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Sandy does Random on a Monday!

1. I have placed the baby sweater into time out. I did not want to do it but the sweater forced it’s hand. For the SECOND time, I followed the metric measurements instead of the inches and wound up with a sweater front twice as long as it should have been. Two. Times. I have done that. So it sits.

2. The trees, they have small buds on them. Woot.

3. I am itching to start another sweater (for me) but I’m a bit stuck on the pattern. I really love acer but I’m thinking it will make me look rather football playerish. (in the shoulder area) (My natural shape is round so do I really want that kind of design?) (but? I love it so!)  I have some wonderful black water abbey yarn colorway Wine.

4. I am still Diet Coke free. I am taking a bow and accepting accolades and encouragements. I will not put that crap into my body again. I had a weak moment on Friday night thinking about a Saturday morning without my wonderful DC. I started to think that I could drink one and no one would ever know. But *I* would. I’d only be cheating myself. I have kicked that can. And I’m glad. I haven’t gotten out of the woods yet but I am pretty stubborn when I want to be and I will not drink it.
5. My apologies to the Diet Coke division for your lagging sales in this upcoming quarter. I’ve done my part over the years for you but this is the end of the road.

6. I have talked so much about bowel movements with my Mom that I am starting to believe that it is commonplace to have these kind of conversations in every day life. It does not even phase me anymore. I can just imagine my next knitting get together:

Me: Hey! How are you?

Knitter: Great! You?
(we hug)

Me: I love your sweater! It looks even better in person!

Knitter: Thanks! Yours too! I always did think you were a knitting god! (Okay, this is my fantasy, let’s just go with it, okay?)

Me:How’s the kids?

Knitter: Great! Getting big!

Me: the husband?

Knitter: Oh, you know him! Kind of a pain but wonderful!

Me: And your bowel movements? How many a day??

Knitter: Fairly regular

Me: Not too soft or hard, are they?

I bet  you can’t wait to bump into me at the next knitting shindig, hmmm?



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no killing of people, cats or plants was involved

Pssst. I’m afraid to go in my fridge. There is a half drank (drunk? Drinked??  Drunken????…..) a half full bottle of diet coke in there. I refuse to drink it. I’m pretty determined this time. I’ve had a couple of cups of tea, a cup of yerba mate and plenty of water. I may even have a glass of milk with dinner.

Not bad for day one! I’d like to go on record that I did not kill one person. Not even if they deserved it! But? Honestly, it was an easy day one. Because it’s not the caffeine that I am kicking. It’s the horrible chemicals and life sucking cola.

Yes, a good day indeed.

How about you? Did you do what you wanted? Tomorrow is another day, you know. You get another chance. Do it. Whatever it is. Do. It.


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Kicking it

The fear has crept into my mind. About health, future and present. My Mom has been so sick lately (she is once again in the hospital with a possible intestinal infection. I have pleaded with her to see a specialist but she will have none of it. I am quite afraid of where this will lead her….) that it has me thinking of my long term health. As you know, I’ve been nagging you to eat your fiber. (You ARE, aren’t you??) For me, it now has to go further.

I have joined along with Kim and Kathy in their Spring into Summer! a 12 week self improvement time. I will rely on the old tried and true plan.

Less. More. More. More.

eat LESS. move MORE. MORE fiber. MORE fruits and vegetables.

That is my plan. And Diet Coke? Out the door. Kicked to the curb. I can’t stand the thought of putting all of that into my body any longer.
It’s not ME, Diet Coke, it’s YOU.

But a girl sometimes has to have her bubbles. So, I’m all set to go:

Their juicy, sproingy tartness is awaiting me..

Their juicy, sproingy tartness is awaiting me..

and in the fridge?

Bubbles await me

Bubbles await me

I like to drink some bubbles every now and then, what can I say?


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Honk if you agree!

I am currently reading Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo  and loving it. It is light, quick reading and yet thought provoking at the same time. One of those conundrums in life I love so much. One line stopped me in my tracks. I have shared it with a lot of people so far and now I share it with you.

pg. 42, Breakfast with Buddha:

“When you are a crank, you put yourself on top of the list of people you make miserable. “

I need to make this into a sampler, stitch it on a pillow for the beds, paint it on a slate to hang on the front door, calligraphy it to put over my desk at work, post it on co worker’s desks and have it printed on business cards to hand out when needed in every day life.

