And so I knit..

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino baby!

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino baby!

A baby sweater needed to be knit. Who am I to resist? The baby is a girl, the first grandchild of my cousin Fred and his wife. I used to babysit Fred when he was a baby. See if that doesn’t make me feel old! Ha! I spent about an agonized hour in the LYS looking for baby inspiration. The regular “girly” pinks were doing nothing for me. In the end, I came back to my old baby standby. Baby Cashmerino. I am really loving how the colors work together. Do they work for you? I mean, if you were the baby, wouldn’ t you just be LIVING to wear that color combo?

Unfortunately the reason that I am knitting this baby something (besides just having an excuse, if you know what I mean) is that her grandmother just passed away. My Aunt Yvette died last week of Congestive Heart Failure having never seen her first grandchild. Oh, MY heart. Yvette was my favorite of all the aunts. She was from Montreal, Canada with French being her native language and she sported a wonderful accent while speaking English. She wrote poetry in French, she always made me feel special. One story, if you don’t mind indulging me.

When I started my period, age 13 (I bet you wouldn’t have agreed to indulge me had you known it would start with that line, eh??) my Aunt Yvette invited me to go to the drive in with her to see the Sound of Music. We spent a wonderful night eating popcorn and watching the movie. This was my first viewing of many for Sound of Music. I love it to this day. At the end of the movie, she looked at me and told me that my Mom had told her that I started my period, at which I then folded my arms and slunk down into the seat wearing a sullen look, I am SURE because I was mortified that my mother had TOLD. That Aunt Yvette KNEW!!!! Gasp. How embarassing! She then told me how proud she was that I was now a woman. And gave me a gift. I unwrapped it, being torn against being mortified and being curious. It was a Scrabble game. She told me that now that I am a woman, I needed my own Scrabble game.

She was right. I DID need my own Scrabble game.

Today and tomorrow I will be travelling out to my hometown in a snowstorm to pay my last respects to the woman who knew what I needed time and time again.



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14 responses to “And so I knit..

  1. Beebs

    I’m so sorry to hear of your Aunt’s death. When an Aunt treats a little kid like a “real” person, they become even more special.
    And I love the little sweater.

  2. What a sweet story–and that yarn looks so soft! Drive carefully, it’s slippery out there.

  3. Scrabble!! OMG, I will never play that game again without thinking of you and Aunt Yvette! That is just PERFECT!! I am so sorry for your loss (she says with a great big grin on her face — I just love that story SO MUCH!).

  4. Sue

    What a nice story — a really special memory. And the sweater is beautiful!

  5. Doris

    So sorry for your loss, Sandy. Be careful in the snow…we are getting it too. I love the colors for the sweater.

  6. Suzanne

    I am so sorry Sandy.

  7. Thank you for sharing your good loving memories of your sweet, dear aunt. XOXO

  8. That is SO SWEET. Was there a Kotex pad in the box too? 😀 XOXO

  9. Only Norma… What a wonderful Aunt Yvette! I think she’ll see that baby – and the sweater!


  10. Scrabble, hmmmm. Elizabeth and I just did dinner out, a make over, and a movie. Scrabble…why don’t people tell me these things.

    BTW, I have had one response so far for our button on Ravelry, I asked for a bit more color and haven’t heard anything back. I will be emailing today. Finn has pneumonia and it’s just been a crazy week. I’m hoping this week will slow down a bit, but I’m learning not to hold my breath. lol

  11. I know that feeling. A few years back I ran into our kid’s babysitter. Now, I understand my kids getting older but how did the babysitter turn 40?

  12. Cheryl C

    Sandy the colors are great and she will love it! I also loved your
    sweater you made for yourself. It looks so nice on you!

  13. I’m totally in love with that color combination … WB would be wearing the sweater all the time.

    Aunt Yvette sounds like a real peach. Everyone should be lucky enough to have an Aunt Yvette.