Town and Country, done and worn

Happiness is....a finished sweater!

Happiness is....a finished sweater!

Is there anything better than finishing a sweater and wearing it all day on a cold, blustery, bitterly cold day?

I think not.



My only complaint? The sleeve grew quite a bit during the washing/blocking. Now instead of fitting snugly at the wrist and being the perfect length, they are almost covering my fingers and about 2 inches too loose. But the yarn is so lovely to wear. Soft. This is my first soft sweater! I love it. Love.

folded arm shot

folded arm shot

Have I mentioned how much I love this sweater? I’d hate to be ambiguous.

sometimes, you find the perfect button

sometimes, you find the perfect button

me!!!! Wearing a pretty great sweater, if I do say so myself....

me!!!! Wearing a pretty great sweater, if I do say so myself....

All Raveled Up.

Just the facts:

Pattern: Town and Country from the book A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd

Yarn: Foxfire cormo, silk, alpaca in natural colorway

Buttons: leather knot buttons bought at a local icky craft store

Needle size: US5 and US7

Wearability: Off the charts!



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30 responses to “Town and Country, done and worn

  1. Love!

    Well done, my Sandy!

  2. Oh MY….that is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! So much detail and so well done!!! I just don’t think I could E.V.E.R. knit anything like this!!


  3. I love it! Lovelovelove it!!! I want to knit almost everything in that book, too.

  4. Beautiful! And the sweater is pretty great too. And now it doesn’t matter that you didn’t make mittens!

  5. travelita

    I’m in awe.

  6. Charlotte

    Great job! That is an amazing sweater!

  7. Sandy, you did an absolutely beautiful job! Wow!

  8. beeautimous sweater, Sandy! It is lovely. It is in the 60s and 70s here, so I have lost sweater momentum

  9. liz

    Great sweater Sandy!

  10. Fan-freakin-tastic! It looks so smooshy…I want to knead it like a cat. And those buttons are perfect!

  11. Sue

    Beautiful sweater!

  12. Terrific sweater! Looks like you’ll be getting lots and lots of enjoyment out of it. Hey, Process and Product both!

  13. Oh it’s stunning!!! Well done! I may have to splurge on some of that yarn at Rhinebeck next year.

  14. It looks fabulous! You look fabulous and so warm! That yarn is just to live for, don’t you think? XOXO

  15. It’s fantastic, Sandy! Wear it well.

  16. Absolutely beautiful.

  17. Woohoo, Sandy! That looks terrific!!

  18. Betsy

    I had that same feeling when I finished the Celtic Cardigan…and I actually still get a thrill every time I put it on (years later)…may this sweater give you that same little jazz every time you wear it! It’s just smashing…you did a wonderful job…

  19. Beebs

    It’s gorgeous! Beautiful job!

  20. stunning sweater and looks wonderful on you!

  21. Adelaide

    Perfection. It looks fantastic.

  22. Pat

    Your sweater is GORGEOUS! The cables are so beautiful in “natural” and yes – perfect buttons too!

  23. So pretty! The knitting is perfect – it is a classic and you did a beautiful job!

  24. Mary in Boston

    That sweater is gorgeous! Congrats!

  25. Absolutely beautiful.

  26. Sandy, great job. I do the same thing: wear a new handknit exclusively for days on end. Hey, its what is on your mind!

  27. Lovely! (I’m back to catching up… there were a few posts between MLK day and now that I was going to comment on, but the comments were closed. Sorry!)

  28. SAN!!!! It’s so WONDERFUL! Brava brava brava for sticking with it and finishing this wonderful masterpiece. We are now glad that winer is still here so you can wear it…..right? XOXO