Guessing can be fun

do you know what it is?

do you know what it is?

Want to guess what I’m knitting? (who grumbled “no”?) There it is.

Want a couple of clues?

Clue the first: It is dark blue. Navy in fact. Which is the color of the sample in the pattern.

Clue the second: I am knitting it.

Clue the third: With some yarn.

Clue the forth: What it is NOT:

it is NOT a cat saddle blanket

It is NOT a cat saddle blanket. (yes, Mitchell is chewing the yarn)

Clue the fifth: My love for the pattern/ yarn combo is out of this world.

Clue the sixth: I have not seen another knitter making this. Of course, I do not know EVERY single knitter.

Do you know?

Want to guess?



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17 responses to “Guessing can be fun

  1. OMG! Are you knitting a sock?!

    /dies of shock

  2. The Mars scarf? Hey… if I’m right… that took a little bit of hunting… I should get a snickers for that or something.

  3. Looks like a sock to me. (falls over and faints)

  4. Not a clue. Do tell??

  5. I’m not sure, but if it’s for Andy then you’re a very lucky woman.

  6. Oh, I was going to say the Mars scarf too. I remember you getting the pattern at Yarns in the Farm!

  7. Well dang. I’ve Googled Mars scarf, and I’ve never seen that before, but wow, it’s cool! How did you ever find it? (Oh, I just read Carol saying she saw you buy the pattern…) Nice!!!

  8. Doris

    That Mars Scarf pattern is really neat. I just looked it up and saw how nice it is. I like the blue for it too.

  9. Well, obviously it’s a Mars Scarf…if you wait long enough to comment everyone else will figure it out for you. šŸ™‚

    But I about spit tea on my keyboard at Jo’s comment (#6).

  10. I still say sock. Just because I want to.

  11. Kelly

    Yeah, I’m with Jo. I was thinking a “cozy” for Andy. I’m soooo 12!! šŸ˜‰

  12. Pat

    I was absolutely going with a sock – until I read comments…what a beautiful scarf pattern!

  13. Charlotte

    You said you have not seen another knitter make it, so it must be something really off beat…..

    Are you knitting a bikini?
    A cell phone cozy?
    Some kind of cat toy?
    A full length cape?
    A pillowcase?
    A hoodie?
    A bathmat?

  14. I don’t think he’s chewing it, he’s flossing his littly kitty teeth.

  15. Littly? Don’t know where that came from. That would be little.