Bring on the cold! I have soup leftovers!

Dinner time!

Dinner time is also Time for Peace! That’s a good thing. At least they don’t fight over the food. Which is odd  because Mitchell (right) always eats half and leaves (presumably leaving some for later) and Myron (left) finishes his, lapping the plate clean and then proceeds to eat the rest of Mitchell’s. To me? That is something to fight about in my human opinion but they do not see things my way. I have a ways to go before I completely understand cat logic.

Yesterday was the first time I used the squirt bottle. When the water hit Mitchell, he acted like he had just hit an electric fence. Very dramatic hurling of his body in the opposite direction. He hated every droplet of it. A bit later, Bethany had to squirt Myron (equal opportunity squirting) and Myron casually turned around to look at her with a pissed off “what the HELL did you squirt me for?” look. That cat has some attitude, I tell you.

(Mitchell was not lost in the basement for long, by the way. He snuck his way upstairs toting along a fair amount of basement dust and dirt with him)

I’m still hankering to knit mittens. I’m still knitting on Town and Country. I finished the first sleeve tonight. This is most likely the only time in one’s life that we may be envious of one armed people. Faster sleeve knitting. But it’s not really a good thing to wish for, if you know what I mean. I mean, who can knit with one arm?
A conundrum to be sure.


The cold marches on, which is fine because it’s January in New England. Every thing in it’s season. I am armed with soup. (I took some for lunch today but it all spilled out of the stupid container into the bag that I brought it in. Luckily it was not the bag with my knitting. Phew!)

I need to get me a Pine tree. I love them so much. But I want a small one. Is that too much to ask?

I need to get me a Pine tree. I love them so much. But I want a small one. Is that too much to ask?

Icicles on 12 1/2 (that's my house in case you don't know!)

Icicles on 12 1/2 (that's my house in case you don't know!)



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13 responses to “Bring on the cold! I have soup leftovers!

  1. Beef barley!

    I’m glad the squirt bottle is helping. Him not eating everything is a good sign. It means he’s not worried about where his next meal is coming from.

    Wanna trade weather? It’s warm and sunny here. o.0


  2. Oooh, that Cookie. Bragging about her weather. Are your news people like ours, using the entire newscast to discuss how cold it is? Idiots.

    Do you live in a Wizard house? There’s something Harry Potterish about your house number.

  3. Haha! Nora is RIGHT. I never thought of that — Harry Potterish it IS!!! 😀

    Cats. You can’t live with ’em and … well, for me that’s the end of the sentence. Hahah again.

    I canNOT think of anything to blog. This could be a blog emergency.

  4. The problem with those small pine trees is that they GROW.

  5. Geri

    Soup! That’s how I get through the winter, too. Come to think of it I soup it up in the summer occasionally.

  6. Are you sure that’s a pine? It looks more spruce. (I’m an evergreen freak). You still have half a month to knit mittens with us. Plenty of time!

  7. Most pine trees grow very fast. Soup is the very best winter meal. I need to make a pot this weekend. A squirt bottle is a great idea. I’ll bet it does the trick.

  8. The key to using the squirt bottle is for them not to see where the water came from, so they associate the wet blast with the bad act itself. Otherwise it’s just another “Oh, yeah, not when you’re in the room” type deal.
    I made venison stew the other night – mmmmmm. Soups and stews and homemade bread are the best way to survive the cold up here.

  9. I love hearing about the adventures of M & M.

  10. tish dudevoir

    I love soup too! Have you read Anna Maria Horner’s blog? ( She sent out a call for favorite soup recipes a while back and got an amazing response. Scroll down to her 11/11 post and there are literally hundreds of recipes to try! Now if I could just convince my family that cold and snow means soup and toast/ toasted sandwich/ hot cornbread for supper and we can save the pizza, spaghetti and chicken fajitas for hot weather when I’d rather not heat up the kitchen too much.
    With our bad kitty, I’ve found that if the squirt bottle (or a cheapo squirt gun- much more accurate!) is out of reach, a loud “psssstt” is also pretty effective. Maybe it’s like the sound of an angry mother cat.

  11. norinoricum

    Perhaps a dwarf pine tree?

  12. norinoricum

    Um… I normally sign my name as Andrea (noricum), but I had to get an account to comment on another friend’s blog, and “noricum” was taken… so norinoriucm is me. (Assuming you remember me. We met briefly at Rhinebeck a few years ago, and I rarely comment.)

  13. I need to knit mittens as I just wore a hole through mine! (Or at least I need to find the yarn and reknit the top of that mitten.) They may be feisty but they’re awfully cute!