Because it’s the giving that feels the best

So, I ask you this…what was the most favorite thing that you GAVE this Christmas?

(Short post) (You can answer short) (Or not)

(having Christmas number 2)



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27 responses to “Because it’s the giving that feels the best

  1. Socks.

    Short enough answer? ;^)


  2. Tee

    My first-ever pair of argyles, to my brother-in-law who volunteered to be a guinea pig for the effort.

  3. The Chronicles of Narnia, complete set in hardback format to my daughter who wants to start collecting her own copies of all her favorite books. I feel a bit odd about it…like I’m buying books for my grandchildren who I’m years away from meeting. But she was thrilled. 🙂

  4. A hand-knitted ornament for my brother and s-i-l’s tree.

  5. Four beginner knitting kits. Three went to my grandchildren complete with their own knitting tote, Lion Brand red and blue needles, several colors of yarn, tools and a gift tin that included some $$ to buy more stuff. The fourth kit was a grown-up version for their mother and included a knitting DVD and a copy of Melanie Falick’s Kids Knitting.

  6. We had to give gifts?

  7. I think it was the amaryllis bulb with pot, all ready to be planted and nurtured. This was part of my gift to my sister who has just had a hysterectomy for uterine cancer and is intended to both cheer and encourage her during her recovery.

  8. A copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends for my nephew – love to share to my favorite things from my own childhood with him.

  9. randia

    A 2-row Noro Silk Garden scarf that I gave to a co-worker before Christmas. It wasn’t a Christmas gift though. She’s just in need of woolly warm good thoughts. I loved the scarf so much that I couldn’t think about it but gave it as soon as I thought of the idea. I didn’t want to think twice and then end up not giving it.

  10. meezermeowmy

    I knit mittens for my father-in-law who lives in Illinois. I thought he might have trouble wearing gloves with his hands gnarled from arthritis. When he received the mittens, he called raving about how his hands had been warm for the first time whileusing the snowblower . Was there any way he could pay me to knit another pair? No, he may not pay me, but he shall have another pair!

    Needless to say, I dropped all knitting and made a second pair of mittens for him. They’re on their way, should get to him by 12/30. Don’t you just love it when someone values your knitting?

  11. our family a spongebob humidifier

  12. In November I found a signed print of a page from “Green Eggs and Ham,” the page with Sam holding the sign that says “Sam I Am” It was a stretch for me to buy, so it ended up as a combined Christmas and Birthday gift for my brother Sam. Our Mom framed the gift and with that, I think it was the perfect gift this year and thankfully, so did he.

  13. I’m using it right now — Abigail’s MacBook. LOVE.

  14. Gramma Phyl

    Best gift? Why the warm hats and mittens for the 5 grandchildren, their parents and aunts and uncles. Even the young gentleman of 8 considers Gram’s hand-knits the best-much better than store bought.

  15. I got the family a Wii. It’s the best gift because we ALL get to play!

  16. Some of my sewing gifts – the teacher’s assistant used my tote for her lunch the very next day! And last year I gave a Brooklyn Tweed Noro scarf to my librarian. I just saw him wearing it in a Facebook photo. He’s ACTUALLY still wearing it almost a year later!! It makes a knitter’s heart go thump.

  17. Linda

    Money to the Food Bank in my husband’s name. They cried.
    Linda, the nomad

  18. The hat my brother asked me to knit for him. Love when family requests handmade items!

  19. iPhone. Sister. Its super cool!

  20. travelita

    Bags of specially selected groceries and dry goods!

  21. Doris

    Wool socks to my dad and cotton golf socks to my mom, both pairs knitted by me. And I have to tell you the best gift I received…just because it was so awesome….my youngest wrote a book about the lake we go to in Michigan and put the whole thing together with hundreds of pictures and beautiful prose (he is a writer) about our family and the lake. My husband burst into tears upon seeing it. It even beat out the Partridge Family CD’s my sister gave me.

  22. Christmas dinner. 🙂 I hosted my dad, his fiancee, and my brother at my place to make things less stressful for my brother. Then, I also baked a walnut roll similar to the ones my grandma used to make, that my dad loved. (Wow… he loved mine more!) I gave other things too, but this was my favourite.

  23. I lined the shoulders and neck of 2 tee shirts with fleece for my husband to sleep in. He doesn’t like the covers pulled all the way up but when his neck and shoulders get cold, he develops really bad headaches.

    I’m not a very good seamstress so they don’t look even close to professionally done but he LOVES them. They’re not the fanciest gift I’ve given but the fact that they made him so happy just brightened my day.

  24. kt

    The America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook that S and I gave to Miss M and Seth’s mum, jointly. They’ve been cooking together lots this year, and the Test Kitchen recipies are TO DIE FOR! They were both tickled and made us drool by reading out lots of the recipe names. Can’t wait to be a food tester….

    Glad you gave the photos. Good decision, you clever gal.

  25. Hmm… I gave my parents a Keurig coffeepot and my dad wanted to open it immediately and use it. Also, giving PC his first pilot license manual book was pretty good too… he was overwhelmed by my support of a HUGE decision to follow a dream.

  26. nat

    The Harry Potter set of books to my MIL. She loved them! :o)