This plant could use a bit more salt and pepper, if you don’t mind

I’m sitting here watching Christmas with the Kranks for the umpteenth time (I can’t help it, I love that movie!), knitting a bit on my Christmas knitting (almost done the first Fetching. Gotta love that pattern. Beautiful AND easy) and feeling quite snoozy. I can see that I will be starting out my vacation by going to bed early tonight.
The life in the fast lane is very admirable, is it not?


So, I am liking WordPress more the more I use it. In a nutshell, it is because I can use things like this: ¿   Or this: Π if I wanted to. Or maybe even this: ¥.

I love that.

To end a perfectly drowsy posting party, a picture and a carol:


Mitchell sitting in a pot eating plants

Mitchell sitting in a pot eating plants

Mitchell is sitting ON a plant to EAT a plant. The plant he is munching is a donkey tail which I cannot find on the poisonous list, thank goodness. The plant will most likely hit the trash can to get rid of the temptation.

Silly kitty.


Having yourself a Merry Little Christmas will occur in 3 days, ready or not. That’s the good thing. It will come. And go. We will be left with the wrappings and the ones we love.
Pretty good deal when you think of it.



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6 responses to “This plant could use a bit more salt and pepper, if you don’t mind

  1. Liz

    I had to listen to JT (love him-seen him in concert a bunch of times-he’s awesome).

    Enjoy the kitties-how are they with the tree?

  2. Hm. Perhaps you should give him some spinach in his food. I would say those “Greenies” things, but NO! They’ve caused blockages in kitties and doggies, so don’t go there. A good idea gone horribly bad.

  3. I wonder if he would like some wheat grass…

  4. jae

    Most cats do not like the feel of aluminum foil. Try wrapping the pots with that and use chili pepper (or some other hot spice) on the leaves. Or maybe this just worked with my cat. 🙂

  5. Mitchell must need some greens. What a silly cat.

  6. Greenies cause blockages? I didn’t know that!

    That’s so cute of Mitchell. Sit on a plant to eat a plant – that’s what I call making full use of houseplants.

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas!