CSI (Cats, shoes and iris)

I don't pee on the floor anymore! Mom says that is progress

I don't pee on the floor anymore! Mom says that is progress


I still chase Myron. But I'm quite the love bug, or so Mom says!

I still chase Myron. But I'm quite the love bug, or so Mom says!



New shoes:

Comfy, cute and perfect for summer!

Comfy, cute and perfect for summer!

And Iris, blooming in my yard!

A good year to be an iris

A good year to be an iris


And cupcake talk to boot!
I decided to make Martha Stewart’s Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream icing. Notice the picture at the link. The cupcakes were a small disaster. Not a huge disaster, but one that went on a different path than I expected. They were not very pretty and not very cupcakey. But more like a cake with fruit. Delicious in their own right. But not a cupcake in the traditional sense.

The buttercream frosting? I am telling you that it was so beautiful and so delicious it would make you weep. I kid you not. It was the best frosting I had ever made.  A bit labor intensive but worth it. And then? I put the strawberries in the mixing bowl. Holy frosting, Batman! I have never seen something change texture so fast as that. It went from a masterpiece to something that needed to go as quickly as possible to the trash can, curdled and awful looking. I shut the mixer off and gazed, disbelieving into the bowl. Disgusted, I left it there for a little while. I went back a while later and tried to whip it more.
No dice. It was beyond saving. I guess it was just the healthy eating gods trying to convince me that frosting is evil. Check mate, then.

I may write to Martha and seek her advice on that one. (I wonder if she’d answer me?)

But more importantly? I have stewed enough about my lack of cake making skills that I am now thinking of enrolling in the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts Techniques of Baking series.

Take that, frosting!



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13 responses to “CSI (Cats, shoes and iris)

  1. Jenn C.

    I have heard, although never experienced, that buttercream frosting does that – starts looking good, then looks really really really bad, and that if you have faith and keep on beating it until it begs for mercy, that it somehow magically comes back together. Don’t know if it’s true or not.

  2. would love to know Martha’s answer but i suspect it turned to a butter, DD#2 is a pro cake baker, and runs into this from time to time!

  3. meezermeowmy

    Hello to both kitties!

    Love the shoes – what brand are they?

  4. Kelly

    I just love those kitty boys!!

  5. Honey, it wasn’t your fault. Martha is a bitch.

    Cute kitties!!


  6. Your boyz are so cute and it sounds like they’ve settle in at last. Cute shoes! Martha’s assistant would certainly answer your query, but the school sounds more fun!

  7. madforknit

    Hurrah for Myron! The school sounds so much fun!

  8. Love the kittehs and shoes. Our irises are all done blooming. Sorry about the frosting

  9. Love seeing your iris and your lilacs!

  10. The boyz are looking good! I hope they’re behaving and not giving in to the spring crazies.

    Honey, Martha has very little to do with the stuff that bares her name. Or is that bears? Hmmmm…

    Lovely irises and adorable shoes!


  11. Glad the boys are getting along better. I have two little females (11 and 12 months old) and they were miserable for the first month after I got them.

    Love those shoes!

  12. Kitties are so cute! In my early knitting days I knit a Martha scarf pattern – it was stockinette and still had a mistake in it! She’s out to get us.

  13. Not the first time I’ve heard of a Martha recipe going wrong. I think she booby-traps them, so she looks good, and we don’t…

    Myron looks so proud of himself – he’s a big boy now!