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Your input is requested

I’m a bit excited to have some takers on sweater knitting. I (as some of you may know) am not a task master. To me? Knitting is knitting. If you have 3 sweaters started (I’m looking at you, Norma) finish them and call it a success. Baby sweaters? Sure. Why not! They ARE sweaters! Vests? (Nora) Knit ’em. They are sweaters with no sleeves.

But the best thing? You will have 3 of something. (I decided to go with 3. Not so overwhelming) (And? I am a dismal failure at MOST of the things I join. Just so you know. But the fun is in the trying)

So, come along with me. 3 sweaters are yet to be.


(I could use a volunteer to start and moderate a Ravelry group after we set the name)

Must go finish that Town and Country. (WHY can I not find ONE STINKING NEEDLE TO SEAM ??)



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Want to knit?

Well, look at me, all speechless. Who knew?

I am coming to the end of the knitting on the Town and Country. Even though I stood here on my soapbox and proclaimed that I would set the sweater aside and knit the mittens for my cold hands, I did not do any such thing. I have been unusually single minded about this knitting experience. Again, who knew?

I have been thinking of the crazy people knitters that are doing a sweater a month for a year and how that seems so overwhelming to me. However, 3 or 4 sweaters a year sounds kind of appealing. How ’bout it? Want to join in on a WoKniSwe3(or 4)Mo? (that is World Knitting a Sweater in 3 (or 4) Months, in case you were uncertain. (It should be “World” instead of “National” don’t you think?)

Of course, we could make it IdKnitSwe3(or4)Mo. (Idiots Knitting…….)


Imagine having 3 (or 4) sweaters at by the end of this year? We’d be warm and styling. Also? we’d have some time to knit other things.

Just a thought.




Myron is a cutie

Myron is a cutie

Mitchell is a cutie

Mitchell is a cutie

A final thought:

It was wash day for Buffalo Brownski Everyday Cardigan the other day. I laid it out on my sweater dryer and put it on the table so a cat would not be tempted by it.

Too late..

Too late..

Is a sweater with cat hair on it still considered clean?


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I am knee deep in laundry: good thing I don’t have to drag it down the river and beat it on a rock!

Even though I am not blogging everyday in reality, my mind is still blogging every day. I take pictures, write the posts in my mind, plan them out. And you did not comment! Scheez.


So, I have pictures to show you on this sunny Sunday. It’s odd to have sunshine on a Sunday as the past couple of months have brought Sunday Snowstorms. Poor Andy doesn’t know what to do with himself, no shoveling. No. Only kidding. He is ecstatic.

(I am currently watching a show on the Duggars. They kind of creep me out)

That is neither here nor there.

First up? A package that came in the mail. Making my miserable little day. (I remember that it was a horrible day) Margene really knows how to make a statement. Yarn that is so great looking and soft, handspun by Margene’s talented little hands. (No picture of that, but it is gorgeous!) (you’ll see it someday made into something special!). Yarn spun by a friend? Can life get any better?
Well, if your name is Mitchell, it can:

Thank you, Margene~ Um, NO, Myron, Margene did NOT send any....mmmmfrrrfffmmmm....gulp.....treats. Honest. I'd share with you!

Thank you, Margene~ Um, NO, Myron, Margene did NOT send any....mmmmfrrrfffmmmm....gulp.....treats. Honest. I'd share with you!

Salmon kitty treats. All natural and no junk food in them, Margene was paying attention to their diets. There are chicken flavor too. I have learned that Myron is not much of a snacker. He waits for his food. So they are all for Mitchell. You won’t hear him complain! And there was chocolate. Was there? Yes, I remember chocolate. It is LONG gone of course. I mean, really. Chocolate does  not last long.

Thank you, Margene!


