Every time I sit down here at this computer to write something, I come up empty. This turn of events has left me not happy at all. It all ends up to sound like whining and complaining and even I get tired of it.

So, yeah, life is a bit of a drag lately. Blah blah, more of the same. Exhaustion sets in blahblahblah.

Here’s some of my thoughts, the gloomy ones kept at bay, hopefully:

~Myron got a scratch on the cornea from one of the many cat fights. It looked pretty dramatic and awful. He now resides in a 2 room suite upstairs while Mitchell has a one floor flat here on the first floor. Yes, an upstairs cat and a downstairs cat. And all of a sudden? Myron is using the litterbox and is not jumpy and moody anymore. Tsk, Mitchell.

~That was not what I was thinking of when we became a 2 cat family, I tell ya.

~After a wonderful hair appointment today  (GRAY BE GONE), I again wondered WHY can they not make a hair washing sink that has a comfortable neck?  It’s like an old fashioned torture device!

~Again, I went a bit darker in hair shade. Love it. I think darker is the way to go, not the typical lighter

~When Norma mentioned her blogiversary, I realized that I have forgotten my 6 year blogiversary. Again. 6 years of blogging. And let me tell you, when I don’t touch base with you, I miss hearing from you. I crave your attention. I do.

~ I have been knitting happily on the baby sweater of the previous entry. I read the pattern to say, knit back to 16 inches then start armhole shaping. Something in my brain kept niggling at me. “it looks too big for a 6 month size” my brain kept saying. Somewhere in me, I told my brain to shut up and mind it’s own p’s and q’s. And I knit. Up to 14 inches. “awfully long, innit?”, brain murmured.
Yes, it WAS awfully long. For a 6 month size. Again, I looked at the pattern, for the umpteenth time. Hmm. It says 16 cm  or 6 1/2   inches! Well. That explains it.

For the record? I had to rip almost 8 inches of knitting.  I could have had most of the sweater knit.

“it’s the process~It’s the process”

That is all. No more complaining for you!


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18 responses to “quitcherbellyachin

  1. I hope things are better tomorrow.

  2. Two happy cats…that counts for a lot! Happy 6th, grrlfriend! I’m so lucky you have met you here and in person, too! xoxo

  3. When you feel like bellyachin’, just think of your Hippo…

    Happy blogiversary to you! Norma’s and yours were the first blogs I found back in the never-never – I’ve been tagging along ever since. (Though I didn’t start commenting until last year….)

  4. Happy belated blogiversary!

  5. Happy 6, Sandy! You always make me smile.

  6. Happy anniversary Sandy! At least the rest of the sweater will be fast!

  7. I’m sorry about the kitty situation as I know that’s not at all what you pictured. I hope things actually turn into the way you anticipated. I agree that darker hair is more attractive for us aging women!

  8. Happy bloggy day to you! 🙂 As I get into my 30s, my tendency is to darken my hair (no more blondish highlights!)– the bright red highlights on black hair hide the grays very well. 🙂

    kitty fights huh? does dousing them with water work?

  9. Susanne

    Hey Happy Blogiversary!! Just a thought, on the former peeing cat…do you have separate litter boxes for those two felines?? If not, that may be one reason that Myron has done his business anywhere but in the box. Get him his own and he may continue to be a happy (pee in the box) cat!!
    Spring will come, we ALL want it, no matter where we live, this has been a bloody long winter..hang in…pic of the hair????

  10. royea

    Happy Friday Sandy! I think just about everyone’s had a bit of a hard winter. Weather-wise, it’s been really harsh for us. And I think that affects us, just waking up to one more day of bitter cold and harsh winds. Two days ago it was glorious, then yesterday we had a miserable blizzard dump several inches of snow on us, and right now it’s back to -20°.

    Happy blogiversary! I guess I missed mine, too, in February … (thinking) 8 years? Really?!

    And the hair thing – I need to get in for a colour soon, too. I’ve been going with one close to my natural colour but have thought about going a bit darker. I think I will!

  11. SIX YEARS?? Happy Blogiversary, My Dear Sandy!!

  12. Beebs

    Happy Blogiversary, Sandy!

  13. Sometimes the best togetherness happens from different parts of the house.


  14. Brenda

    Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! That is a lot of posts.
    Glad the cat situation is starting to come under control. I don’t think it is that unusual a situation. Cats aren’t known for that “all happy together” feeling.

    I too go have my grey eradicated every month, and I have no idea why the salon sinks are so uncomfortable. I can get a crick that lasts for days if I’m not careful.

  15. Happy 6th blogiversary, Sandy!

    So, is that kind of like an upstairs maid and a downstairs maid? 😀 Peace is good.

  16. Kelly

    I’m right there with ya on those dang salon sinks!

    Happy Blogiversary!! You always brighten my day!

    MWAAAH 🙂

  17. There isn’t an interesting or witty comment to be found in my head today but I still wanted to come out of the background to say Happy 6th.