Mittens are on their way to being warm hands
Making my way through Dimorphous mittens. I have loved this process. I need them this morning, it is so cold!
It has occurred to me lately that every time I go away for a weekend or even for the day, Andy takes on a huge cleaning project that is begging to be done! (I am very good lately at ignoring the obvious)…
Where will I go this weekend??



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7 responses to “Mittens are on their way to being warm hands

  1. Betsy

    But how’s your mother?

  2. You really should go see Norma. She’ll be behind because she’s been away, but she won’t be able to say no and you and she can have a blast and knit!

  3. Beautiful mittens. I love that color. You could grab a knitter or two and head on down here. They’re calling for 76 today and 79 tomorrow. You could knit and spin while looking at a beautiful lake. πŸ˜€ (I’ll need to get more wheels so I can host more people)

  4. Wisconsin. We have cheese!

  5. Margene’s got an IDEA! Yes, c’mon up! Bring chowdah and my door is always open!

    You will LOVE your Dimorphous mittens (I did not know you were making them!) and I AM DROOLING at the color!!!! Love it!!!!!

  6. HMM…. will you be knitting these at SPA??

  7. Imagine how much he’d get done if you came to Vancouver?

    I’m a mitten virgin, but you’re tempting me.