Are you sick of cat talk yet? I hope not….If you are, come back tomorrow~

Cutie pie

Cutie pie

We’ve all been busy trying to make the cats at home. (By the way? They have been neutered. The Shelter does that automatically. They arrived at the shelter on November 5th, taken from a home with “Too many cats”. On November 5th, they got their shots and November 6th they got their little “surgery” done.)

Mitchell is quite a little scaredy cat. He slinks around a lot. Except when he is eating or sleeping. When he is sleeping (he has picked places that I think are similar to his cage at the shelter, safe places that have definite boundaries.) We can sit with him and pet him and hold him in that safe setting. But when he comes out in the living room he is a bit more apprehensive. But if we sit still and don’t pay him much mind, this is what happens:

I found a mouse!

I found a mouse!

Myron is more outgoing and personable. He loves attention.

When I went upstairs this afternoon, I saw a suspicious lump in Bethany’s bed wriggling around.

something is moving around in that bed!

something is moving around in that bed!

What could it be?

I love to be warm~

I love to be warm~

It’s Myron! He loves to be warm. He will stare down into the heating grates when the heat is blowing and apparently likes to sleep under comforters.

Right now, someone is upstairs with what sounds like a disposable bathroom cup in the hall. Truly, it’s nice to have all this energy and life in the house again.

Today’s Christmas Carol brought to you by Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!



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14 responses to “Are you sick of cat talk yet? I hope not….If you are, come back tomorrow~

  1. I bet it’s just an adjustment phase. When we go on vacation we bring Mason and he always slinks around the house for a while at first. The very first time we went to this place he did the slinking thing for the whole first day. Now that we’ve gone back there 3 times he slinks for about an hour or so and then he’s fine. Your kitties have had a lot of upheaval before you met them, they may slink for a bit but they’ll figure out soon enough that they are safe and loved.

  2. They look so lovely! I’ve never seen a cat sleeping under a comforter. So cute. Adam’s song is one of my favorite’s too!

  3. They’re so adorable!

    I love that Adam Sandler song – I laugh my arse off every time I hear it.


  4. T’would appear “the boyz” have made themselves to home;-)

  5. I’m not a huge Adam Sandler fan, but I bet I would love him in real life. He is so smart and talented. Heard a great song yesterday — “Hanukkah in Santa Monica.” Google it — you’ll love it.

    Mitchell sounds like he’s well on the way to settling in, if he finally relaxes and has fun “when you’re not looking.” XO

  6. meezermeowmy

    It is good to have all that cat energy, isn’t it?

    My Meezers have always been devoted to warm spots. Once, we discovered that a vent that was supposed to be a air return was piped wrong, and was putting out heat. It was the cat’s favorite spot!

  7. In a month or two you’ll find you have two very happy, settled in kitties. They are both very handsome! How happy I am that my comment was your inspiration. I really can’t live without an animal around.

  8. Linda M

    I’m so glad you took the plunge and brought them home with you, any stress from disasters they might cause will still be better than the emptiness you were feeling before.

    Myron looks like he might have some Siamese or other asian breed giving him those lovely light markings. Has he started “talking” yet?

  9. They will adjust to their new family in time. It was hard at first with Precious, too, but she relaxed after a while.

    I’m so glad that you have your new boys to keep you on your toes. Better them than your children. ;^)


  10. Hez likes to crawl under the covers too. She was an abandoned cat.. She’s settled down in the last two years but I think she will always have “issues”. Myron & Mitchell sound like they’re staking out their space in your heart & your home.

  11. Oh, under the comforter. My Olivia would occasionally sleep under a comforter. It was so cute.

    One of my two kittens is a slinker. She will only sit with my mother and only when she wants to. If I want her to come see me all I have to do is take a few hershey kisses out of the bowl and eat them. She will sit on my lap watching me and when I am done, she takes the little ball of silver I make and runs off to the dining room to entertain herself for about a half hour or until she loses it or tires completely out. The other kitten will come and sit with me while I am reading or knitting and occasionally will sit with my father.

    They will adjust fine and are just such cute little boys.

  12. My two little girls spend all day, every day sleeping under the comforter on our bed. They also run there to hide whenever something threatening (doorbell, garage door opening) happens. It’s their safe place and they do not like it when the humans intrude for afternoon naps or to kick them out of the bedroom when it’s time for the humans to sleep.