A list: My favorite things of this season

~Stuffed. Mushrooms. I cannot get enough

~gazing at the lit Christmas tree (Decorations this year, thank you very much nephews)

~sleeping late


~watching all the kids reminisce about their grandfather

~Having my gifts well received

~saving some of my Christmas shopping for after Christmas, taking advantage of the post season SALES (not the crowds, though)

~hot chocolate in my new GNOME mugs~!

~knitting my little fingers off

~Eating or not eating dinner

~I even enjoy the mess this year for some reason. The mess, the clutter of Christmas is just piles of joy

~Yes and finally, again, stuffed mushrooms. Perhaps I’ll post my recipe if anyone is interested..

Today is Christmas number 3. In fact, we do have one more that I forgot about but it is not as elaborate. We are traveling to central Massachusetts to be with my family today. While I do not (frankly) look forward to seeing my father, I can’t wait to spend time with my mom, brother, sil and favorite uncle.

Be good while I’m gone. Keep the kitties out of trouble, will you?

Mitchell and Myron looking out the window

Mitchell and Myron looking out the window



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8 responses to “A list: My favorite things of this season

  1. Want recipe! Please?

    I hope today goes well for you, my Sandy. xo

  2. Even *I* am beginning to enjoy mushrooms. I would appreciate it if you would share what is obviously a yummy recipe. Best wishes for another good celebration. I think those kitties are looking quite comfortable!

  3. Charlotte

    Please post a photo of the gnome mug!

  4. Kelly

    I’d love to see the mugs too! Oh, and please please please on the mushroom recipe Miss Sandy! YUMMMMMY!!

  5. Jean

    Don,t forget the stuffed mushrooms recipe when you have time . you made me hungrey.

  6. Hope the trip was a good one and wasn’t too much trouble. The kitties must like to bird watch!

  7. Families. Who needs ’em? Hope it was good.

    I’m back on terra firma, and can’t wait to see the chiropractor tonight.