lots of snow, baking and even some knitting. No cleaning though. Let’s not get crazy!

It's been snowing since Friday night

It's been snowing since Friday night

It has been a wonderfully snowy weekend. Friday afternoon the snow started flying and finished up about an hour ago, Sunday night. I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend! (you can tell I am not the shoveler of the family, right?)  The bump in the forground of the picture above is Derek’s car and the bump in the background is the grill. No grilling any time soon~

The only other picture I have of the snow has a cat in it. That should not surprise you.

Myron in the window gazing at the snow

Myron in the window gazing at the snow

Myron was very interested in the flakes falling from the sky.  (Myron was called a Lynx Point at the shelter. Here is their adoption page. But as you may suspect, they have not updated their pages because they are NOT available.)

Besides enjoying the snow, I have been doing my Christmas baking, abbreviated as it is this year.  Tomorrow is my last day of work until January 5th and my tradition is to bring in a plate of goodies.

Hallelujah for that! (Time off from work)

My apologies to Diane, who warned me not to play Alvin and the Chipmunks. But I have to. I love this song! Put your fingers in your ears, Diane!

There’s even been some Christmas knitting. I told you it was a wonderful weekend!



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12 responses to “lots of snow, baking and even some knitting. No cleaning though. Let’s not get crazy!

  1. What’s Christmas w/o Alvin?

    Myron makes a lovely counterpoint to the snow outside.

    Two weeks off? A whole two weeks? Lucky duck.

  2. woolspice

    For Myron and Mitchell’s sakes, I’ll forgive you the chipmunks this one time….even though I’ve got this sudden urge to hula dance.

    However, if you feature the maudlin Christmas Shoes song I will have to reconsider my high regard for your excellent taste in all things blogable…..

  3. 😉

    Is there anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line in this country where it’s NOT snowing?


  4. It will be wonderful for you to have a long time off. You’ll finishing your sweater and have time to pamper yourself. You deserve it. Do you know what good buddies you’ll be with the kitties by the time you head back to work? Perfect timing. It isn’t Christmas without Alvin singing. He’s been around for so many years!

  5. It was a great weekend for holing up with knitting and baking!

  6. Joy

    Beautiful snow, at least when I don’t have to deal with it personally, and I love the photo of Myron – he’s a handsome boy. Have a great Christmas!

  7. meezermeowmy

    I wondered if Myron wasn’t a Lynx point, but needed to see a frontal picture of him. No wonder he seeks warmth – it’s his Meezer blood. He’s a handsome fellow!

  8. Lauren

    Your kitty is gorgeous as is your photo.

  9. Myron is a handsome boy! Cripes, with all that snow you have, what…. are you trying to become VERMONT or something???? Sheesh.

    We’ve got more coming, too. Eek.

  10. I had to tear myself away from the kitty adoption pages.

  11. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

    Enjoy your time away from the office!


  12. I love your kitties. 2 is good. They play & keep each other company. They are more personable kitties that way! Please keep telling us about them….