sleep curled up together.

    Unless your cats hurt each other, I wouldn’t be concerned. Consider it “kitty exercise.”