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The Way You Make Me Feel~ foot version

I have a sore foot. Specifically, a sore left heel. It was not a dramatic injury or a good story to tell except that it hurts. All the time. It could have been from my wonderful new Ryka shoes that don’t love my feet as much as I love them. Not a lot of support. Or, truth be told, it’s most likely my weight. Too much of it. This is probably my heel sending up a white flag. Should be enough for me to be thin in a heartbeat but, well, if you struggle with weight issues than you know that it’s not as easy as it SHOULD be. And if any ONE of you has a magic weight loss wand, my address can be had for the asking. You will share with me, right? You wouldn’t keep that to yourself? From me, your beloved blogger, right?
I bought new sneakers.
My kingdom for a painfree heel!

My kingdom for a painfree heel!

They make my feet feel wonderful. They are asics and have a gel heel. A match made in heaven, no? They do feel super. And I have this wonderful stretching exercise that stretches the heck out of the heel. I do it all the time. People at work probably think I am whacked. (heh, just the heel issue??)  By the weekend, I get the heel feeling pretty good, only a few twinges here and there.(The stretch is putting your feet one in front of the other about a foot apart and bending both knees,keeping both feet flat on floor,  stretching the back heel. If you straighten the back leg,  you stretch the calf, which is not a bad idea anyway.)
And then? The weekend. You see, I am a shoe flinger. From way back. I do not wear shoes inside the house. I do not do this for any other reason other than I LOVE to be without my shoes in the house. It does not feel RIGHT to be inside with shoes on. I feel very strongly on this one. I cannot be swayed.
Yeah, so the weekend comes along and I am in at home more than during the week and my feet have no shoes on them. Barefoot (or stocking foot as I am apt to be found) makes the heel hurt. Au natural is not for my left foot.
See the conundrum? I KNOW that I have to wear shoes inside (shudder) to make my heel feel better but I cannot stifle that instinct to actually do it.
It’s tough being me.


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Things that Thrill(er) me today.

  1. As I was passing the yarn store on the way to the Registry for a Fast Lane Transponder, an afghan in the window caught my eye. I stood there for a couple of minutes admiring the aran stitches, imagining myself curled up with it during the cold of winter. The yarn store had not opened yet and I had a date in the Registry to get those transponders. (Thing I am not thrilled about? Waiting for an hour in the Registry for my turn only to be told that the Computer System is Down and to go away. They did not tell us to “go away” in those words but that is what they meant. I’m sure of it)
  2. Okay, well, after that hour of sitting and waiting, I had to pass the yarn store again, with every intention of stopping in to buy that afghan pattern. They were not opened yet even though it was 10:20 am and they advertised being open at 10. Whatever, I thought as I stomped off.
  3. Well, that didn’t sound too THRILLING, did it?
  4. But? After work, I headed to the Registry again and only waited about 3 minutes for my turn! Yay!
  5. We now have 2 transponders that are (allegedly) set to work this weekend when we travel through 3 tolls to spend the weekend in New Hampshire!
  6. A long weekend gives me a THRILL(er)
  7. This may be the biggest THRILL(er) of this list: I DO NOT WORK AT THE REGISTRY. Holy mother of god, those people are miserable!
  8. I bought the afghan pattern on the way out: Ravelry Link: Aran Afghan. Only 1 person has knit it. I guess we’ll have to change that, eh? Link with a great picture and the pattern to download. THRILLerING is it not?
  9. Did I mention how THRILLed I am to NOT work at the Registry? Do you think you have to be grumpy to work there or that you get grumpy ONCE you work there? Any Registry workers out there?
  10. My family is now home. When they are all away and I get ME time, I am so glad to have a full house again.
  11. If I wear rain drops on my ears will they stop in real life?

    If I wear rain drops on my ears will they stop in real life?

    • My silver lining Earrings. If that is not a THRILLER, I don’t know what is!
    • (I am doing my own small,personal tribute to Michael Jackson with my blog titles. Have you noticed?)


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Beat it.

Andy did, beat it this weekend. He went to New Hampshire with a friend to get the summer place ready for some actual summer as we will all be converging on their place this week for the 4th of July weekend. (Those of you who have your mind in the gutter may now take this time to realign their thoughts to the fact that MY “beat it” means that he left town.)

I remember when we were first married, weekends away from each other were just about torturous and long. I agonized about BEING AWAY!! Gasp. And now? 25 short years later? I look forward to these few and far between weekends like the magic that they are. Absense really does make the heart grow fonder. I am enjoying every minute of this weekend, watching movies that I want to watch, eating what I want to eat, throwing a bunch of clutter crap away while I have this chance (heh, I’m evil like that. Leave your stuff? It’s gone now. heh. )

Yeah, so I have a more grown up view of this “beat it” stuff. Love. It.

