no killing of people, cats or plants was involved

Pssst. I’m afraid to go in my fridge. There is a half drank (drunk? Drinked??  Drunken????…..) a half full bottle of diet coke in there. I refuse to drink it. I’m pretty determined this time. I’ve had a couple of cups of tea, a cup of yerba mate and plenty of water. I may even have a glass of milk with dinner.

Not bad for day one! I’d like to go on record that I did not kill one person. Not even if they deserved it! But? Honestly, it was an easy day one. Because it’s not the caffeine that I am kicking. It’s the horrible chemicals and life sucking cola.

Yes, a good day indeed.

How about you? Did you do what you wanted? Tomorrow is another day, you know. You get another chance. Do it. Whatever it is. Do. It.



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12 responses to “no killing of people, cats or plants was involved

  1. Good for you, my Sandy!

    I’ve got half a pepsi in my fridge and I’m hoping it will go away on it’s own. I’m doing okay so far, but I did the smart thing and got some caffeine mints to help me get through this. I do not want a caffeine headache. I didn’t kill anyone either, which is stunning news because I took my mother to an appointment this afternoon. o.O


  2. Throw.out.the.soda.

    Seriously Sandy, we did it in our house when we moved here (3 years ago) and I have never felt better. Now, when I drink a soda, it gives me indigestion.

    Besides, my dad used to de-grease carbeurators and engine parts in coca cola when he owned an auto shop. I remember having plastic (‘b/c it’ll eat steel!”) 50 gallon drums we used to fill up with coke and diet coke (whicheve was on sale).

    yerba’s a good swap, so it a nice cup o’ lipton. and switching to the seltzer is good too!

  3. Go Sandy! (oh, and thanks for the re-point to the new blog, somehow I missed the transition).

    I’ve cut down so far on my soda intake over the last few years. I hasn’t changed my life or anything, but it’s gotta be better for me in the long run, right? Just remember, even if you slide backwards, tomorrow is ALWAYS another day!

  4. Whoo!

    I still cling to my one diet coke in the morning, but I’m wondering now… Why?


  5. \Congrats to you! You can do this, grrl!

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  7. Dump that crappy soda bottle down the sink.

    Great job on Day 1!

  8. Beebs

    Ditch the soda. You may be surprised how liberating and empowering it feels!
    You can do it!

  9. Pour it down the drain. It will clear out any nasty clogs and you won’t have to worry about it doing the same to your insides.

  10. Congratulations! The first day is the hardest. And homicide free? Kudos.

  11. It’s just soda, Sandy. It is not possible to waste soda and neither keeping it nor drinking it does any good. Pour it out, recycle the bottle, and fear your fridge no more. Or are you keeping it for enemies that come to visit?

  12. YES. Get that thing outta there (if you haven’t already). Otherwise, it’ll be like the movie Wall-E. The only thing that survives the nuclear holocaust (or whatever) will be Twinkies and Diet Coke. Then how stupid would we look as a civilization to those who dig up our remains 1,000 years from now.

    “Well, they SEEM like they were fairly advanced and intelligent, but WTF is THIS?”