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mom update, fiber reminder, pee, pictures and a video that will make you laugh: Or your money back.

So here we are on a Wednesday. Feels like Thursday to me. Don’t you hate that?
All of a sudden it is starting to feel like spring is in the air, even though most days are still quite cold. I can’t explain it, cold but feeling spring like. Perhaps it’s the sun or a smell in the air. Or maybe just nature. But I can feel it coming. Most likely it is the frozen mud in my yard. We have been having quite the freeze/melt spells.

Thank you for asking about my Mom. She is actually scheduled to go home today. Boy, do they rush you out of the hospital, don’t they? She has been on solid food for only a day and walking for a day and a half. OUT. Get OUT. Although home will be the best medicine for her right now. She will have pretty intensive home nursing care for a while to teach her how to care for her colostomy bag and make sure the healing is heading in the right direction. My Mom gives me inspiration during these times. She is one tough cookie. Stubborn as all get out and raring to go. No one will keep her in that bed once she gets the go ahead to get up. She has a great positive attitude that I am not sure I would have if that were me. Honestly? That colostomy bag seems quite medieval and horrible to me. But she is feeling such a relief to be done with the suffering that she has been enduring for the last 6 months. That is one diet I will NO try out. Ever. (I hope to bob) (I am still eating my fiber!!) (are you??)

Trying to get Mom to eat or drink something that she doesn’t want to, though? She turns into a whiney pathetic toddler. Just warning you in case you ever have to force my Mom into something. You. Will. Not. Win.

And a cat update? For those keeping track?

Myron went back to the vets Monday. His peeing problem has been getting worse. He peed on the couch over the weekend. And I became obsessed with the pee problem. I agonized and analyzed. This is not the best me, I’ll tell you. I cannot have a pee house complete with pee furniture. I even started to think that perhaps I could not keep him. This upset me too much to even keep thinking about.

So, the vet put him on an anti depressant. I know. It sounds silly, doesn’t it? But he has become  different since we have got him. He used to be silly and carefree. Now he is a pee factory and growls and hisses constantly when he is not hiding under the chair. Mitchell does chase him a bit but the fighting has stopped. Not totally but overall has stopped. I cannot guarantee that Mitchell will not chase him. I can’t even begin to fathom how to stop one cat from chasing another cat. Holy jeebus, should I tie them up on leads??? It gets mindboggling when you think about it. Yes. Anti depressants for kitties. I never thought I’d see the day that I would consent to that. I’d rather that than return him to that shelter. The vet reminded me that we did not know what kind of household they came from. Could even be some kind of post traumatic stress.
I’m having post traumatic stress though. He. PEED. ON. MY. COUCH!!!!! Monday I also rented an upholstrey cleaner/extractor and went to town on the cushion and the pee spots on the carpet. Not what I would choose to do on a Monday evening after a full day of work, but life is like that, isn’t it?

Candles. I light lots of candles.  And I swear to god I can smell it on me when I go to work. Pee smell is stuck in my nose. It is not good, knitters.

We have started to call Myron PeePants. Which is not as cute as Myron, but well…you know.

His cuteness is the only thing that saves him at this point. That and my soft heart.

And? Yes, I’m still knitting the dimorphous mittens. And knitting them. And knitting them again. The outer mitten is making me feel like a beginner knitter, needing training wheels/needles. I hope to make headway with it tonight. Kick that pattern to the curb. Or something like that.

My  name is Myron and my intials are PPI'm playing with a dirty sock. Too bad my mom doesn't buy me any toys! (ha)

A video, Bethany’s favorite as of late! A little girl narrating her version of a kitten book. My favorite is “I’m her Mom” “Noo She’s not!”



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Mittens are on their way to being warm hands
Making my way through Dimorphous mittens. I have loved this process. I need them this morning, it is so cold!
It has occurred to me lately that every time I go away for a weekend or even for the day, Andy takes on a huge cleaning project that is begging to be done! (I am very good lately at ignoring the obvious)…
Where will I go this weekend??


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I ate fiber today, did you?

It’s been a week, that is for sure! I am poopticated. There’s almost too much to talk about.
First off, my Mom had surgery today. She has been going through hell for months with diverticulitis. Today she had a colon resection, removing 8 inches of her diseased and blocked colon and now is sporting a colostomy bag. Luckily, it is only for 6 months while her colon heals. This, knitters, has not been a fun journey. I’m going to tell you something very important now. Listening?

Here it is, the most important thing I will ever say to you now and forever: EAT YOUR FIBER. I’m serious. Drink Metamucil, eat fruits and veggies and for god’s sake, eat WHOLE GRAINS.

My mother has had the worst diet of anyone I have ever known ever. And it came back to bite her.
Other than that? I am knitting some dimorphous mittens (great waiting room knitting) and traveling too much to these visits. In between? Dishrag=me.

