My hands are cold, my cats are bold

My hands are pretty darned COLD!

My hands are pretty darned COLD!

You know that I have a thing about that Town and Country sweater. I have  (pretty much) been faithful to that knitting since trying to delude myself into thinking that I could get it done for the November sweater knitting Month. Ha. That did not happen. Or for December. I was pretty determined to have it done for January. NaKniSwe3Mo. National Knitting a Sweater in 3 Months, not a widely circulating knitting group, but an important one for us turtle knitters nonetheless.

ANYHOO. My hands, they are cold. Not just cold. ICY. Freezing. The kind of cold that hurts. And me, with not a handknit mitten in sight! Imagine? The mittens that I have made? Not a one. Blech. This is so unacceptable to me. And there is Helgi’s mittens, from Folk Knitting in Estonia (How much do we love Nancy Bush?) (Not Laura Bush, Nancy Bush!)

I will be taking a short detour from the Town and Country knitting to warm my hands. What can I do? My hands (mittenless) are tied. I cannot stand to face this frigid cold without handknit mittens.

You’d do the same, wouldn’t you? I hope Town and Country doesn’t get wind of this.


(I fear that I am turning into a CAT BLOGGER….)

Both of the kitties love a toy that we have dubbed a ferret. One will carry it upstairs and play endlessly with it and the other will sneak up later and carry it downstairs to have a play fest of his own with the ferret. One little toy, 2 ferret loving cats.

now there are 2!

now there are 2!


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18 responses to “My hands are cold, my cats are bold

  1. We love Nancy Bush. The other woman, not so much.

    You need mittens!

    Love the ferrets.


  2. Nice mittens! I just realized this week that I needed to make some for myself.

    As a ferret and cat house, my ferrets and cat approve of the ferret toy.

  3. Mary

    Mittens will be just what you need in the coming days.
    LOVE the cat toy. Would you mind telling where you bought it? If it is in a local spot my sister lives in Beverly and can get it for me.
    I adopted a rescue kitten a month ago. She is three months old now and would love to have that to carry around.

  4. *Really* nice mittens – you’re tempting me! So do both cats want the same ferret? The trick around here is to find cat toys the dog’s not interested in 😉

  5. It can’t be cat blogging if there are pictures of knitted stuff.

  6. Good call on the 2nd ferret – though I have a feeling both cats will have the same “favorite” one…
    There are no cat pictures, so obviously not a cat blog.
    (Nobody here but us sweaters & fake ferrets…)

  7. norinoricum

    How much do you want to bet that they’ll both fight over the same ferret?

  8. Your sweater is coming along beautifully, and I really don’t think a lovely Aran sweater is one that should be rushed through in a few weeks. You’ll wear it for years – it shall be done in its sweet time! Pretty mittens, too!

    Stay warm!

  9. Yea Mittens!! Nancy Bush is great. And so are those ferrets!

  10. Beautiful mittens! And considering how cold it is out today, I’d say you were justified in jumping them to the front fo the queue.

  11. You’ll be so happy to have warm hands and then you’ll be happy to get back to T&C. Go for it!

  12. Geri

    I love the idea of knitting a sweater in 3 mos. That would take care of my project ADD. Cute cat toys! Kittens are so much fun!
    Especially when they are not fighting.

  13. Now you’ve gone and done it. The one thing they apparently had in common, you’ve gone and made it more complicated!!! 😀

    Another mitten is ESSENTIAL! It’ll be a nice break from the T&C, which you are doing a marvelous job on, by the way! It’s looking wonderful, all folded up there. On to the next sleeve, San!

  14. Karen

    When Smokey was a kitten, his best friend in the entire world was my ferret, Miss Daisy. She’s gone now, but I miss her tremendously. Please share where you found these colorful ferrets so I can get one for my kitties, too, please.

  15. Sue

    As a cat-loving knitter, I like it when you blog about the kitties! And I love the mittens!

  16. Three months is pretty swift for a sweater in my books. There’s always someone pokier!!

    I’m knitting that Nancy Bush pattern in a vest she designed. Same colors. It’s a nice easy pattern, isn’t it?

    Glad to hear Mitchell wasn’t trapped in the basement for long!

  17. I love the banner on your ‘temporary’ blog. So pretty!!

  18. I see that you’re playing around with blog themes. Pretty!