And then there are the shrimps. (Skrimps, as Bethany and I call them from an SNL skit) Not just any shrimp but Maine Shrimp, which make an appearance in the fish stores only during the cold months. They are small and sweet and oh so good. The shells slip right off and I sauteed them with olive oil and garlic with a squeeze of lemon juice. They are to die for. I encourage you to try them. Unless you are allergic. Don’t come crying to me if you are allergic.

Get them while they last! These guys are in the shell. So easy to peel and cook!

Get them while they last! These guys are in the shell. So easy to peel and cook!





What is winter without an amaryllis? (Please don’t tell Mitchell that there is a plant hiding in the kitchen. He has not eaten it yet.)

This is the only amaryllis that grew this winter. I usually have a slew of them but somehow I only ended up with this one. I do have another that did not grow at all which sucks but what are you going to do. I’ll enjoy this single bloom for as long as it lasts.

See the sun on this Sunday? Okay, not technically a Sky shot but you can imagine, right?

See the sun on this Sunday? Okay, not technically a Sky shot but you can imagine, right?

Alas, the laundry needs to be switched. Next time, when I am writing blog posts in my head? I hope that more of you will respond!



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stuff on a Tuesday

So, overall I love using WordPress. I think I’ll stay here. It seems to have less glitches than my other blog. And you probably know by now that I am an HTML dunce so using the other blog is challenging for me. When things go wrong all I can do is stand on the side of the road of the internet highway and wring my hands with a sign for HELP pinned up in the car. It’s not pretty because every time it happens, it’s like I’m in the desert with no help around, only 1 small bottle of water left, hardly any gas left to use the air conditioner.
Well, metaphors aside,  I’m setting up shop here and eventually ditching the other. I am trying to figure out how to move all of my archives here so that I can keep the last (almost) 7 years of blogging as archives. And I’d like to change this URL to my sandysknitting domain so that I am back in business. So to speak (and easier to find)

The only thing is that I cannot figure out how to post a video that I am hankering to show you. I wanted to shrink it down to it’s original size so that the quality is clearer. 3 days I have been working on this and I am running into a wall. Remember: me= blog dunce.

So, I’ll give you this link and you can GO to see it on my flickr page.


The set up?

Bethany took the video with her camera phone (hence the urge to make it smaller so it will have better quality). Mitchell was standing on the back of the chair reaching up for the wreath on the wall. When he saw her looking, he thought about jumping up onto the Entertainment Center to the side but ultimately decided to act innocent and sweet and make believe that he was doing NOTHING.

Thank you for sharing your “racist” stories with me. It helps to get them out of the closet.

Otherwise number 2: giving Myron the bubblegum flavored amoxicillin is very fun. (read: sarcasm please) Apparently cats don’t really care for bubblegum. I could have called that. How about you?

(It is bubblegum flavored because it is a pediatric liquid)


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My thoughts on racism and a bit of kitty news at the end.

Warning: This post contains strong, offensive language.

Today, On Martin Luther King Junior’s life celebration day, I have been thinking a lot about race. Specifically racists. You see, I grew up with horribly racist parents. To me, racism looks a lot like hatred. And it looks ugly. All of my life I have been arguing with my Mother on this issue. To no avail. She has always and still does refuse to refer to any African American as black or African American. To her, they are a nigger. She says it loud and clear for all to hear. You cannot imagine my shame when I was a child. I wonder why I did not have this same belief. One would think that as a small child with the hatred all around that I would have to turn out the same. But even as a small child, I knew she was wrong. And small. And ugly for it. (I don’t hate my mother, btw, I get along great with her as a rule. I know that for whatever reason, she cannot get past this prejudice that has been fed to her. I forgive her for that because she is doing the best that she can. But? She knows NOT to talk about it around me anymore.)

It has always been important to me to judge people by the type of person that they are and how they treat me. This has nothing to do with the way that they look. I have worked hard to make my Mother keep this ugliness to herself around my kids. I think that Andy and I have done a good job bringing them up with no racial prejudices.

