A frank talk about food (Cat food) and a gnome mug

Myron loves his Cookie mouse (mouse knit by Cookie, of course, what did you think, it is a mouse made of cookies?)

Myron loves his Cookie mouse (mouse knit by Cookie, of course, what did you think, it is a mouse made of cookies?)

I have been thinking of cats lately. Specifically, cat foods. I have been slowly moving towards a healthier, organic food life style for myself and my family so I guess it’s natural that I should think of the same for my pets.
When we “got” Fig, he was eating supermarket cat food. He was very unhealthy with a horrible looking coat and a tapeworm to boot. He was a sad kitty. I started feeding him Science Diet dry food which he ate until the day he died. It did him wonders, making him healthy looking with a lustrous coat to boot. However, as I read the ingredient list, I am appalled to see “Chicken by product” as it’s first ingredient. I cannot believe that anyone would think this is acceptable to serve to our pets. (Including myself in retrospect)

Definition: Chicken by-product meal consists of the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered chicken, such as necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestines, exclusive of feathers, except in such amounts as might occur unavoidable in good processing practice.

Nutro is what Myron and Mitchell came from the Shelter with so that is what they have eaten for the last 2 weeks. Nutro, I have learned is one of the cat foods that was recalled with questionable Chinese ingredients. This is not acceptable to me.

They also like canned food, something Fig could never tolerate. These 2 kitties do look forward to their “dinner time” with the canned food as the main course, crunchies are available 24/7 so they can munch when they want. They take a few light snacks through the day that way.

So, canned food. I started buying Harmony Farms cans because of their ingredient list. The more I read about them, the more I like them. The other “tragic” fact about Mitchell and Myron is that they only like the mooshy kind of canned cat food not the ones that look like real chicken in gravy. No No, none of that for them. Moosh, please. Fine, I think they are awfully cute so smelly moosh they get. Harmony Farms fit the bill. No By Products and all ingredients that I can pronounce. 99¢ per small can, but that is neither here nor there. Healthy food is more money, it’s a fact of life. A sad fact but a fact nonetheless.

So I am happy feeding them the Harmony Farms wet food but now we have to find a dry food that is healthy for them. I found this site through a google search. Natura Pet Food, the Healthiest Pet Food in the World. They sell it right in Beverly too so tomorrow I will go “visit” the cat food and see what I’m going to do. I’d love to say that Price is no option but it can’t be unreasonably expensive. But? Good food is worth more in the long run, I believe. (much to the chagrin of a couple of co workers who feed their cats only the cheapest food they can buy)

So, if you have cats and if you feed your cats which I strongly hope you DO, what do you feed them? Can you give me advice on REAL food for them?


Remember I mentioned the gnome mugs that I got for Christmas? There are 4 of them, each a scene of the gnome building a snowman.
Today’s is mug 1, the gnome (which they call the Nordic Elf but I will hence forth call the gnome) sets out into a winter storm in search of fun.

The drink of the day is Hot Chocolate,  which was also a gift and is flaked bittersweet chocolate that I melted in warm milk. Delicious, I may add.

Gnome mug number 1

Gnome mug number 1

Mmmm, chocolate

Mmmm, chocolate

sometimes a person just NEEDS hot chocolate



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20 responses to “A frank talk about food (Cat food) and a gnome mug

  1. We feed our cats Felidae dry food. They love it.

  2. I think you’re so smart to do this, especially when M & M are young. I waited too late with my two and it became a battle to get them to eat anything but the cat equivalent of McDonald’s. I’ve made progress in switching to a better grade of commercial food, but haven’t had much success in moving them to the really good stuff.

    I liken it to getting a teenager to eat a vegetable other than french fries. If you offer it enough, eventually broccoli will taste better than the fries.

    Or not.

  3. Socks and Mittens get Friskies canned poultry. The vet said it’s good, and with giving them 4 cans a day, I can afford it. I know it’s not as good for them as Harmony Farms, but as cat food goes, it’s better than some. They do not get dry food at all. My son’s cat has diabetes, and he did a lot of research on what to feed, and almost everything he saw said to stay away from dry. It’s the carbs. Cats are not evolved for carbs, and many vets feel dry food contributes to a lot of health problems. All that being said, we are going to have to investigate a food change because it seems like Mittens has some sort of ongoing intestinal problem. I fear IBD or Crohn’s. And what he gets, Socks gets, so I may be moving to the more expensive canned food, too. I will do whatever necessary to keep them healthy.

  4. I’m with Nanette – Felidae is a great food, available either dry or canned. http://www.canidae.com/cats/cat_and_kitten/dry.html

  5. Can’t help with the cat food, but I will tell you healthy treats are on the way because I couldn’t resist. Love the mug and since the milk delivery just came I’m going to have a cup of hot chocolate and think of you!

  6. I feed my cats Wellness core, which is a little expensive, but they love it, and it keeps them healthy (especially my little diabetic kitty, who is much better with this low carb food.)

  7. Mary

    Felidae is great, healthy cat food; it was never on a “recall list”. My new 3 month old kitten eats it.
    My dogs eat Canidae; another great pet food.
    My pets eat dry food.
    Vet told my son to switch his older cat to canned food because cats in general do not drink enough water.
    Vet also suggested a water “bubbler”; not sure what that is but kitty is drinking lots more water.
    Enjoy your kitties.

