mom update, fiber reminder, pee, pictures and a video that will make you laugh: Or your money back.

So here we are on a Wednesday. Feels like Thursday to me. Don’t you hate that?
All of a sudden it is starting to feel like spring is in the air, even though most days are still quite cold. I can’t explain it, cold but feeling spring like. Perhaps it’s the sun or a smell in the air. Or maybe just nature. But I can feel it coming. Most likely it is the frozen mud in my yard. We have been having quite the freeze/melt spells.

Thank you for asking about my Mom. She is actually scheduled to go home today. Boy, do they rush you out of the hospital, don’t they? She has been on solid food for only a day and walking for a day and a half. OUT. Get OUT. Although home will be the best medicine for her right now. She will have pretty intensive home nursing care for a while to teach her how to care for her colostomy bag and make sure the healing is heading in the right direction. My Mom gives me inspiration during these times. She is one tough cookie. Stubborn as all get out and raring to go. No one will keep her in that bed once she gets the go ahead to get up. She has a great positive attitude that I am not sure I would have if that were me. Honestly? That colostomy bag seems quite medieval and horrible to me. But she is feeling such a relief to be done with the suffering that she has been enduring for the last 6 months. That is one diet I will NO try out. Ever. (I hope to bob) (I am still eating my fiber!!) (are you??)

Trying to get Mom to eat or drink something that she doesn’t want to, though? She turns into a whiney pathetic toddler. Just warning you in case you ever have to force my Mom into something. You. Will. Not. Win.

And a cat update? For those keeping track?

Myron went back to the vets Monday. His peeing problem has been getting worse. He peed on the couch over the weekend. And I became obsessed with the pee problem. I agonized and analyzed. This is not the best me, I’ll tell you. I cannot have a pee house complete with pee furniture. I even started to think that perhaps I could not keep him. This upset me too much to even keep thinking about.

So, the vet put him on an anti depressant. I know. It sounds silly, doesn’t it? But he has become  different since we have got him. He used to be silly and carefree. Now he is a pee factory and growls and hisses constantly when he is not hiding under the chair. Mitchell does chase him a bit but the fighting has stopped. Not totally but overall has stopped. I cannot guarantee that Mitchell will not chase him. I can’t even begin to fathom how to stop one cat from chasing another cat. Holy jeebus, should I tie them up on leads??? It gets mindboggling when you think about it. Yes. Anti depressants for kitties. I never thought I’d see the day that I would consent to that. I’d rather that than return him to that shelter. The vet reminded me that we did not know what kind of household they came from. Could even be some kind of post traumatic stress.
I’m having post traumatic stress though. He. PEED. ON. MY. COUCH!!!!! Monday I also rented an upholstrey cleaner/extractor and went to town on the cushion and the pee spots on the carpet. Not what I would choose to do on a Monday evening after a full day of work, but life is like that, isn’t it?

Candles. I light lots of candles.  And I swear to god I can smell it on me when I go to work. Pee smell is stuck in my nose. It is not good, knitters.

We have started to call Myron PeePants. Which is not as cute as Myron, but well…you know.

His cuteness is the only thing that saves him at this point. That and my soft heart.

And? Yes, I’m still knitting the dimorphous mittens. And knitting them. And knitting them again. The outer mitten is making me feel like a beginner knitter, needing training wheels/needles. I hope to make headway with it tonight. Kick that pattern to the curb. Or something like that.

My  name is Myron and my intials are PPI'm playing with a dirty sock. Too bad my mom doesn't buy me any toys! (ha)

A video, Bethany’s favorite as of late! A little girl narrating her version of a kitten book. My favorite is “I’m her Mom” “Noo She’s not!”



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14 responses to “mom update, fiber reminder, pee, pictures and a video that will make you laugh: Or your money back.

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Mr. PeePants. If it helps, my cat is on antidepressants because she gets stressed about everything it seems and starts licking her fur off. But hey it’s good news that your mom is doing well enough to come home.

  2. bonny

    I have a friend whose cat had the exact same Rx for peeing, and it did help. She used to joke that she would count out the antidepressants, 1 for the cat, 2 for her. Good wishes for you & all of the bodily functions of those nearest & dearest to you!

  3. One of my cats was on Prozac for a pee problem. We also tried her on Ellavil for it. The Prozac was very effective and pretty well stopped the problem. I hear what your saying about going to that degree but in the end, it was very much worth it. A simple solution to a big problem. Maggie was eventually able to come off the Prozac, rarely having an “accident” anymore. Good luck with it!

  4. Cat pee issues are the WORST. I hope this fixes it.

  5. I’ll keep sending positive thoughts to your Mom! Have you tried Feliway? I’ve heard good things about it keeping the animals calm. You can find it on the Drs. Foster and Smith website. I know some people who use it for their stressed kitties and it helps. Kind of like catnip in the wind.

  6. Oh, god. The feliway is for Mr. Peepants, not your Mom! It’s been a long day here in my world. Oops.

  7. The hospital is full of germs looking to hitch a ride on people. She’s better off at home, so I’m told.

    Ms. Gracee had terrible pee problems. Turns out that she’s fine when we’re home and near her, but if we go out she has to be confined to the kitchen, where she’s generally pretty good. If we leave her to roam, she pees almost immediately. Fright? Loneliness? Anger? All a product of her abusive puppyhood, I think.

  8. Mason sends love and hugs to Myron.

  9. Poor Myron, what he must be going through. Poor Sandy, we know what she’s going though.
    Sandy, I had the same surgery as your mother and let me tell you it takes a long time before she’ll want to eat again and she should be careful what she eats. They kept me in the hospital for 10 days but I had a bad reaction to something so it was longer than normal. It was good to get home where I felt I could heal. My best to your mom! May she heal quickly.

  10. Oh, dear. I hope the problem improves soon!

    Glad mom is out of the hospital – it’s no place for sick people!


  11. Kate/Massachusetts

    Sandy, there is a commercial neutralizer that you can buy for urine. It is an enzyme that neutralizes and eliminates the odor. When we moved from one house to the next, our cat peed on the car’s upholstery. You want to talk odor??? woof. Anyhow, my husband was given some of this product, we poured it on the upholstery and never had odor again. If you have a janitorial supply store in your area, you can call them and get a bottle. Also, a lot of vets will sell the professional stuff. I can’t speak for the enzyme neutralizer that you get at Petco.

    Glad your Mom is doing okay. She is much better going home with VNA services. Hospitals are dirty, dangerous places. Many patients leave with more than they went in with. This I know from firsthand experience.

  12. Glad your Mom is on the mend. Home is the best medicine!
    My Mom is having surgery this week, and I’m 2000 miles away. I’m happy my brother lives next door to her, and can be there for her.
    Good luck with the pee.

  13. Good luck with Myron’s new drugs (Does he look like the kitten in the book that ‘has to go potty’?) And best wishes to your mother. I truly believe people are better at home whenever possible. Recovery is much quicker in familiar surroundings. xx

  14. You are a better man than I. if it were me. I’m not proud. I can be heartless and cruel; I admit it. And if Mr. Jefferies comes to live with me (which might happen), he will be confined to the kitchen until he can be trusted, which, being a Yorkie, he may never.