Your input is requested

I’m a bit excited to have some takers on sweater knitting. I (as some of you may know) am not a task master. To me? Knitting is knitting. If you have 3 sweaters started (I’m looking at you, Norma) finish them and call it a success. Baby sweaters? Sure. Why not! They ARE sweaters! Vests? (Nora) Knit ’em. They are sweaters with no sleeves.

But the best thing? You will have 3 of something. (I decided to go with 3. Not so overwhelming) (And? I am a dismal failure at MOST of the things I join. Just so you know. But the fun is in the trying)

So, come along with me. 3 sweaters are yet to be.


(I could use a volunteer to start and moderate a Ravelry group after we set the name)

Must go finish that Town and Country. (WHY can I not find ONE STINKING NEEDLE TO SEAM ??)


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20 responses to “Your input is requested

  1. Jean E.

    I wanna join! I have several sweaters on the needles, maybe this will motivate me to finish three of them.

  2. I don’t know what to call it, but I’m in as long as I don’t have to join any groups, be nice to people we hate or knit any actual sweaters.


  3. I’m working on another Everyday Cardigan for me. When that’s done I want to knit a vest for Dale and then Cassidy for Hannah. I guess this means I’m in! (Cuz it doesn’t have to be 3 for me does it?)

  4. Liz

    Since I”m swatching for a shrugh thingy, I’ll join in!

  5. I’m totally in (or at will at least try since I’ve never made a sweater). Moderate a group? Never really done that either, but could try.

  6. Pat

    Oh 3!! That is perfect for me! I have 1 on the needles and could probably get 2 more done… I’m in 🙂

  7. Well since you’re going to be all laid back about this (are you sure you’re not from California?)and there won’t be any guilt trips about not finishing my three then you can count me in.

  8. Well, I have three started (they all need sleeves) so I’m in. You make this so easy!

    PS I’ve got lots of needles–drop by.

  9. I’m counting shawls, too. Shawls are sweaters without seams. Or arms. Or…


  10. I’m in. I have a sweater on the needles for my mother that was supposed to have been an Xmas gift. Still have to finish the body and add sleeves, bands, etc. I also have a few baby/child sweaters that I would like to make this year. If I can get them done, I also have two shawls on the needles. I would also like to knit a vest and/or sweater for me.

    Love the kitty pictures, they are such handsome boys.

  11. I wanna join too! I have 3 sweaters on the needles now – two cardi’s and one Tomato – all in various stages. I can do this! Plus, I have two baby sweaters. And a sweater all swatched for! Woot!

  12. Hey Sandy, I’m in, I’ll create and moderate our Ravelry group if you’d like. Just give me a shout when we are ready to kick this thing off.

  13. I never join *anything*, but this sounds tempting. And doable! And not maniacal, like those 12-in-a-year people who are going to be so much fun to watch as the year counts down…
    I’ll dither on it a while, and get back to you. 8)

  14. I’ve got an Everyday sweater that seems to be in a time warp…I just can’t seem to finish it no matter how much I knit on it. So if I could actually get that done, and the Acer that I want to do and there’s a new grandbaby in the future this year….I think that makes 3. I’ll join! 🙂

  15. Barbara M.

    Sandy, this is a great idea! I was tempted by the sweater a month idead, but since I couldn’t finish even the first one in a month (and I’m retired, not even a working lady!) it doesn’t make sense to set myself up for failure. But this is setting myself up for success! Thank you for figuring out what the rest of us need, and for letting us be part of the fun, too.

    Barbara M.

  16. Barbara M.

    OOPS! That’s “sweater a month idea!” Need to edit more carefully (Just like I need to swatch, right?)

  17. The first name is sounding too much like Taikwondo (or however that is spelled) and/or looks too much like my steno to me. I like the last name. And yes, I’m in. So to speak. I’m going to finish those sweaters — I AM! Work is optional anyway, right? Yeah. Right.

    ARE YOU SEAMING? Stop being so cagey!!! 😀

  18. Geri

    Yeah! Two sweaters on the needles and more planned! I’m in. This is so right in my comfort zone.

  19. Sounds like a plan , especially if I can count the one that’s already knit , seamed but needs a collar and zipper . I like the idea of baby knits and vests too . Have some stash for both of those .

  20. Kelly

    I’m in! I’ve never done a KAL or anything before. I’m so excited!