New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

You know when you go somewhere and have so much fun with so many wonderful people that it all seems like a wonderful dream after it’s over?

Yeah. That’s how it was at my favorite of all wool festivals.

New Hampshire Sheep and Wool pictures.

And then my camera ran out of power. Isn’t that always the way?



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12 responses to “New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

  1. Good heavens, you were there and I missed saying hello? Curses… We were there *all* day Saturday.

  2. I love that festival too – so mellow! Glad you had fun. And glad the rain held off!

  3. I want to hear more! It sounds like you had a good time, but I want you to tell more. OK? Please?

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos, Sandy! Did anything follow you home?

  5. Hey Sandy, thanks for making such a fab photo of Norma & me. Wonderful to finally meet you in person!

  6. I’m so glad I “bumped” into you Sandy!! It was a great surprise. I’ll be back for Rhinebeck… maybe not this year but next for sure and you are always welcome to visit in Texas…

  7. Kim

    It was so fun to see you and your lovely sweater!!

  8. Saw the Red Sox but secretly really wanted to see the sheep and all of you blog folk!

  9. Hey, my camera never even made it out of my bag so you’re one up on me! Good to see you! Again!

  10. Sorry I missed you!
    And my camera never made it out of my bag…

  11. madforknit

    I’m sorry that I missed you!