I have heard the word “Swine” more times in the last 2 days then I have my entire life all together. Srsly. Swine. Swine. Flu.

I write my fair share of emails. I used to write more but I’ve become a semi recluse as of the last couple of years. (Or? Life just keeps barging into my fun life! The nerve!) My usual signature is this:


Except with Norma. It has morphed into :


It happened by accident, I don’t even remember how and we have kept it. Not only is it our “Secret” signature but I also imagine that it means love and kisses. But that can change to match the day.

Anyway, I was writing an email at work to a co worker, a man, a younger man (not too shabby to look at either) and I automatically signed


Luckily, I caught myself and erased it and sent it along. And then? I couldn’t stop laughing. What if I had sent that email? He would probably start avoiding me like the plague. Or hit me up with a sexual harassment suit.  Still funny, though.


I crochet! Imagine?

I crochet! Imagine?

With good friends by my virtual side I crocheted a circle. A round shape. I know it’s not too thrilling for you but for me it is BIG. I could not get the hang of the first round. I felt like it was all willy nilly, just sticking the yarn in wherever it landed and hoping it makes it to a round shape. I felt messy and uneven. But Maryse put me at ease saying that is the way it’s supposed to be. Then after a support call from Margene, I tried again. It’s not perfect. Not even close but it is a circle. I couldn’t be happier.

I’m trying to make potholders for the potholder swap. I’m not sure that it will come to be. That small round shape made one wrist cranky and achy. An achy breaky wrist. Not fun.

Neither are cat scratches. But that is neither here nor there.

Mitchell is still loving his tv time. And YES, Carol, we did indeed DVR a show for him. I bet soon he’ll be working the remote without our help! haha

I saw this over at Nora’s.

My Ten Words:

  • patient
  • messy
  • hil-freaking-arious (only kidding. I couldn’t resist)
  • empathetic
  • sarcastic
  • broke
  • creative
  • smahht (for you non New Englanders: Smart)
  • mommie dearest
  • non diet coke drinker

Fine. Some of them were more than one word. Sue me. Here’s another:

  • wordy


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7 responses to “I have heard the word “Swine” more times in the last 2 days then I have my entire life all together. Srsly. Swine. Swine. Flu.

  1. I’ve come close to doing the same thing in email. Thankfully, not quite that auto-pilot… yet.

    You’re crocheting! I’m so proud of you. Maryse is right. It should be kind of weird and floppy at first. I hope you can find a way to crochet that isn’t painful.

    Is he at least watching quality television? Or is it all soap operas and music videos? (Do they even make music videos aymore?)


  2. Nancy

    My cat likes nature shows. There’s a CBC series called “The Secret Life of Gardens” with lots of stop-action photography and bugs and moving things, that is her favourite.

  3. Maryse taught me to crochet several weeks back but I haven’t been able to get the hang of making a circle!

  4. A love post! Your circle looks fabulous. If you make three you’ll feel (and look) like an expert! You did it!!!

  5. If you decide to bail on the crochet – you can always pick up stitches around your circle and carry on knitting…

  6. hookie

    I just HAVE to share something;
    My DH has swine flu…….
    he has the flu and he is a swine, ROFLMHO…… Well, it made me laugh. It has been cracking me up all day, lol..
    Hes lovely really, though.

  7. I’m going nuts with all the swine flu talk. The news is going into hyperdrive and then wondering why people are getting hysterical. Jeez Louise, enough already. So does Mitchell have anything else taped for him or just the videos? (And don’t you love that we say ‘taped’ instead of ‘recorded’? Showing my age…)