Lost and found, mittens and a knitalong (some frosting too)

I love mittens

I love mittens

I got a wonderful package from Norma yesterday. I told her I was going to put it under the tree and open it on Christmas morning but she said to OPEN IT. So I did. In it was a wonderful spa package complete with a special loofah sponge that I cannot wait to use. And a mitten. How I love mittens! It is a mini mitten and it is now hanging on the tree.

The same day I got another mitten package from Carol, although I don’t have a picture of it right now. I’ll take some pics tomorrow in the light.  They will make the perfect Dimorphous mittens! And speaking of mittens, Carol is having a mitten knitalong in January, the time to knit for yourself. After a season of giving, it is high time for you to give to yourself. I insist you knit a pair (or two) of mittens for you. (See her December 19th entry to enter the knitalong, entitled Christmas Mode)


In kitty news, there are 2 noteworthy things to talk about today. One is this:

Evidence can and will be used against you

Evidence can and will be used against you

Yes. That is my homemade frosted banana cake that I personally love. I am a bit bad about wrapping things up sometimes. Yeah, THAT won’t happen again. A kitty has been walking through the frosting and I’m not so sure that a nibble or two did not happen. I guess they were only trying to save me some calories!

And? I thought I lost Mitchell today. Lost. A. Cat. That would be bad. I could not find him. Could. Not. Find. A. Cat. You do understand how bad this is, right? Derek and I looked and looked and searched every corner of the house. Then we worried that he might have snuck out around someone’s legs and was wandering around the strange neighborhood in the frigid cold. We searched and we searched some more. I called the absent members of the family to grill them on how they left the house. No stone was left unturned. No pile of laundry unsearched. No closet unransacked. I even looked IN the fridge. In drawers. In the basement. In the dryer. In the washer. Under the sheets. Mitchell was not to be found.

Lost. My. New. Cat.


Around 8 pm (that is 12 hours of searching for those counting) Andy and Derek went upstairs to Bethany’s room and took out the heavy drawers under her bed and there he was. Hiding.

It could have been the traumatizing incident of  getting a plastic shopping bag stuck on his leg at 4 am and the frantic running through the house until we caught him and wrestled the bag off of his body.

Poor little guy. Perhaps he needs a kitty psychiatrist?

Mitchell is found.

A Carol for you: Yes, yes, it’s one of my favorites. Why do you ask?



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15 responses to “Lost and found, mittens and a knitalong (some frosting too)

  1. Debbie

    I have a cat named Hope, she and her brothers were abandoned about 5 years ago now. When we first brought her home she was so small that we experienced two heart stopping searches for her. After that we got a pink collar with a little bell on it…we never lost her again! I took it off when she was about nine months old and she hasn’t worn it since!

  2. I wonder if there is a connection between the marched and munched cake and the cat in hiding?

  3. Poor little Mitchell.

    Suddenly the funniness of this post is beyond my abilities to practically type.

    You did not lose your mittens, you silly kitten.

    You lost the farking KITTEN!!!!

  4. I wouldn’t worry so much about the kitty nibbles as I would about where those kitty toes have been.


    At least, your family is good at the Red Alert Kitty Hunt business.


  5. LOVE the kitty paws thru the food!!! And glad Mitchell was found safe and sound. They will settle in, it just takes some time for them to adjust. But at least they come out at night! LOL

  6. woolspice

    I thought that was some strange looking snow at first and wondered if you were letting the kittens out in the snow drifts.

    And just how did you come up with the names for M & M, did you tell us and I missed it?

  7. Oh, my.

    Never a dull moment for you, Ms. Sandy. You got those cats just so you’d have neverending blog fodder, didn’t you?


  8. Kate/Massachusetts

    I love the paw tracks! At least he was wise enough not to sleep on the cushy cake!

  9. You are going to have so many cat stories to tell! Merry Christmas, my friend!

  10. meezermeowmy

    I thought our Casper was the king of hiding in plain sight. One of his places I have recently discovered is between the washer and the wall. (Casper is a flame point meezer, and our house is warm beige with white woodwork, so he really can blend in.)

    Glad you found Mitchell. Now he has a “first Christmas” story to be told when he’s a big guy.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  11. Luise

    Personally, I think cats have an amazing ability to lose themselves. I’ve “lost” my cat in a two-story house — looked everywhere, the whole nine yards — and eventually he’d come sauntering out of somewhere and ask for his next meal. Go figure. Something about those nine lives or something.

    An especially happy holidays to you and your new brood.

  12. Hee! Love the kitty paw-prints! Hmmm… or are you sure they aren’t reindeer prints???

    Merry Christmas, Sandy!

  13. The paw prints are hilarious! So glad the package arrived safely. Was very tempted to keep yarn for myself when remembered the spirit of Christmas and it being better to give. Enjoy it and blessings to you and your family.

  14. Oh my goodness, I sure felt the panic of losing the cat, but what a laugh you gave me! The image of that poor kitty running around the house trying to escape the bag just tickled me. Sorry about the cake, though. It looks good (despite the paw prints!) Merry Christmas.

  15. Kelly

    When my kitty gets lost, after several hours he just magically appears in the hallway or walks up behind me meowing. I am STILL trying to figure out where on earth he hides. He’s very social, so he doesn’t do it often, I think he just goes there to sleep in peace. He’s 25 pounds! So it drives me nuts that I can’t figure out where he goes!

    I think that you’re going to have SOOO many kitty stories that you need to do 365 Blogging again!!!