Taking a poll: Do you play the blame game?

My sleep pattern is all thrown off due to a recurring night time cough and a week long night time cold medicine usage that knocked me flat every night. Now? Can’t fall asleep and stay asleep to save my soul.

Hello. My name is Sandy and I am a nyquil-aholic.

Which, btw? Makes a grumpy me. Not pretty at all. I spent the morning being unreasonable crabby and then having 2 people “blame” me for their colds. Apparently *I* have the only germs around nowadays. Perhaps I was just being sensitive but if I am going to be blamed, perhaps we should compare symptoms, just to be sure it’s MY strain of germs. In fact. I would like it to be hereby known as the Sandysknitting flu. This may gain some momentum, quite like the swine flu.

Should I have stayed home for an entire week or maybe even 2 or 3 weeks by the time I shake my cough? I did stay home on day one of the sickness. Then it was the weekend. So by the time I hit work last Monday I was on day4 of the SNflu. (Sandysknitting flu, remember?)

But wait. Do you do this too? Tend to blame your sickness on those around you? Is it something that is a normal activity? Do you? Blame your cold on your friends/co workers? And plenty vocal about it too?



I spent a wonderful weekend quietly cooking up a storm. Sourdough bread, plenty of fresh spring veggies from the local farm stand made into a Spring Green Risotto (YUM), sourdough waffles and the piece de resistance? Strawberry Rhubarb pie which was particularly scrumptious.

Pass a dish!

Pass a dish!

I figure I would do like the old wives tale said: Feed a cold/SNflu!




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10 responses to “Taking a poll: Do you play the blame game?

  1. You commented on my blog.

    Now I have a sore throat.

    Totally your fault!


  2. The pie looks gorgeous, though–surely eating some of that would have to make you feel better!

  3. Oh, people are such whiners. How about that lost concept, personal responsibility? There are indeed germs everywhere, especially in workplaces. Why don’t they wash their hands and get over themselves?

    I’m a little crabby, too.


  4. Manise

    And of course your SNFlu is a worse strain of the nasty germs they passed on to you, right??

  5. Well, I must admit that I have once or twice — in good humor, mind you, and not a REAL “blame” — said to someone, “Thank you very much! I caught your cold!” Whatever. But seriously, GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE. Those things you cooked, however? I’M FAT AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! Hee. XO

  6. Oh puleaze. People have no clue about germs and transmission and that’s why they are quick to blame. Money is the filthiest thing on the planet but no one washes their hands after handling money nor do you hear them say “no I’d rather not touch the cash as I might catch germs.”

  7. I blame the kids. It’s always their fault.

  8. Tee

    I blame my children. I also blame them for tv programs that are unexpectedly cliffhangers. Heck, I blame them when I know in advance that it’s a cliffhanger!

    I don’t think I’m any more serious than your co-workers are.

  9. When someone blames me for a cold. I tell them it is not my fault their immune system wasn’t strong enough to handle a “few” germs…just kidding.

  10. I always blame my husband. We *share* everything, after all.
    Even germs…