Cat watching

Mitchell is in the tent

Mitchell is in the tent

Here it is. The first day of 2009. The year is shiny new, all ready to begin anew. Wide eyed and bushy tailed.

I greeted this new day of the brand new year in my pajamas. All day long. Planted on the couch.

Some days are just jammie days.


It’s NaKniMitMo time. Are your hands cold?



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7 responses to “Cat watching

  1. Mary in Boston

    Yesterday was a very good day to be a pajama day! Coming out of lurking to wish you a very happy 2009! And to say how much I enjoy reading your posts.
    Thank you for blogging.

  2. Mitchell looks very happy! I’ve been wearing mittens the last few days. I have a few pair that never get worn and I thought it time to do so…but, alas, I hates them. My hand feels confined and useless. Give me gloves. 😦

  3. I wish I could have stayed in my jammies, but Texas tried to kill me yesterday. 😀 Sounds like a wonderful day. I have two pairs of mitts started, so maybe I’ll finish those for the month. Maybe.

  4. that’s what mitchell needed!

    happy new year. no caps. wrist braces. heh.

  5. Love that Mitchell.

    You were ahead of me. I went back to bed yesterday morning.


  6. Happy New Year, sweetiepie!