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It’s obvious to me that the people who are saying that the retail numbers are down did not try to find a parking spot at the mall today. Of course, just because the lot was full to the brim does not mean that people opened their wallets. But people are not staying home, that’s for sure!


When my kids were little, I used behavioral modification techniques with much success! I remember when Derek would not go to bed without having 190 drinks of water and 258 tuck ins. At the end of my rope, I tried a sticker chart with rewards for so many stickers. It worked like a charm. Sticker charts were my friend.

Then there was the time I wanted Bethany to stop yelling “SHUT UP!”. I made the Shut Up Jar. Everyone in the family that said SHUT UP had to put a quarter in the jar. Bethany put in about 4 dollars worth before changing her behavior. She was much more head strong and stubborn about things, which serves her well in life.

I am wishing that I could whip up a sticker chart of punishment jar for the kitties right about now.
But? I have the internets, a powerful parenting tool indeed.

We are having a wee problem. Not a small problem, a cat pee problem. Little Myron seems to enjoy leaving puddles in spots that are not acceptable. I have added 2 litter boxes in various places (one right where he had chosen to pee in the corner of my room) so they  have plenty of pee places. But now? He has chosen under Derek’s bed. Luckily we caught it before it is a habit.

I went out with a mission today. I bought cat enzyme spray to get the odor out of the pee spots. This will help with reoccurances. (that is my plan, not the kitties) and I went on a search for Comfort Zone. I found only one diffuser in the area. Not a single spray. I have read great things about this product. It is a happy cat pheromone that will settle them down and hopefully stop inappropriate elimination.

We actually have 2 problems. Myron’s love of peeing anywhere and Mitchell’s love of picking on Myron. Sometimes when Myron is trying to use the box, Mitchell chases him away. This is not good if you are a little kitty and have to GO.

Have you used this product? I know that it is not good to put all of my hopes on a (very expensive) untried product but hey, sticker charts worked the balls! This can too, right?



Do you like the new look? It’s a different layout. Does it work for you?



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  1. I love the new layout.

    I wonder if Mitchell’s picking on Myron is part of the pee problem. That’s all I’ve got, but I am rooting for you!


  2. Love the new look!

    Yes, Myron may be reacting to Mitchell’s picking. But DO take him to the vet and have him checked out. We have a kitty w/ urinary tract issues (crystals) and he LOVES to pee outside the box. There is a great litter http://www.preciouscat.com/ give it a try if you can.

  3. I’d take him to the vet like Nannette said. He could have a physical problem.

  4. Check out this blog:

    She has excellent posts on cat behavior, and–more importantly for you–cat behavior modification. I’ve started using some of the suggestions with my girls, and they are much more affectionate and well-behaved now.

    There was an excellent post about your problem not too long ago, but I can’t find it for you.

  5. Nice new look. I use the spray to help keep the cats from scratching the furniture. That has had some limited success. But when Socks was peeing on Jim’s laundered, plastic covered shirts (kept on a low shelf) I installed the diffuser right next to it. Didn’t work at all. And I think the others may be right. All of the cats I’ve had used going outside the box to signal a health problem.

  6. It’s probably because Mitchell is picking on him but I would have him checked by the vet just in case it’s a urinary tract problem. The only other suggestion I have is to change the style of litter box. If you have covered litter boxes, try an open litter box in a room where he feels safe, or a covered litter box if you have open ones.

  7. I do like the new layout. Are we back to using the regular blog now? Good luck with the kitties.

  8. Oh, I’m sorry about the wee problem. It unfortunately sounds an awful lot like Myron and Mitchell don’t want to live together. Will they work it out? Perhaps. But I have had cats who never did learn to co-exist. My current cat is a one cat per household kinda gal. Best deodorizer I’ve ever found for animal pee is vinegar. Always leaves me wanting an Italian sub for supper, but works, especially on carpeting. I always follow up the vinegar with sprinkles of baking soda to dry the spot and absorb the vinegar odor, then vacuum that up once it’s dry. Works and is a lot cheaper than specialty products.

  9. woolspice

    New layout: good. Kitties peeing on floor: bad. Good luck with solving that. If he associates the litter box with being attacked by Mitchell, it sure would explain not wanting to pee in there. Poor Myron.

  10. The new look is great. I love the birds and stars at the top. Are you going to change seasonally? If you had dogs I could help…

  11. I love the new look, too. I wish the comments were at the bottom, though. Confused me for a second. But I’ll get over it. I’m quick that way. HowEVER, your blog name was not even on my Bloglines at ALL today…. Hm. I’m going to check something. Maybe now it’s filed under “my” for your URL, as opposed to before it was under “A” for “A Place I Can ….” I liked it under “A” — right close to the TOP of my list, as it should be. 😀

    I’m no help with the cats whatsoever, but I am just glad it’s you and not me.

  12. Answer: You now appear under “S” for Sandy’s Knitting II. OKay! I like it. At least I know where to find you!

  13. Randi

    Sometimes we’ve had to separate our 2 cats, each in a closed room with their own litter box, food, water, until they settle down. (A few days) Kinda like the time-out corner I guess.

  14. norinoricum

    I don’t have cats (I have a severe cat allergy instead), but I always hear people saying that cats that don’t pee in the box should be taken to the vet to check for problems.

    Hmmm… could you give them *both* a treat whenever Myron pees in the litterbox, and Mitchell doesn’t pick on him when he does? (Remember that I have *no* cat experience that doesn’t involve much itching, sneezing, blowing, and scratching.)

  15. Ha ha you have a wee post and I had a pee post.

    We had a problem with Gracee the rescue dog. She would pee whenever we left the house. Abondonment issues? We found she did better when confined to the kitchen. I thinke she felt more secure hemmed in like that and it worked. I realize that you can’t do that with cats.

    I’m about to do a quarter jar with Bryant – one for evey light bulb left on. I’ve been threatening to do it for months. It would be so easy for him to turn out the lights – one switch in the family room has eight associated bulbs. I came home one day to 30 light bulbs on, the house was lit up like a Christmas tree. Just wait until he has to pay his own power bill.

  16. Lynn

    Echoing others suggestion to bring him in to make sure it’s nothing physical. Our vet sells something called cat attract, that is suppose to entice kitties to use the litterbox. We had a problem with one of ours that is very particular about how clean the box is. We weren’t able to use it because we use the cedar litter, but since keeping on top of cleaning frequency, she’s done much much better. Some cats don’t do well with others and competition, whatever it is they feel they’re competing for- their humans, food, space, the air they breathe. Cats are so hard to understand sometimes!

    For getting rid of the smell I don’t recommend Natures’ Miracle, it takes forever to work IMO. What I have used with I*N*C*R*E*D*I*B*L*E results is the original amber colored listerine. 3/4 listerine to 1/4 water dilution.

    Good luck!

  17. Cats may pick on and attack another cat that is ill. Could Mitchell be reacting to something going on with Myron?