Not dead

I have always wanted to grow my own vegetables. To me, there is nothing in the world like fresh veggies. But new this year? I have accepted the fact that:
1. I don’t like to grow vegetables
2. I don’t have the room to grow veg
3. I don’t have the sun to grow them properly.
So I’ve decided to throw myself into growing the flowering plants that I love so much. Lilacs, peonies, iris, tulips, hydrangeas and more hydrangeas! That’s what I am about this year! I am embracing the flower lover within.
But I will be purchasing plenty of fresh veggies from my favorite local farmstand, don’t worry. There might even be a bit of veg begging from my favorite organic gardener, we’ll see.

I love this time of year

I love this time of year

In other news:

I hope you are sitting down. I am knitting a sock. I have been sick as of late, a horrible cold and I’m not saying that is the reason but…it has been a while.

knitting a sock. Not such an uncommon event. Unless you are ME.

knitting a sock. Not such an uncommon event. Unless you are ME.

Actual sock knitting:

Yarn: Sundara Autumn seasons, colorway Roasted Persimmon over green papaya.

Pattern: the wonderful Jane’s Hedgerow pattern. (That is a ravelry link. If you are not a member, I’ll send you another link. Just ask)



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13 responses to “Not dead

  1. Oh Joy! Sandy’s knitting my socks! Here’s a link to the pattern, just in case:

    I’m relieved to find that you’re not dead, but I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Kelly

    I love your use of ‘cat for scale’ in your photos!

  3. LOL.. is Myron hinting that he would like a sock also? Yeah for socks!

  4. Oh, what BEAUTIFUL yarn. That Sundara is amazing. I have never had the pleasure, but those colors! Gorgeous.

    Also, though, did you know that most flowers need lots of SUN?

  5. I miss you, Miss Sandy! The sock is beautiful and so are your blooms!

  6. Joy

    Beautiful flowers and I love the Sundara!

  7. Gorgeous sock! Looks like Norma colors…
    Love your bloomers! Our lilacs are just opening. I keep going out and sticking my face into the blooms and inhaling deeply.

  8. Geri

    Why not support those local gardeners with sunny backyards! My problem are the critters who think I’ve opened a bistro for their dining! Flowers seem to work much better although someone is nibbling the marigolds.

  9. Ha! Those are my reasons, too. It’s pretty discouraging to nurture four tomato plants and yield six tomatoes. I’ll buy mine at the farmer’s market.
    ; )

  10. madforknit

    Don’t listen to Norma. Hydrangeas and lilacs grow in part shade. So do irises really. But the peonies? Full sun. 😉 Feel better soon!!!

  11. I am really glad that you aren’t dead.

  12. Happy to know that you’re still alive 😉 . My ex boss always responded to “how are you ” by saying still alive . Guess that was his way of answering the question without complaining ,just like him , concise and to the point .

    We planted tomatoes for the first time in ages . I love my flower garden . I have mostly perennials and there’s nothing more wonderful than sitting outside in the summer and enjoying natures beauty . Besides I live so close to the farmers market , it makes sense to keep them in business.

    BTW , the socks are just the most gorgeous colour ! I’m a sucker for those autumn colours …

  13. OK, you’re inspiring me to do some flower gardening this summer in Maine. We don’t get enough sun, either, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for partial shade lovelies.