I ate fiber today, did you?

It’s been a week, that is for sure! I am poopticated. There’s almost too much to talk about.
First off, my Mom had surgery today. She has been going through hell for months with diverticulitis. Today she had a colon resection, removing 8 inches of her diseased and blocked colon and now is sporting a colostomy bag. Luckily, it is only for 6 months while her colon heals. This, knitters, has not been a fun journey. I’m going to tell you something very important now. Listening?

Here it is, the most important thing I will ever say to you now and forever: EAT YOUR FIBER. I’m serious. Drink Metamucil, eat fruits and veggies and for god’s sake, eat WHOLE GRAINS.

My mother has had the worst diet of anyone I have ever known ever. And it came back to bite her.
Other than that? I am knitting some dimorphous mittens (great waiting room knitting) and traveling too much to these visits. In between? Dishrag=me.

But the knitting? Is keeping me sane. (imagine??) (no comments from the peanut gallery)

I wrote a haiku:

A cat in my lap

Biting needles, tugging yarn.

Knitted Together.

On the up side, I wore my sweater again today and I have a warm stone arm and hand massage and a pedicure scheduled tomorrow. I’m feeling a need for pampering. Just doing my part to stimulate the economy!



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16 responses to “I ate fiber today, did you?

  1. Oh, Sandy, I’m sorry your mom had to have surgery. I hope the healing goes well and she learns to love the multi-grains.

    Will there be photos of mittens at some point? ;^)


  2. Barbara M.

    Just ate my apple! Thanks for reminding all of us to keep the fiber going in…. I love all the fibery puns that could be made by someone who is cleverer than I. And take care of yourself, Sandy…. we’ll all be thinking of you and your mother.

  3. Salad and spinach
    blueberries apples and prunes
    peristaltic love.

  4. Oatmeal in the mornings, just plain rolled oats from the bulk bin. One-half cup oatmeal, 1 cup water, dash salt, simmer 10 minutes. Add some honey, slivered almonds, some fruit (lately I’ve been doing dried cranberries, tried frozen blueberries this AM). Eat.

    Its cheap, keeps me pretty full until lunch and is the ultimate whole grain.

    My very best get-well wishes to your mom. Pamper away!

  5. Sara

    I just told my mother I’m feeding her more fiber whether she likes it or not. I had no idea what diverticulitis actually was until now. Gah.

    Get-well wishes to your mom and wishing much soothing knitting and many kitty snuggles for you.

  6. Hope mom gets well soon. My mother had diverticulitis – probably a product of eating Wonderbread and cooked-to-death vegetables. After she was diagnosed she had to stop eating the very things that might have prevented the problem and certainly would have supported general good health going forward. Sigh.

    Yep, oatmeal, beans and more beans, and Trader Joe’s Fiber O’s (a veritable treasure trove of fiber!)

    Take care, Sandy. xo

  7. Best part is that you are remembering to pamper yourself a little. We can’t keep running on an empty tank! Hope your mom recovers soon!

  8. Get well wishes to you mom! “It’s been a week” seems to be the week-in-review theme this week — and I’ll add my voice (maybe… because, you know, it’s been a week). So glad you’re taking care of yourself — that massage sounds wonderful.

  9. Coincidentally, yesterday I wrote my weekly kids column for the newspaper on the topic of fiber. Remember you need both soluble and insoluble fiber sources in your diet. It’s never too early to get started. it also helps regulate your blood sugar.

    Good thoughts to your mom.

  10. meezermeowmy

    DH finally had his colon resection in August, and has been grateful to be better. I think it snuck up on him, and he was in denial on how far from normal he was. Best wishes to your Mom for her recovery.

  11. Best wishes to your mom, Sandy, and thank you for the reminder. I’ve been increasing my whole grain and fruit consumption this year.

  12. Betsy

    Sandy-Let’s get down to the practical…Alison Hyde had just gone through this…see about the last month’s entries on
    She had an ugly incident caused by less than adequate post surgery information from the hospital…and one of her commenters gave this site http://ucvlog.com/category/living-with-an-ileostomy/ as a terrific resource…
    Here’s hoping for a smooth recovery for your mom…remember to take care of the caregiver too!

  13. Lesley

    Thank you for the PSA – I’m a nurse, and I drive people crazy about poop!! Hoping for a speedy recovery for your mom 🙂

  14. Geri

    Best wishes to your mom. Take care of yourself too. You’ve had quite a year. Oatmeal in the morning,apples, blueberries; love that fiber!

  15. Doris

    Best wishes to your mom. And good for you for making sure to pamper yourself. I have been a care-giver in the past, and you really have to remember to take care of yourself too.

  16. I’ve been doing that for many many years but for heart health reasons. Eating well is good for the entire body! Best wishes to your mom and you.