Just one crappy day, beginning to end.

When I have a lot swirling around my brain, I do best in a list. So, a list:

~I have knit the collar on the Town and Country Sweater. I was half way through the neck cast off when I (luckily) ran out of yarn. So, I did what anyone would do. I tried it on. Good thing I did too. The neck was horrible. Gappy and baggy, just horrible. I now am going to rip the neck out and pick up the stitches again. For some reason, I picked up 1 for 1. This, I know now, is not the way to do it. Not for this sweater anyway. Norma enlightened me and told me to pick up 3 stitches for every 4. What Norma says, Sandy does. That is what I planned to do tonight but will do tomorrow.

~I had a grouchy day. I was mad at practically everyone, for good reason too.  Few got by without my wrath.

~No knitting on a Saturday apparently makes a miserable me. This is what we could perhaps deduce.

~However, while I was NOT knitting, I was cleaning my kitchen. It had finally gotten to an embarrassing state. I always use the visitor test as my guide. You know,”If someone walked in right now, would I be mortified?”  Yes? Time to clean.

~I hate to clean but I love things to be clean. A conundrum indeed.

~I have been planning the perfect 50th birthday party for Andy. Unfortunately, I left my info paper near the phone and nosy read it. He has stated that he wants no party. (it wasn’t a party per se, it was a limo bringing 10 of us to a great bowling alley in Boston and having a bowling party). See the second “thing”.

~I have put deposits down on limo and party. He Will be going bowling.  Again, see number 2 above.

~Or I will be going bowling with friends. Either way.

~I made a wonderful chili for dinner, with lots of veggies!

~My mom is in the hospital with a horrible colon abscess from her diverticulitis

~Please, eat your fiber, people. Drink your metamucil. Don’t make me beg.

~Myron likes to surprise us with his pee. He leaves it in lovely places. Always a surprise. This is bothering me to no end

~I am living in a pee house.

~I will most likely smell like a smelly old pee stained cat lady soon. And I will stop being invited to all the knit gatherings. Cripes

~Hold on while I spritz a bit of my favorite perfume on me (Amazing Grace) just so I can smell something nice while I am afraid of the SCL thing (smell cat lady)

~There. That’s better

~Geez, I haven’t blogged much

~Or read blogs. What the heck is MY problem?

~I am watching Jurassic Park right now. I love the music in that movie

~My brain just went blank so I guess that’s all for now….

What about you? What’s your list?



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12 responses to “Just one crappy day, beginning to end.

  1. Oh Sandy, we’re living much the same life. Must be the age. I laughed when I read the part about Amazing Grace. That’s Gracee, the amazing pee dog’s real name. I have every enzyme cleaner known to humans and I keep threatening to tear out the carpet. especially when the warm eather comes and it starts to smell again. I can live with subflooring, if necessary, but no new carpet until, God forbid, Gracee goes.

    Going to east my prunes and fibre now.

  2. That’s weather, not eather.

  3. Yikes! I hate when surprises get ruined like that. I hope your mother’s abscess clears up without too many complications. I think I’m a little OCD when it comes to cleaning… I hate it, but I hate disorganization and dirt more. Happy Sunday Sandy.

  4. I was grouchy yesterday, too. I even made Dale go sleep on the couch last night because he was snoring. Let’s hope today is a better day for both of us!

  5. My list starts with Why doesn’t Sandy blog more? Even if your a SCL we can’t smell it on the blog. Tell him to act surprised and to have fun or he won’t make it to his 51st birthday. The party is for you anyway.

  6. Ha! What Margene said. Plus, I am so with you on the pee thing, except mine is dog and there’s sometimes poop, too — though, thankfully, not either one of them so much lately. I hate that!! I hope your Sunday is better.

  7. I think it’s the weather. Or the moon. Or February. Or something. I made my son cry last night because I wouldn’t get out of bed to look up a bathtub commercial he liked on Youtube. And I still don’t really feel that bad about it. (I found it for him this morning. It is a funny commercial. Though now I’m cranky that I can’t afford that bathtub.)

  8. Sandy, you deserve a much better day today. I hope that you get it.

  9. Full moon tomorrow. Hang in there, honey!

    Go without Andy. That’ll show him. And no ice cream cake for Mr. NoseyPants, either!

    Have you thought of limiting how much of the house the cats have access to? That would certainly cut down on the surprises.

    I’m glad you’re blogging. I’ve missed you. ♥

  10. Sweetie, I hope today was better. XO

  11. Doris

    I just turned 50 in January. I really thought I’d hate a surprise party, but myhusband planned one in spite of our no surprise party pact. He had my parents there (we live in Maryland, they live in Florida) and my sister and niece from Denver. I never guessed. And, at a time where I was feeling a bit sorry for myself for several reasons (not the least of which was turning 50) four of my friends put together a whole thing about “50 things that make Doris special” complete with thoughtful little gifts for many of them (like a Burger King crown that one friend’s husband converted with her scrapbooking supplies to make a crown for “The Sock Queen”). I have never felt so loved and appreciated. So I say, go for the party. Tell Andy to suck it up and enjoy it because it’s not only about him, sometimes it’s about the people who love you as well.

  12. Aaaarrrgh to naughty cats and nosy husbands. Hope things have improved since you posted.