Want to knit?

Well, look at me, all speechless. Who knew?

I am coming to the end of the knitting on the Town and Country. Even though I stood here on my soapbox and proclaimed that I would set the sweater aside and knit the mittens for my cold hands, I did not do any such thing. I have been unusually single minded about this knitting experience. Again, who knew?

I have been thinking of the crazy people knitters that are doing a sweater a month for a year and how that seems so overwhelming to me. However, 3 or 4 sweaters a year sounds kind of appealing. How ’bout it? Want to join in on a WoKniSwe3(or 4)Mo? (that is World Knitting a Sweater in 3 (or 4) Months, in case you were uncertain. (It should be “World” instead of “National” don’t you think?)

Of course, we could make it IdKnitSwe3(or4)Mo. (Idiots Knitting…….)


Imagine having 3 (or 4) sweaters at by the end of this year? We’d be warm and styling. Also? we’d have some time to knit other things.

Just a thought.




Myron is a cutie

Myron is a cutie

Mitchell is a cutie

Mitchell is a cutie

A final thought:

It was wash day for Buffalo Brownski Everyday Cardigan the other day. I laid it out on my sweater dryer and put it on the table so a cat would not be tempted by it.

Too late..

Too late..

Is a sweater with cat hair on it still considered clean?


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22 responses to “Want to knit?

  1. Jessica

    I worked miracles with the lint roller on the shirt that I specifically laid out for my thesis committee meeting today… and the cat apparently spent all night curled up on. So I vote yes. A sweater with cat hair is definitely clean.

    I am shooting for maybe one sweater this year.. so I think I’m IdKniFO(1+?) (idiot finishing at least one object this year 🙂

  2. A sweater without cat hair isn’t clean. Cute kitties! They’re so funny.

    I’m lucky to knit a sweater a year. It would tempt fate too much.

  3. Annie

    I can’t wait to see Town and Country!

    I could *possibly* attempt to knit 3-4 sweaters a year, but I doubt I would be doing many other things besides those three sweaters. I can’t even begin to imagine 12 sweaters a year!

  4. nat

    I’ll join you! Sounds like fun! When is kick off?

  5. I’m not sure I know what a sweater without cat or ferret hair would be like. So I vote, yes, it is clean.

  6. Patrice

    Can I join if I just started a sweater this month? I have a terrible case of never-finish-anything-for-myself-itis, but I’m doing “Bacardi” from No Sheep for You in the original colors and I love, love, love it. I can definitely see finishing this one, which might even put me on a roll for another … and another … And I’m with Annie – I can’t wait to see your sweater finished. With or without cat hair 🙂

  7. Of course, it’s clean. It’s not like the cats go outside and roll in motor oil or something. Besides, it’s a good sign when a cat wants to sleep on your sweater.

    I love this idea. I’m not joining because I suck, but I do love the idea.


  8. I’d join in knitting 3 or 4 sweaters this year, as long as I can claim a kid sweater or two to my total since I only managed one sweater for myself last year 😛

    A sweater with cat hair is not only clean, but it’s enhanced. It’s got that personal touch that a good garment needs.

  9. Well yes it’s clean, in fact it would be considered indecent to wear said sweater if it did not have cat hair on it. Tsk, tsk. I am so with you on the sweater KAL. Let me know what the plans are.

  10. Your KAL sounds much more sane! Do it!

  11. Susanne

    Now a sweater every 3 or 4 mths I can do!! I am in! I already have 2 started and stalled. give me the kick and yell go!!!

  12. I’ll join you if I can count things without sleeves, and be designated the Official Slacker!

  13. I can handle 3 sweaters a year.

  14. Geri

    3 or 4 sweaters a year sounds great! I’m in as long as I can count a sweater I started last spring. I only have about 4 inches knitted on this cotton pullover. Last year I didn’t knit much for myself so this year is “Me” year!

  15. Does it count if I finish the 4 sweaters in my house that just need sleeves?

    Of course the sweater is clean with cat hair! Would any self respecting cat sleep on a dirty sweater?

  16. Well, if I could finish the three I have in the works, and do another, MAYBE it would work. I am back on the go for now, but I don’t know how long that will last and don’t know what kind of craziness the work future holds, so I don’t think I can be OFFICIAL or anything.

    Are you seaming yet????? Town & Country is going to be heirloom-quality and so worth it!

  17. Warm, styling and broke. That’s a lot of yarn 😉 And I can’t imagine the shopping process – you’ve witnessed my indecision when shopping for yarn. It would take me months to make up my mind.

  18. Just realized I’m leaving comments all over the place with an incorrect link. Don’t you hate when that happens?

  19. I think I could maybe do three sweaters. Despite the fact that it’s been a couple years since I’ve knit a sweater, and it had been a long time before that. But I have two sweaters I REALLY want to make for myself, and one for daughter. Well, dang, there I am. And two of them aren’t hard….And I already have the yarn & patterns for two, need to design the third.

    So count me in (oh, I have a baby sweater or two in mind also!)

  20. Joy

    No project is *ever* complete without some cat and/or dog fur. Our 3 have something that will show on anything 😉

  21. I’d join just for the acronym!

  22. frivolousfluffy

    Cats are always cleanning themselves. Therefore, their hair is clean. So, if their hair is clean, so is your sweater. It makes sense to me.

    I’m on on the sweaters. I’ve got about a dozen planned anyway. Maybe I’ll get a few finished.