A blogger without a blog is a sad thing and how I am becoming a hypochondriac. And soup. It’s always about the soup whether stated or not.

Helllloooo, dahlings! I have missed each and every one of you. Honestly, if I do not blog and get a comment or two I will expire! I will! It’s been dreadfully lonely without you! And on the other hand, I did enjoy the break. Time flies though, huh?
So, what’s been going on in my world?

The kitties are driving me crazy. They are fighting all the time. I woke up in the MIDDLE of the night Saturday (okay, it was 6 am Sunday morning, but to ME it was still the night because I had no intention of rising any time soon) to a huge cat fight that started downstairs and rolled, hissing and sceaming, fur flying UP the stairs, down the hall and under my bed. That is quite the rude awakening. That was the worst fight there has been. That one involved fur around the whole house. It was bad. I was shaking from it all. After a while, they stopped, Mitchell ran downstairs (Bad kitty) and I took Myron (bad kitty) and plunked him in Derek’s room (who did NOT even wake up at the commotion, thank you very much) and shut the door on him.

That was the morning I did a lot of research online and decided to use a squirt bottle. (Andy talked about getting rid of one so that they would be happy. But how could we choose which one?? I can’t). So, I got a bottle ready with water, ready for the action. I would break these kitties of that bad habit. Or it will kill me. (and it just may).

Since Sunday, Myron has lived happily with Derek upstairs (I have added 2 litter boxes upstairs to make plenty of pooping choices)  only coming down to eat. When I go in there, Derek is happily gaming (he’s single, girls) and Myron is happily snoozing or playing or sitting on the edge of the bed actually watching Derek’s game play. Mitchell is thrilled of course, to have the downstairs to himself.

It’s a weird world, this kitty life. I’m not sure I can survive it all.


In other news, I think I may be becoming a hypochondriac or something. I have a sore throat every time I go to work. And I am better every time I am home. Sick while working. Healthy at home. I’m sure it’s all psychosomatic, wrapped up in attitude and all. (cattitude???)

It is truly soup weather. I love soup on every average day of the year. But when the weather turns cold (it is COLD lately and about to turn downright frigid for the rest of the week) it becomes an obsession. Tonight I made a rather scrumptious Italian Wedding Soup with turkey meatballs, plenty of spinach, mirepoix, and a bit of pasta. It really hit the spot. I’m starting to dream up the late week soup. What’s your favorite?

Mitchell has turned up missing. Andy was in the basement and left the door open (despite my multiple pleas since the kitties have lived here to close it behind him) and he may be hiding just about anywhere down there.

Missed you.



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28 responses to “A blogger without a blog is a sad thing and how I am becoming a hypochondriac. And soup. It’s always about the soup whether stated or not.

  1. Stacy

    I keep tuning in for the kitty soap opera. I have 3 female cats, all rescues, and they still fight sometimes (the youngest is 1 1/2 years old.) I have found that using a squirt bottle (or a Super Soaker – even better) works best when set on “stream.” I think it is as much the force of the stream as the water that works because it seems to break the focus of the cat who gets sprayed. I think the two boys will finally reach equilibrium, even if they never become the best of friends. Good luck!

  2. kt

    Missed you, too! Glad the kitties are getting their sea legs and sorting out who gets to be boss where. Hope the throat sorts itself out soon. Republic of Tea’s ginger peach with honey always helps me, and I’m a dyed-in-the-wool coffee-holic!

    Don’t stay gone so long!

  3. meezermeowmy

    So maybe you are allergic to something at work. No, not being a smart aleck , I mean it…or work could have too high a formaldehyde level, or mold, or who knows what. There are such things as “sick buildings”, buildings whose components are unhealthy for people who spend all day there.

    Found your missing kitty? Try smelly cat treats to bring him out of hiding.

  4. SusiQ

    My little kitties fight (they are sisters) and sometimes I squirt them too! I am hopeful your two will grow out of it or they will just settle in on their respective floors – sure hope you found the missing guy!

    Take care, love reading the stories!

  5. I hope the kitties find end! I’ve been thinking about making minestrone soup.

  6. Welcome back! The kitties will deal, eventually. Naughty things! You might want to look into getting an air purifier for your area at work… I doubt it’s psychological. You’re too level headed.

    Italian Wedding soup! My fave!

  7. Welcome back! We did indeed miss you!
    At one point we had 5 cats. There was the occasional spat, but they mostly got along. (except for Sadie – she hated everybody…)
    Mmmm soup. I could live on soup.

  8. Missed your dailies! Mitchell is in the last place you’ll look. 😉

  9. I was just going to come knocking and find out where you were and what you were up to. Have you sat those boys down and given them a good talking to? Let them know YOU’RE the boss and that this behavior isn’t what you expect? It couldn’t hurt and I do think they’ll know you mean it.

