4 more posts until the end of 2008

When I read/hear  an interesting article that gets me to thinking, I always have this thought: what would the blog readers think (DO). WWBRD

The topic is cilantro. Love it v. hate it.

I am on the hate side. I always thought that people were just being weird when they said they did not like it (Before I actually tried it) because I assumed that I DID eat it along the way. I love Mexican food so I must like cilantro, right? Then I had it. In a soup. Tortilla soup. All I could taste was an acrid, strong, awful flavor. It was awful. Now? If I just smell cilantro, I can taste that in my mouth. Taste flashbacks.

I heard this article and I thought smugly, I must be a SUPERTASTER! Then I listened through to the end. Perhaps not then. I guess I am just an ordinary taster, a persnickety smeller and a cilantro hater.

What about you? Do you like cilantro? Hate it? I have not met anyone in the in between category.

Photo Update:
I did give the pictures of my Father in Law and I do not regret it. I did save them until later in the day, gave them separately and tears were shed all around. But it was good to share that moment because we were all just sitting there thinking about Bob anyway. We all had a good cry. A hug or two and I do think the pictures went over well.



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23 responses to “4 more posts until the end of 2008

  1. Faith

    Cilantro tastes like soap to me. I love Mexican food but don’t care for the taste or the smell of cilantro.

  2. Jo in Boston (formerly)

    I love cilantro-LOVE. And, unfortunately I am a supertaster–all of these things, like Campari, that my husband describes as pleasantly astringent, I’m busy spitting out. But cilantro–I can eat by the bunch.

    I’m glad the pictures went over well–everyone was thinking of him and it’s kind of nice to acknowledge that together.

  3. Sue

    I hate cilantro!
    So glad the gifts of the photos were received well. How could anyone who loved him not love those photos?

  4. Love it. Seriously, I will eat any dish that contains cilantro, the more the better. My Mom despises it, but my Dad loves it, so I suppose I know who I take after. I often say (when eating mexican) that I am thankful I married a man who loves it as much as I do.

  5. Can’t stand cilantro!

    I’m glad you updated to tell us about the pictures. I’m so glad you gave them.

  6. Doris

    HATE cilantro! very strongly hate cilantro. It ruins anything that it is added to in my opinion. But I am glad that the pictures went well. I thought and hoped that they would. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that bring tears, as they mean the most.

  7. Hate it. I don’t think it’s a Mexican food thing because my Mexican mother never cooked with it when I was growing up. I think it’s another thing that was forced on us in the ’90s when we weren’t paying attention.

  8. Oooh I love cilantro!

  9. I’m a fan. Like it in Mexican and Chinese food both. I’ve never met anyone who is so-so on the subject. It is love or hate.
    The pictures were a lovely gift, Sandy. Lovely and thoughtful.

  10. Like Faith, cilantro tastes like soap to me, ugh. I can tolerate it in small amounts, but I always sub parsley in a recipe calling for cilantro. Recipes are just suggestions right?

  11. Oh, yes, cilantro tastes like soap to me. I have the same dislike of rosemary (love the smell in the garden), coffee (love the smell), and tarragon. Very strange and once it gets in my mouth, the taste seems to linger in an awful way! I have a strong reaction to scents. Weird. I have learned to like a little bit of chopped cilantro in the guacamole that I make. Is it an acquired taste? Not sure.

  12. HERE I AM!!! I’m in the middle!!!!!! I love it in some things, such as fresh salsa that’s made with pineapple, etc. I love it in something that is sold in my health food store — cilantro pesto. I love it when it’s just a HINT in Thai food or something. I have hated it in other things. I grow it, but hardly ever use it, because unless I’m in the mood or it’s the right recipe, I hate it. But if I WANT it and it’s not there — I am an unhappy camper. I am this way with popcorn, too.

    So I’m an in-betweener!!!!

  13. Love, Love, Love cilantro. In Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian… mmmm. Love it all.

    It is an acquired taste, though. I remember the first time I tasted it, in fresh salsa when I was in college, and I thought it was just weird.


  14. I love cilantro and, fortunately, my husband does, too. I first remember it when I made pico de gallo for the first time in the mid-1980’s. The recipe asked for chinese parsley, no kidding. Eventually the guy in the *Houston* produce section steered me in the right direction.

  15. I don’t like cilantro. It tastes like soap. Ew!!

  16. Wendy

    For a long time my partner, who does most of the cooking, was in love with cilantro while I thought the stuff was simply vile. Like lots of the posters, enjoying Mexican fare one would think cilantro would be a natural yum experience. Nope. But, somewhere along the line, that shifted!! Do tastebuds change with menopause? I L.O.V.E. cilantro of late. Beets, on the other hand, remain a challenge: http://2sisters1mama.wordpress.com/2008/12/26/cardio-sleepy-hollow-sleep/

  17. Liz

    Another one in the middle. I like cilantro OK, but don’t love it. Necessary in some dishes, I agree but I hardly ever cook with it. Coriander however, I really like and they are the same plant!

    I’m glad you gave the pictures of Bob, it sounds like you found the perfect compromise.

  18. kt

    Love it in moderation and in the correct dishes AND when it’s prepped properly with the stems cut away and the leaves torn or minced. Just a bit persnickety, eh me?

  19. I didn’t used to like cilantro, but have come to like it occassionally. It definitely depends on the dish.

  20. Kelly

    I’m another inbetweener. It depends on what it’s in.

  21. I’m a mild dislike with cilantro. It smells and tastes bad, but I’ll still eat dishes that contain it. (Odd.)

    I heard something a while ago about supertasters, and came to the conclusion that I’m one, but I can’t remember for certain why. Perhaps it’s because mint *burns*?

  22. Love it. Didn’t at first, but acquired a taste for it.

  23. Love the cilantro! Bring.It.On.

    So glad to hear about the picture gifts. It was definitely the right thing to do.