Who’s gray? Me??

This sheep had a gray spot!

This sheep had a gray spot!

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So, as I was knitting happily along on Town and Country (1st sleeve still, for those who are keeping tabs, all none of you! :)) I noticed in the ball, a segment of mixed wool. Some gray with the cream color. I put it aside and thought about it. Would I use the gray patch? Or not? Cut it and get rid of it? Embrace the gray? I went back and forth for a day or so.

And then?

I knit with it. If the gray patch was good enough for the sheep, it’s good enough for my sweater. That will be my identifying mark. This is MY sweater. How can I prove it? The gray line on the sleeve.

Take that, sweater nappers.

If you ever see me wearing this sweater, please feel free to compliment my gray!

I am (most likely) (probably) (Definitely) (maybe) (NO! I AM) going to take a couple of days off from blogging. The bad thing about my blogging every day is that I got very bad at keeping in touch with those that I happen to love. And believe me when I say that I was not good at keeping in touch to being with. So, I’ll be playing with the kitties, trying to get Mitchell to stop ducking and slinking when we move around, bringing them to their first vets appointment on Thursday, knitting on Town and Country and reading blogs.

See you in the comments on all our favorites!

(I miss you already!)


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17 responses to “Who’s gray? Me??

  1. Good for you! There’s nothing with a little gray.

    Enjoy your break. Just don’t be gone too long please. I miss you when you don’t post. xo

  2. I love the gray! Love it! Good reasoning for keeping it. You’ll be back by Saturday? I mean we all need our Saturday Sky fix. šŸ˜€

  3. Joy

    The grey gives it character. Skritch the kitties and enjoy your time off – you’ll be missed!

  4. meezermeowmy

    Glad you left the grey in. I have a scarf I bought at a Welsh woolen mill that is white, light grey, and dark grey. They told me all three colors were natural wool from the same sheep. Cool!

  5. Well, we miss you too, you happen to be one of the nicest knit bloggers I know. Pat the kitty for me!

  6. Embrace the gray! Have a nice couple of days off. Me? I’m up at and even EARLIER time because I have to go out and face those roads in this storm. Fun times.

    A bag is packed so I don’t have to repeat the insanity tonight and tomorrow morning. Cripes. I’ve never known a winter like this — or at least if I did, I did not have to commute in it. XOXO

  7. Don’t be gone too long.

  8. Jean E.

    I like the gray, it makes your sweater look distinguished.

  9. Barbara M.

    Your logic sound just like my rationale for leaving the grey in my hair. (Well, that and the fact that I turned my hair orange the only time I tried to color it, back in the sixties when I used “Summer Blonde” the summer I worked as a lifeguard…. being in the sun all day long was not what they had in mind!)

    So if you ever see me, feel free to comment, too. I’ll be looking for your beautiful patch of grey sweater at every knit gathering from now on!

  10. Beebs

    Enjoy your time away! We’ll be here when you get back……

  11. Enjoy your break , but don’t stay away too long , we’ll miss you .

  12. Hurray for the gray!
    You gotta take time to stop and scritch the kitties – enjoy the break. We’ll be right here waiting for you…

  13. The same thing happened to me… one of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more and blog less. I have already put this into practice by not blogging for a whole week. And did I miss a lot over the holidays! Big congrats on your new babies, lost and found, and gray. Yay!

  14. Charlotte

    May I suggest to your readers that they might enjoy visiting this site– http://www.ittybittykittycommittee.com ? There’s this lady who fosters kittens for her local animal shelter and takes the most amazing photos of them and posts little blogs about them. It’s completely adorable, and it’s another fun site to visit while you are taking a break.

  15. Charlotte

    Oh dear, I mistyped it!

    http://www.theittybittykitty committee.com

    That should work. Sorry about that!

  16. Charlotte

    Because I typed a space, that link is incomplete.


  17. travelita

    Nice decision on the sweater šŸ™‚