But the knitting? Is keeping me sane. (imagine??) (no comments from the peanut gallery)

I wrote a haiku:

A cat in my lap

Biting needles, tugging yarn.

Knitted Together.

On the up side, I wore my sweater again today and I have a warm stone arm and hand massage and a pedicure scheduled tomorrow. I’m feeling a need for pampering. Just doing my part to stimulate the economy!


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Some things with the most important thing at the end. Skip over most of it if you wish, but read the end, k?

Thank you all for your inspiring, wonderful cheers for Town and Country. I have worn it every day. Do you do that? Just wear the begezzus out of a newly finished handknit?

Now? I’m stuck in that uninspired, blasé place that is tough for me to get over. The between projects. I have some things on the needles that I have duly neglected during the sweater knitting frenzy. But I don’t FEEL them right now. In fact, I feel nothing. I can’t find the spark to get me moving to the next project. It’s there. I just have to see it. For now, I’m a it lost, yarnwise. Perhaps I’ll read a bit?

2 more things?

Kitty eating Valentine’s Flowers (not for long, they are up HIGH now)

Salad time!

Salad time!

Kitty playing with yarn:

a blut of motion

a blur of motion

But here is the important thing (which would technically be a third thing but who is keeping track?)

You are invited to join the Knit 3 Wear 3 Ravelry group knitalong, if you are so inclined. Thanks to Tracey for putting in the leg work to get the group up and running! As of right now, the group does not have a button but it soon will.

CLICK ——> Knit 3 Wear 3


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Town and Country, done and worn

Happiness is....a finished sweater!

Happiness is....a finished sweater!

Is there anything better than finishing a sweater and wearing it all day on a cold, blustery, bitterly cold day?

I think not.



My only complaint? The sleeve grew quite a bit during the washing/blocking. Now instead of fitting snugly at the wrist and being the perfect length, they are almost covering my fingers and about 2 inches too loose. But the yarn is so lovely to wear. Soft. This is my first soft sweater! I love it. Love.

folded arm shot

folded arm shot

Have I mentioned how much I love this sweater? I’d hate to be ambiguous.

sometimes, you find the perfect button

sometimes, you find the perfect button

me!!!! Wearing a pretty great sweater, if I do say so myself....

me!!!! Wearing a pretty great sweater, if I do say so myself....

All Raveled Up.

Just the facts:

Pattern: Town and Country from the book A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd

Yarn: Foxfire cormo, silk, alpaca in natural colorway

Buttons: leather knot buttons bought at a local icky craft store

Needle size: US5 and US7

Wearability: Off the charts!


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almost a tragedy

gnome in the snow but not a dead body, thank goodnessYesterday morning, I saw this sitting on the edge of the melting snow  (not much melting though but we will take a little melting even if it’s a fluke). It is my gnome in a boot planter that I had on the porch steps last summer that did not get brought in before the snow flew. It has been stuck, unbeknownst to me, under a snow pile. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t take very good care of my toys.

But? When I came outside yesterday at dawn to start the car? It did not yet look like that. It looked like this:



Which, to my morning brain, looked like a BOOT IN THE SNOW! Which technically it is. But I did not grasp that the owner of the boot was a gmome at 6 something in the morning. I thought it was some poor person who had fallen in the snow and has been there for the duration!!

A PERSON IN THE SNOW! I had about a minute and a half of panic. What would I do? Call 911? Who is it? I hope it’s not anyone I know! GOD! There is a PERSON FROZEN IN MY YARD!

My heart was thumping hard as I stood in the cold waiting for the truth to dawn on me. And it did, dawn on me of course.

Oh, right, my gnome planter. Phew!

And then I thought, what would have happened if I HAD called 911? Imagine? All the rescue squads showing up, me, the traumatized bystander wrapped in a foil blanket holding a trauma teddy bear, my husband sleeping through the whole thing upstairs no doubt. The rescuers? Digging in that snow, expecting the worst, would find a GNOME PLANTER.

Should we pronounce Mr. Gnome dead? Or bring him to the hospital?

Poor guy, never had a chance.


This is progress people! Kitties! Sleeping together! No fighting! No hissing! No clawing! Ahhh, the sweet sound of sleeping kitties!

This is progress people! Kitties! Sleeping together! No fighting! No hissing! No clawing! Ahhh, the sweet sound of sleeping kitties!

This makes me VERY happy that we can have a happy, non violent, pee free future.
I believe.

Yes, we Can.


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P.S. I had a better day today

It has to be said and I will be the one to say it: John Cusack is a great actor. I respect his work and the way that he leads a respectful life, so unHollywood-like.  And how much do I love that I get to see the uber talented Joan Cusack in many of the same movies. You have to respect siblings that look out for each other so deeply~ This weekend I happened to watch 2 of his movies. Grace is Gone, so well acted and heartwrenching and my favorite so far, The Martian Child. You must see this movie. ( Li, you would love it!) (Li and I have similar taste in movies)


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