It’s so true, isn’t it?


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♥ on my toes

SLIPPERS!About 2 or 3 years ago (and whenever I say that it most likely means 4 or 5 years ago) my sister in law, Cheryl knit and felted a pair of slippers for me. I have worn them literally every day since, wearing holes in the bottoms. Even holey, I wore them every day. They still kept my toes warm after all.

She kindly knit me more as seen above, pre felting. Yes, I could have knit myself some I suppose. But it is way more fun to have someone else knit you something beloved every now and then, right?

And now?

warm toes, warm heart

warm toes, warm heart

I love them. Love. Lovelovelove. (if you look closely, you can see little white dots on the slippers. Months ago, one of those squishy type of pillows with the baskillion of white beads inside burst in the washer. I cleaned out the machine, washed and washed again and thought that finally all of the beads were gone. Until I felted the slippers. They are baaaack. Damned things will haunt me until the day the washer dies.) (doesn’t make the slippers any less loved, it just is what it is)

Thank you, Cheryl! (pink sweater in the previous post group picture!) ♥ ♥


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Andy is almost 50 years old. But we celebrated anyway! AND? Knit 3 Wear 3 news!

Wednesday is Andy’s 50th birthday and we could not let this family milestone go without a bit of a celebration! (We’re gonna celebrate and have a good time…) If I do say so myself, I think I planned a good one this time.  (it’s time to come together, it’s up to you….what’s your pleasure….)

I hired a limo

lincoln navigator suv limo and limo driver, joeComplete with a wonderful limo driver, Joe.

We crammed all of our favorite people in the world (okay, not ALL) into the limo, drank champagne and beer on the way into Boston with the final destination of  the King’s Alley. Bowling, big balls. (yes, I said big balls. Deal) A bowling birthday party!!!!

(everyone around the world, COME ON!!)

the party arrives at King's alley!

From L to R: Mike, Andy the birthday “boy” in his new bowling shirt, Derek, SIL Cheryl in pink (who you should remember for tomorrow’s post), nephew Dan (hooded sweatshirt), MIL (blue outfit), Mark (also in a bowling shirt), ME (white shirt in front), best friend Gail (a floating head) and Faith. The gang.

We bowled, we ate the best food I’ve had in a long time (Seriously, Boston area people, go there) had a couple of drinks, a lot of laughs, played some pool and took the limo through Boston on a bit of a scenic ride and back to our house.

The bowling?

some of the bowling scoresI would like to call your attention to the S score, which is me. First 3 frames?? GOOSE EGG. I was warming up. Someone suggested that I might need bumper bowling. I refused. The “D” on the top? Derek’s score. He’s a natural bowler. My 2nd string score was 94 so I can hold my head up, I think!

You might want to join in on the Britney-oke night? I mean, who wouldn’t???
Poster seen in the bathroom:

poster in the bathroom stall, I thought I might get arrested for taking pictures in the bathroom! PERV!

poster in the bathroom stall, I thought I might get arrested for taking pictures in the bathroom! PERV!

Can’t get enough of the party pictures??  Go on over to my Flickr folder for more!

my bowling shoes!

(YAHOO! It’s a celebration! YAHHOOO!)


We have a banner!!!

We have a banner!!!

The Knit 3 Wear 3 Ravelry sweater group has a new banner!!  Want to snitch one for your blog?

knit3wear3badgeDon’t be silly, of course you do. Snitch away. But save it to your own server. Don’t make me come over there.


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A word from Mitchell

Has my mom been telling horror stories about me? Chasing Myron? Pfft. Not me! Look at how sweet I am!

Has my mom been telling horror stories about me? Chasing Myron? Pfft. Not me! Look at how sweet I am!

You believe me, right?

You believe me, right?

I’m glad I got the chance to straighten this out with us this morning. Let’s not mention this to my mom, k?


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