Some things with the most important thing at the end. Skip over most of it if you wish, but read the end, k?

Thank you all for your inspiring, wonderful cheers for Town and Country. I have worn it every day. Do you do that? Just wear the begezzus out of a newly finished handknit?

Now? I’m stuck in that uninspired, blasé place that is tough for me to get over. The between projects. I have some things on the needles that I have duly neglected during the sweater knitting frenzy. But I don’t FEEL them right now. In fact, I feel nothing. I can’t find the spark to get me moving to the next project. It’s there. I just have to see it. For now, I’m a it lost, yarnwise. Perhaps I’ll read a bit?

2 more things?

Kitty eating Valentine’s Flowers (not for long, they are up HIGH now)

Salad time!

Salad time!

Kitty playing with yarn:

a blut of motion

a blur of motion

But here is the important thing (which would technically be a third thing but who is keeping track?)

You are invited to join the Knit 3 Wear 3 Ravelry group knitalong, if you are so inclined. Thanks to Tracey for putting in the leg work to get the group up and running! As of right now, the group does not have a button but it soon will.

CLICK ——> Knit 3 Wear 3



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11 responses to “Some things with the most important thing at the end. Skip over most of it if you wish, but read the end, k?

  1. Between projects is the perfect time to go stash diving. Give the old stash a good toss, see what yarn grabs your attention, and then figure out what it wants to be.

    But reading is good too.

  2. I.will.not.join. 😀 The kitties are looking completely adorable. Are they still getting along? Did your other problem clear up? Happy Sunday!

  3. The same feeling comes over me after a great project is finished. It took me almost a week to find the next “right” sweater and I need to knit 10 more!! 3 for 3 sounds much calmer and more fun. OXOXO

  4. I always feel that way. Want the house socks I’m currently working on? It’s not like I really need another pair of socks, ya know. They should be done tomorrow. Then I’m back to wondering what to knit.

    How are things going in the pee department?

  5. Great idea Sandy! I’m trying to get back to some sweaters now.

  6. Barbara M.

    I’m in, Sandy! And yes, I’ve been wearing the bright red Wonderful Wallaby I finished last week every day! The truth is, I haven’t even blocked it yet…. can’t bear to wait for it to dry!

  7. That’s why I don’t have flowers … Morgan would eat ’em!

    Happy blogoversary!

  8. OK, I joined. Probably all of mine will be baby sweaters. Maybe even doll sweaters. Or maybe I will finally design that sweater that’s been lurking in the back of my mind for, oh, ten years now… or maybe not.

    Kitteeez iz kyewt.

  9. Nat

    Hi Sandy! I’ve joined – what a great idea! I am looking forward to seeing what we are able to do in this time! take care of you and your beautiful family, hugs,

  10. Nat

    So, I love my bug that came up with my comment! WIll I get this bug everytime I post, or will I get a different one? Sorry, I have to send you another comment just to find out!