  10. I don’t think you’re a hypochondriac. The air in your office is either very dry and/or super-recirculated or something. It could easily make you feel worse while there. Drink lots of fluids!!

  11. Butternut squash soup! Or corn chowder. Or fish chowder. Then again, maybe beef stew. Oh, wait. Pea soup! Of course, chicken vegetable with pasta is pretty darn good, too. Good thing there are lots of days, cause I can’t pick one favorite soup.

    Maybe you should ask the kitties if they’ve ever heard of cat soup.

  12. Margene clearly doesn’t have cats.


    The fur still flies sometimes around here too, but that will lessen with advancing kitty-age.

  13. Where have you been?! We missed you.

    My cats have reached detente mostly after 9 years, but they still fight in the winter when they’re both in the house so much. One will take a swipe at the other one just because and that’s all it takes for hell to break loose.

    Even though they don’t play with toys much anymore we do have a couple sessions a day of chasing string or a ball or I get the cat tunnel out and some boxes and wear them out. It helps everybody sleep better at night. And then the weather warms up a little and I throw them both outside for fresh air.

    Or you could just let them live on separate floors. That works too.

  14. Susie B

    I hope Mitchell comes out soon. Squirt bottles are great for that. It will only take a few times for them to realize what’s in your hand (and they will learn the words too) and that they have to quit or get wet. Doesn’t hurt them, just their pride. I know, I had 5 kitties and 2 dogs all at the same time once. Running in and out of the house all the time.

  15. You really could be allergic to something at work? Perhaps mold in the air system? Too dry – Need a humidifier? Lots of options. Hope you find a solution for you kitty issues. Welcome back. xox

  16. I have missed you and your kitty stories. We are a dog family. I have to get my kitty fix online. Sorry to hear that the boys are squabbling. I hope the squirt bottle does the trick.
    I have been thinking about corn chowder. The other day I made Carole’s roast beef soup. Have you made it? It is delicious.

  17. Missed you. Glad to see you’re back!

    Is chili soup? It’s a favorite around our house. Fish chowder also.

    Separating the kitties is a good idea. Kind of like reintroducing them to each other. Derek’s room will become Myron’s safe room. Mitchell maybe needs one too…..

  18. And these two cats are “fixed”? Geesh. Can’t imagine what would happen if you had two toms in the house.

    Souuuuuup. (picture Homer Simpson)

    Any kind. Well, not ANY kind. But most any kind is my favorite. Glad you’re back. Don’t let it happen again!

  19. ours fight occasionally. the older cat is grumpy, and every once in a while, the younger one just decides he’s gonna piss her off (of course, i think the older cat is psychotic). it usually only lasts a few minutes, and then they calm down. sometimes the younger cat meows, because he’s had his butt kicked. they’ll eventually learn

  20. Barbara M.

    MMMMmmmm…. Soup! Carrot ginger! Lentil! Curried butternut! MMmmmm!!!!

    Is there new carpet in your office? New paint? Either of those can trigger an allergic reaction, too. Hope you feel better…. lots of soup and lots of rest are good, and I hear blogging everyday is great for your health..(Oh, wait…. you blogging is great for my health!) Welcome back, Sandy!

  21. Liz

    Missed you too Sandy!

  22. He’ll come up when he gets hungry! I missed you too. I miss me even more. Today may be the day…

  23. Doris

    Missed you too! You might want to try keeping your throat hydrated at work. Before we had a humidifier added to our heating system, I got sore throats all the time at home because the air was too dry due to the forced air heat. Until we fixed it, drinking water or tea seemed to help the throat.

  24. Adelaide

    You are allergic to work. I understand. I am, too.

    Cauliflower soup.

    Let the kitties get together. They will eventually work it out. If you keep them apart, they won’t. It will take time.

  25. There could be something at work that is bothering you, Sandy. Don’t discount what your body is telling you.

    You’re such a gentle soul. Those two boys may force you to toughen a bit, I fear. A soda can with some pennies in it and taped shut can be rattled or even tossed toward the boys to stop the fighting. Hand clapping and shouting NO! can also work. Hopefully, the spray bottle will do the trick.

    Oh, and I agree with Margene. Those boys need to know that you are in charge or you’ll never stop having troubles. Yes, I made sure mine knew I was the boss and the problems stopped. Then again, I am much meaner than you ever could be.


  26. Sweet potato vichyssoise from Silver Palate–best soup ever. Well, except for maybe Clam Chowder.

    Oh those wacky cats! Mine had a couple of big blowouts yesterday–i was picking up tufts of white fur everywhere. The children at school are acting crazy too–I blame it all on the moon.

  27. jenn

    I bet the office air is drier than the air at home–probably something about commercial heating. My kids complain about the dryness at school all the time (we run a humidifier at home).

  28. norinoricum

    Perhaps something is irritating your throat as you sleep, and swallowing (lubricating it) all day makes it feel better?