mild weather, mud up to my knees and dream world

Today is another fine day in my neighborhood. Mud season is here and that means one thing….spring is lurking. Of course, the forecast is for 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow, but for today we revel in the 50F weather! I have whipped my windows open to change the stale air in the house (not to mention the Myron stink) (PLEASE…let’s not mention the Myron stink!) at least until the sea breeze reminds me that it is only March.

I awoke today without the horrible crush of depression on my shoulders for some reason. I did sleep super late yesterday and today. Sometimes one must wallow a bit. But please do not suggest that it might be Daylight Savings. If there is one thing that I despise, it’s daylight savings. I don’t want to save my daylight. I want to use it in the morning when it comes in handy. If you love it? I am glad and please, I will send my share to you. You can have it. Srsly.

I had a couple of weird dreams last night.

Strange dream number 1: I went into my kitchen and Tracey, Ms. Fuzzybritches herself was cleaning out my fridge because it was filthy, she announced to me. I appreciated it. And then? She started in on the kitchen floor, scrubbing it to within an inch of it’s life. I appreciated that too. In fact, Andy (the dream Andy, not the real) suggested to her that she come every week to clean and he’d pay her. Now THAT is what I’m talking about. So, Tracey, what day is good for you??

Dream number 2 was not something I can remember except that I awoke today reminding myself to make the potato salad. Then I wondered for what? There is nothing that I need to make potato salad for in my awake life. Perhaps my dream self was having a party. And why not? My kitchen is clean in dream world!

Gotta run to the store. The grill is calling my name. Must. Grill. While the grilling is good!



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8 responses to “mild weather, mud up to my knees and dream world

  1. We had a beautiful day in our neighborhood, too. I thought we’d grill right along with you but Smith is cooking jambalaya…don’t ask.

  2. It was even spring-like way up here. It doesn’t mean we won’t get another 4 feet of snow by the end of the month, but we learn to enjoy what we’ve got, one day at a time.
    I’m cussing DST because I don’t know how to change the time on my watch. I may have to buy another one. One for DST, one for regular time. That makes sense, right?

  3. I feel a bit of the blues myself. Warm then foot of snow. Warm then freezing rain. Ugh. Hoping the weather changes to warm then warm.

  4. Yep, I hate dst, too. I see no reason for it.

    I only get paid cleaning help in my dreams, too. Sucks.


  5. Doris

    We had a pretty day yesterday too. Loved it, I was outside for most of it. And it took some of the blues away for me…then I woke up today and it is Monday and they’re back. I don’t get paid cleaning help in my dreams most of the time, but in my dreams I have enough time and energy to get everything done!

  6. I am hating on the daylight saving time, too. What am I saving it for? And for whom? I want that hour they stole from me BACK.

  7. My grill is dead. Must go buy new one. That sounds SO good. At least that was a good dream! Too bad it didn’t come true! 😀

  8. frivolousfluffy

    OK. I like DST. Before I retired, I went to work in the dark and came home in the dark. It depressed me to no end. Now I like it because I have time in the evening to be outside.