Dinner will be take out, most likely Thai. Around 7. And I will not have to share my Thai Rolls with anyone.

Don’t ask to have any.


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Give til it hurts. But it hurts so good

Financially, things have changed for us all. Life is a bit more unsure. A bit more uncertain with dwindling retirement accounts. Hopefully, we have enough to pay the bills and live comfortably. Hopefully, we have jobs to go to on a daily basis.

If you do have a job that pays the bills. If you do have enough food on your table, won’t you consider giving a bit to Claudia and her MS ride? It’s tomorrow. Maybe you’ve given? Sure. That is great. But? Perhaps you can spare a couple more dollars? We don’t all have to give a thousand dollars. But 5 would be great. Or even $1.

The good thing is? WE don’t have to ride 75 miles on a bike. All we have to do is give a bit of money and Claudia and her wonderful husband WILL do the ride. Thank god, honestly. I don’t want to hoof my butt unsafely around town on a bike I tell ya. But? I am grateful that Claudia and hub want to.

And? It seems like there are so many prizes that there are enough to go around. (I’m exaggerating of course) One for every donation, is how it seems. I’ve never seen  a prize list like hers! People are generous, that’s for sure.

Help Stamp Out MS. Ride a bike 75 miles. Or open a wallet. Your choice.


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Rain Rain go away, come again another day…

I peeked at the weather forecast for this weekend and it says this for Saturday.. “Mostly Sunny”.
Does anyone know what that means? “SUNNY?”  It sounds familiar but I can’t place it.


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Because he dances on the ceiling

Now that the sun has risen and set a couple of times on the grumpy post of the other day, I can chuckle at the assertions I made. It’s important for me to be able to laugh at myself sometimes.
However, once I started playing the blame game, it got kind of fun:

For the incessant phone calls from people who claim to not be telemarketers: I blame you, A T & T
For my headache, I blame you, rap music
For my teenage love of the book Twilight, I blame you, love’s baby soft
For my sore feet, I blame you, Nike
For my peeling ceiling paint, I blame you, Lionel Ritchie
For my ever expanding back end, I blame you, Mom
For my forgetfulness, I blame you Omega 3’s
For my love of fresh veggies, I blame you local farmers
For my increased love of democracy, I blame you, Iran
For my love of pies, I blame you, apples
For my love of cold weather, I blame you, penguins
For my love of the written word, I blame you 7th grade English Teacher, Ms. Moriarty
For my love of furry cats, I blame you, Fig
For paying attention to my Zen, I blame you, Margene
For my pierced ears, I blame you, Norma
For my love of good food, I blame you, Julia Child
For my insane love of a good salad, I blame you, croutons and sliced almonds
For my love of fine yarn, I blame you, SHEEP
For my pinched finger, I blame you, physics and geometry equally
For my desire for a vacation far away, I blame you, Orville Wright.
I’m sure I could go on and on. For my warped sense of humor, I blame YOU!
Who do you blame and for what??


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Taking a poll: Do you play the blame game?

My sleep pattern is all thrown off due to a recurring night time cough and a week long night time cold medicine usage that knocked me flat every night. Now? Can’t fall asleep and stay asleep to save my soul.

Hello. My name is Sandy and I am a nyquil-aholic.

Which, btw? Makes a grumpy me. Not pretty at all. I spent the morning being unreasonable crabby and then having 2 people “blame” me for their colds. Apparently *I* have the only germs around nowadays. Perhaps I was just being sensitive but if I am going to be blamed, perhaps we should compare symptoms, just to be sure it’s MY strain of germs. In fact. I would like it to be hereby known as the Sandysknitting flu. This may gain some momentum, quite like the swine flu.

Should I have stayed home for an entire week or maybe even 2 or 3 weeks by the time I shake my cough? I did stay home on day one of the sickness. Then it was the weekend. So by the time I hit work last Monday I was on day4 of the SNflu. (Sandysknitting flu, remember?)

But wait. Do you do this too? Tend to blame your sickness on those around you? Is it something that is a normal activity? Do you? Blame your cold on your friends/co workers? And plenty vocal about it too?



I spent a wonderful weekend quietly cooking up a storm. Sourdough bread, plenty of fresh spring veggies from the local farm stand made into a Spring Green Risotto (YUM), sourdough waffles and the piece de resistance? Strawberry Rhubarb pie which was particularly scrumptious.

Pass a dish!

Pass a dish!

I figure I would do like the old wives tale said: Feed a cold/SNflu!



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