Sheep and Wool thoughts

It seems that with all the fun and all the people I spent some time with on Saturday at the NH Sheep and Wool, I missed some too. Next time I’ll announce here that I am going so that we can all be on the lookout for each other.

So, let’s see. Sheep and Wool…It’s becoming a pleasant memory now. I bought NOT A THING. Although I was tempted by Mostly Merino. In particular, the Hebrides cardigan kit. It was a gorgeous sweater with even more gorgeous yarn. Perhaps I will be starting a coin jar for Rhinebeck. Think I can save over $2o0 in coins in 5 months? I wonder..

I did eat some delicious buffalo jerky which hit the spot perfectly. I craved tea all day long but did not have any until I arrived home around 11 pm that night. (I also visited my Mom for our Mom’s Day visit) (tea story to follow) It did not help that Terry mentioned the TEA GUY. For one thing, I had no idea there WAS a tea guy and then all of a sudden, I am looking for him around every corner. No tea for me.

I wore Town and Country every cotton picking minute of the time I was there. That was no small feat because when the rain clouds cleared away, the sun came out and steamed up the place a bit. While it was not technically HOT, it felt it in my sweater. But I was there to wear it and WEAR it I did!
As irony would have it, the next day was quite chilly and would have been the perfect wool day.

So, that’s about it. I mainly went there to talk and schmooze with people. I am sure I am a disappointment to all of the wonderful vendors.

See you there next year, right?

A tea story:

I have, as you may know, given up drinking Diet Coke. It amazes me that when a person is ready to so something and has their mind in the right place, it is not hard to give something up. But I do have to drink something.

Sure, there’s water. I drink my share and love it. But a grrl needs something sometimes.

That is when I happened across a little hole in the wall tea place at the mall called Teavana, where tea is heaven. I was hooked on the first sip. I have spent many a dollar in there since, Bethany and I picking out teas to bring home. We are now, the two of us, Tea Brewers. I look forward to a nice cup of tea and know that a bottled or bagged tea will not suffice. I’ve tried in a pinch. I need to figure out how to make this a bit portable. I cannot expect that a Tea Guy will appear whenever I am in need, right? I mean, he let me down on Saturday. My craving grew all day long. On the way home, I searched for a Starbucks, Bethany had told me their green tea was good. Not a Starbucks around.

But? I did not drink, nor even want a diet coke. That is progress people! (isย  replacing one addiction with another a good idea? Pfft)



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14 responses to “Sheep and Wool thoughts

  1. You didn’t buy me anything?!


    Have you thought of getting a Sigg bottle for tea? That way you could always have your tea with you. Just a thought.


  2. Tea is so much better for you than Diet Coke. Wow, you bought nothing? I should try that.

  3. Sandy- I have a portable tea “cup” for to-go-ness. You put the loose tea in a tea bag (the ones like they sell at TeaVana, and then into the strainer at the top, fill with hot water….

    Also, before that, I used the “portable french press” to-go mug from Starbucks… put the loose tea in the bottom, add hot water, steep and press! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You are one good woman. No buying, no diet Coke, and then you had to suffer like that???

    The Starbucks near me serves Tazo (bagged) teas. Not bad.

    I just read about the amount of energy it takes to produce one can of Diet Coke and I am ashamed that I still drink a can every morning. Maybe I need to rethink this.


  5. Barbara M.

    I’ll be there next year, Sandy… we are just getting started building our “retirement house” in NH, and I can’t wait….should be done about this time next year.

    Finally I get to choose where we live! After a lot of moves (I’ve had to get drivers’ locenses in 7 different states) caused by my husband’s job, I insisted that this time it was my turn to make the choice. The fact that my daughter and 2 of our 4 grandchildren are in NH helped, but really I chose NH for the wool!

    Looking forward to seeing you there next spring!

    Barbara M.

  6. Doris

    If that addiction is tea over Diet Coke, it is probably a good thing. Tea is so much healthier! I have done the same thing, in part out of necessity. The only diet sodas I can drink are the ones with Splenda because aspartame gives me migraines. THe bottler for the mid-Atlantic decided to stop distributing the Diet Coke with Splenda, so I got an enforced giving it up. And I don’t miss it! I too drink a lot of tea now, and feel better for it.

  7. Nothing trumps good tea and it’s a good addiction, too. Most tea shops should have a to go cup or you can use a Sigg (or a Nalgene).

  8. At the Teavana store, they should have a box of fillable tea bags. You measure an amount into the bag and have portable tea brewing capabilities! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy the tea!

  9. Sandy,
    I too have found the joy of loose tea. I found an insulated thermos that has a built in tea strainer for loose tea. I’ve included the link to the local shop that sells it – One Good Woman – they specialize in good tea and coffees. And they do mail order.

  10. Welcome to the tea drinking world. My only advice is not to stew your tea by leaving the bags or leaves in the water for over a few minutes. Brew and then place in your favorite cup (porcelain gives very nice flavor) or go-container. BTW- if you can find it, coronation blend is the best tea ever.

  11. That damn tea guy. He had the best green tea I’ve ever had, and where was he when I needed him???? HUH???? Pfffft.

  12. I’ve got a little tea ball that is perfect – I’ve seen it called a snap mesh tea ball. It’s two mesh spoons that are held together by a scissor action thing-y. (Hope I’m not being too technical… *snort*) Portable tea that’s easier than loading a teabag. And you don’t have to keep buying (and disposing of!!) disposable teabags.

  13. Tea makes me happy. I’m glad it makes you happy too.

  14. Thank you for stopping by my booth at NH S&W so I could see your magnificent Town & Country cardigan. I’ve been following its progress and it is truly impressive.

    I’m a Teavana fan too – Holly and I love the blooming teas! Such a mellow caffeine buzz.