I cannot even share with you the awful things my mother has said about Obama. It makes that little girl feel ashamed all over again. But this adult is standing tall and is proud of incoming President. I am proud as a mother, a woman and an American. I have high hopes and worry that one man cannot pull off the miracles this country and world need. But we can hope, right?

And for me? It will be a perfect world when people will look at Barack Obama and not see him as a Black Man (or worse) but as a Man.

What a wonderful world it will be.

Kitty news:

I brought Myron to the vets today. He has a urinary tract infection. I did this on your advice and you were right, what bright readers I have. Not that this will be the miracle cure to the problem, but I can hope, right? He’s on bubble gum flavored amoxicillin for 5 days.

Fingers crossed!


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If it’s Sunday it must be snowing

Snow and sky, the same color

Snow and sky, the same color

Every Sunday it seems we get a snowstorm. Not that I am complaining. It’s the perfect day to be confined to the house with the cold blowing the snow around. Hibernation Sunday. Works for me!

Honestly, I don't mean to be mean! I am just trying to play! it's Myron's fault!

Honestly, I don't mean to be mean! I am just trying to play! it's Myron's fault!

I don't mean to be a baby! I don't want to play! So I hiss at Mitchell and then I pee on the floor! Who could blame me? I am getting PISSED at Mitchell! WHY can't anyone see the irony in it??  It's Mitchell's fault!

I don't mean to be a baby! I don't want to play! So I hiss at Mitchell and then I pee on the floor! Who could blame me? I am getting PISSED at Mitchell! WHY can't anyone see the irony in it?? It's Mitchell's fault!

I will be taking your great advice and calling the vet (even though they just had a check up last week) (the vet LOVES me and my wallet) (but Myron’s Pee problem came to the surface after the vet’s appointment) (Even though it had been going on for some time, I was oblivious to it) (Pee in the corner and I did not notice it for a week! ARGGGHHH)

A yummy pork roast for dinner tonight. Dinner is at 6. I’ll expect you for wine at 5:30.


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A wee post

It’s obvious to me that the people who are saying that the retail numbers are down did not try to find a parking spot at the mall today. Of course, just because the lot was full to the brim does not mean that people opened their wallets. But people are not staying home, that’s for sure!


When my kids were little, I used behavioral modification techniques with much success! I remember when Derek would not go to bed without having 190 drinks of water and 258 tuck ins. At the end of my rope, I tried a sticker chart with rewards for so many stickers. It worked like a charm. Sticker charts were my friend.

Then there was the time I wanted Bethany to stop yelling “SHUT UP!”. I made the Shut Up Jar. Everyone in the family that said SHUT UP had to put a quarter in the jar. Bethany put in about 4 dollars worth before changing her behavior. She was much more head strong and stubborn about things, which serves her well in life.

I am wishing that I could whip up a sticker chart of punishment jar for the kitties right about now.
But? I have the internets, a powerful parenting tool indeed.

We are having a wee problem. Not a small problem, a cat pee problem. Little Myron seems to enjoy leaving puddles in spots that are not acceptable. I have added 2 litter boxes in various places (one right where he had chosen to pee in the corner of my room) so they  have plenty of pee places. But now? He has chosen under Derek’s bed. Luckily we caught it before it is a habit.

I went out with a mission today. I bought cat enzyme spray to get the odor out of the pee spots. This will help with reoccurances. (that is my plan, not the kitties) and I went on a search for Comfort Zone. I found only one diffuser in the area. Not a single spray. I have read great things about this product. It is a happy cat pheromone that will settle them down and hopefully stop inappropriate elimination.

We actually have 2 problems. Myron’s love of peeing anywhere and Mitchell’s love of picking on Myron. Sometimes when Myron is trying to use the box, Mitchell chases him away. This is not good if you are a little kitty and have to GO.

Have you used this product? I know that it is not good to put all of my hopes on a (very expensive) untried product but hey, sticker charts worked the balls! This can too, right?



Do you like the new look? It’s a different layout. Does it work for you?


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