The cat’s behind

Dear G-Mail

Dear G-Mail,

This morning as I was happily reading my email, my cat Mitchell sat on the keyboard. I suppose he did not mean to actually sit ON the keyboard but being rather, erm, gifted in the posterior end, his “end” inadvertantly pressed some kind of magic combination of keys and turned the gmail font into an unreadable, microscopic page. It was kind of funny, inย  a way when you think about it, a cat’s rumpus causing a whole page to change. It was funny until I could not figure out how to change it back. No other page was affected, just gmail. His rump is very skilled in gmail targeting, I guess.

Now, I am not complaining that Mitchell is big boned. He just is. Nothing to poke fun at. He is just pleasingly plump. Just a few pounds above the mean. Which is normally not a problem.

But if the cat’s behinds of the world all join force, think of the havoc on gmail. I cross my fingers that you have thought of this evil problem on your own. I’m sure you have run into it in testing.

Anyway, an exhaustive search led me to the cure (ctrl,+, in case you have a large posteriored cat).


gmail user with bad vision


She is NOT talking about me, is she??

She is NOT talking about me, is she??


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14 responses to “The cat’s behind

  1. sorry about your adventure – thank you for the tip. It works everywhere – not just gmail! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I got a new computer and have tried, unsuccessfully, to adjust the mini font. ctrl + is the bomb! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Do you think they measured cat-butts before coming up with the ctrl-alt-del combination?

  3. Poor Mitchell gets all the grief. Control + the scroll on your mouse works, too.

  4. madforknit

    Imagine what he could do with his paws…

  5. Poor Mitchell. ๐Ÿ˜€ He looks like you made him go to the corner.

  6. Yup, ctrl + is awesome….doesn’t work 100%, but dern close to it.

  7. Oh noes! glad you got it back

  8. Awww…..Mitchell is so handsome!! I have a cat of “girth” also…..and she LOVES my computer…so it is just a matter of time till I am faced wtiht he same situation. Thanks for the tip!!

  9. He’s a very talented cat, that Mitchell.

  10. Tee

    And if you should ever, for some arcane reason, wish to re-create the mini-font-ness of things, ctrl – is your friend. You can use the minus and plus signs on either the top row OR the number pad for this kind of fun.

  11. My little boxer, Flea does that when she rests her head on my laptop. It really freaked me out the 1st time she did it because I had NO idea how to turn it back. Crazy pets!

  12. Poor Mitchell. He was just trying to find a comfy spot.

    It sounds like ctrl+ is the bomb. Excellent, I’d never known that before.

  13. Fluffy, who is large in the posterior, not to mention everywhere else, managed to hit ctrl-alt-del as she strolled across my keyboard last night. In the old days she would have rebooted the thing (as another cat did to another computer auld lang syne), but she had to be content with bringing up the system menu. Such talented and cybersavvy cats we have.