  8. The boys are eating Science Diet dry and Friskies canned because they’re the only foods I’ve found that don’t make Jasper even more hyper. Simon can only eat chicken or beef (no fish, it’s not pretty later). Like your boys, they won’t eat anything in gravy (they just lick the gravy off) just the ones Friskies likes to call “classic pate.” Let me know how you like the Natura (it couldn’t cost more than Science Diet! For years I had no idea how much that stuff really cost because the vet in Boston used to give it to us in exchange for Simon donating blood; now I’m just working on that tenth free bag from Petco.)

  9. My kitties (6 of them!) eat Science Diet, of different prescriptions. Two of them are overweight, so they are on the R/D (reducing) and the rest are at risk for kidney disease, so they are on the C/D (c stands for crystals, I think, in the urine). The vet put them on it, so we keep them on it.

    They are all rescues, and used to feed themselves outdoors, which would include eating birds, so it’s ok with me if they eat ‘chicken parts’. (I’m not eating them, though!!!!)

    BUT – I am always in full support of people who love their pets and search out what’s best for them. Go, Sandy!

  10. I don’t know felines, only canines, but you know my story: I cooked Vincent’s food for 12 years, because all the commercial foods didn’t sit well with him…. until I discovered the raw food diet. (which is also available for cats, by the way, and might be a nice option for your boys) It comes in frozen tubes, like a big bologna, and you slice off portions. And the price seems high, but I found in the long run it wasn’t that bad at all. That is the thing that I do believe gave Vincent an extra two years to his life, after he had already developed a liver tumor, and I wish I’d used it all along. Man, did that make him healthy!

  11. Jean Marie

    Good for you – pets fed good, healthy food with quality ingredients are generally healthier and happier and live longer!

    You might check out Wysong pet foods (dog, cat, and other small animal foods) and Merrick pet foods (dog and cat that I know of) – both companies produce high quality pet foods.

    There are other alternative pet food producers but it can be some work to track them down; often they are smaller companies and will not be found in the large pet store chains like Pet Smart or Petco). My parents stock some other alternatives in their pet store but as I’m not there often (6 hour drive away from me in VA Beach!) I don’t recall other names.

    Also do check for dates on the food that you buy – many pet stores either do not rotate their stock or do not check for and remove the out-of-date stock!

  12. ann

    One of my cats has urinary infections so it is Evo dry and Pro Plan urinary tract canned food. All 4 cats eat the same food. But try not to leave too much dry food out to graze on. They will become overweight. A little is okay. They are really cute!

  13. Jessica

    My dog has allergies, so when we finally found a food it was Innova EVO no grain turkey and chicken. Given that cats have even less of a requirement for non-protein foods in their diet than dogs, we switched the cat to the grain-free Innova adult cat food as well. I actually found that the cat ate less of the more expensive food, so it comes out about even. I would also recommend a water fountain (I have a big one that Helix and Tesla share). My cat won’t touch canned food with a 10-foot pole, so every once in awhile she gets some canned fish. I’ve been contemplating feeding them both raw, but am still way below the activation energy for that.

  14. Oh, do I have opinions about this topic. *L*

    We both had cats with health issues that required Science Diet. I think that’s different than feeding the non-‘script SD stuff. Ya know?

    My big deal grocery store carries the kitty version of the dog food that Norma mentioned. I wonder if you have a grocery that does, too.

    Cat food is another reason I still haven’t gotten another cat. Too many things to consider, worry about and weigh against what I know and and believe works for cats.

    I want bonus points for not arguing with any of your commentors, btw. xo

  15. I know I’m late to the game here, but I am SO happy to see you’ve brought home two new lucky kitties! They are so handsome! Gorgeous!

    I haven’t gotten a new cat since Haruki because of trying to figure all this stuff out. Honestly, I would ask a nutritionist at Tufts. 🙂

    But anyway, Yay for new kitties!”

  16. Those kitties have sure as heck landed in kitty heaven.

    We have special vet-prescribed food in our household. It costs a freaking fortune, but anything for my Igor.

  17. I feed our kitties Eukanuba (dry only) and have for years. I don’t mind if there are chicken byproducts in there (hey, whole foods are good for you!) but they shouldn’t be the only kind of meat in the cat food.

  18. Leslie

    We feed our cats raw food. It sounds indulgent, but it’s really not. We wanted them to have a good diet and it’s worked. We buy a mix from Feline Futures (http://www.felinefuture.com/) and mix it with raw ground chicken and chicken livers. Price-wise it’s probably comparable to feeding them canned food but it’s a bit healthier. Our ‘big cat’ went from 16 to12 pounds on the new diet and both cats got healthier looking coats. I highly recommend it!

  19. Dawn

    Look also at Nature’s Variety. They have RAW and kibble for cats. My sheltie started the RAW and Instinct foods 3 wks ago.. Not only does he LOVE it, it’s made a huge difference in his skin and coat. Cost, because I combined the RAW medallions w/ dry food, is less than what I was spending on hypoallergen diets (fish, chicken, Kangaroo and oats, etc). Their web site has great information.
    Good Luck!!

  20. lynn

    Sandy! I’m so happy you have 2 new kitties to love. Lucky boys, they are.

    We feed our cats a mix of indoor cat Wellness and Blue Seal. With five cats, the wellness alone is prohibitively expensive. If we didn’t have so many they would get wellness exclusively.

    Nutro is bad news according to my SIL, who is the most knowledgeable person I know about pet food. My IL’s own a pet/farm/garden supply store and they stopped carrying it years ago because of the problems.