Sandy does Random on a Monday!

1. I have placed the baby sweater into time out. I did not want to do it but the sweater forced it’s hand. For the SECOND time, I followed the metric measurements instead of the inches and wound up with a sweater front twice as long as it should have been. Two. Times. I have done that. So it sits.

2. The trees, they have small buds on them. Woot.

3. I am itching to start another sweater (for me) but I’m a bit stuck on the pattern. I really love acer but I’m thinking it will make me look rather football playerish. (in the shoulder area) (My natural shape is round so do I really want that kind of design?) (but? I love it so!)  I have some wonderful black water abbey yarn colorway Wine.

4. I am still Diet Coke free. I am taking a bow and accepting accolades and encouragements. I will not put that crap into my body again. I had a weak moment on Friday night thinking about a Saturday morning without my wonderful DC. I started to think that I could drink one and no one would ever know. But *I* would. I’d only be cheating myself. I have kicked that can. And I’m glad. I haven’t gotten out of the woods yet but I am pretty stubborn when I want to be and I will not drink it.
5. My apologies to the Diet Coke division for your lagging sales in this upcoming quarter. I’ve done my part over the years for you but this is the end of the road.

6. I have talked so much about bowel movements with my Mom that I am starting to believe that it is commonplace to have these kind of conversations in every day life. It does not even phase me anymore. I can just imagine my next knitting get together:

Me: Hey! How are you?

Knitter: Great! You?
(we hug)

Me: I love your sweater! It looks even better in person!

Knitter: Thanks! Yours too! I always did think you were a knitting god! (Okay, this is my fantasy, let’s just go with it, okay?)

Me:How’s the kids?

Knitter: Great! Getting big!

Me: the husband?

Knitter: Oh, you know him! Kind of a pain but wonderful!

Me: And your bowel movements? How many a day??

Knitter: Fairly regular

Me: Not too soft or hard, are they?

I bet  you can’t wait to bump into me at the next knitting shindig, hmmm?



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16 responses to “Sandy does Random on a Monday!

  1. I am so proud of you! Do you need some caffeine mints to take the edge off? Or are you okay?

    You should call my mother. She loves those conversations. o.O


  2. Jenn C.

    Now if I do run into you (ha ha, like that’ll happen), I might have to ask you, just because…

  3. LOL!!! Too close to my real life……

  4. Sandy, you are AWESOME! Way to go on kicking the can.

  5. GO GRRL!! You ARE awesome. It’s so hard to break addictions …you are one strong cookie!

  6. Have you seen the book What your poo is telling you? No joke. He talks about poo-phoria! LOL

    I think I’m making up for your decrease in DC. Must do better.

  7. Too funny. I think moms in general are pretty cavalier about those poop conversations…


  8. My uncle has bladder cancer, also had prostate cancer. Oh, the conversations!!

    Congrats on kicking your can!

  9. meezermeowmy

    You should hear the lunch conversations when student nurses get together! (Once they graduate, you typically get to go to lunch one at a time…no conversation! All I can say about that is “retirement is wonderful!”)

  10. Funny! And congrats on kicking coke to the door. (btw- I’m doing well on my fiber today. You?)

  11. Doris

    Congrats on th eDiet Coke. I pretty much kicked it when they stopped bottling the DC with Splenda in the MidAtlantic Region. I can’t tolerate Nutrasweet or aspartame because it gives me migraines, so it was a no brainer. I really am glad about it, although every once in a while I really do want the bubbles and the taste. But I just talk myself through it.

  12. Take a magic marker to that baby sweater pattern, and obliterate the metric measurements. It’s the only thing that can save you now!

    I’m glad I don’t own stock in Coke or Pepsi… You and Norma are leading a parade of people kicking the can.

  13. Laughing at Gayle’s comment — she’s RIGHT! (and you, too)

    Isn’t it awesome how well the tastes-like-dirt Yerba Mate is helping us kick the can? Maybe it’s like methadone, but that’s OK, too.

    Damn baby sweaters. Hee. XOXO

  14. Geri

    Keep up the good work! I have a baby sweater I’m trying to put in time out, but it just won’t stay there. Bad sweater!

  15. trust me,i’ve been trying to eat better as well. even hubbie is trying to help out (his birthday was yesterday, and even though i volunteered to make fried corn for him, he said steamed broccoli was ok. gotta love him!)

    as for the bowel conversation? so there. have similar convos with my mom as well (she’s 81,lol)

  16. Yay for the DC ‘cleanse’! We have the phlegm conversations (mom w/ emphysema, dad w/ esophogeal cancer): what color? sticky? runny? Ugh… Dan has not eaten a full portion of dinner at a family Sunday dinner in 3 years… it is truly a gross conversation.