Because he dances on the ceiling

Now that the sun has risen and set a couple of times on the grumpy post of the other day, I can chuckle at the assertions I made. It’s important for me to be able to laugh at myself sometimes.
However, once I started playing the blame game, it got kind of fun:

For the incessant phone calls from people who claim to not be telemarketers: I blame you, A T & T
For my headache, I blame you, rap music
For my teenage love of the book Twilight, I blame you, love’s baby soft
For my sore feet, I blame you, Nike
For my peeling ceiling paint, I blame you, Lionel Ritchie
For my ever expanding back end, I blame you, Mom
For my forgetfulness, I blame you Omega 3’s
For my love of fresh veggies, I blame you local farmers
For my increased love of democracy, I blame you, Iran
For my love of pies, I blame you, apples
For my love of cold weather, I blame you, penguins
For my love of the written word, I blame you 7th grade English Teacher, Ms. Moriarty
For my love of furry cats, I blame you, Fig
For paying attention to my Zen, I blame you, Margene
For my pierced ears, I blame you, Norma
For my love of good food, I blame you, Julia Child
For my insane love of a good salad, I blame you, croutons and sliced almonds
For my love of fine yarn, I blame you, SHEEP
For my pinched finger, I blame you, physics and geometry equally
For my desire for a vacation far away, I blame you, Orville Wright.
I’m sure I could go on and on. For my warped sense of humor, I blame YOU!
Who do you blame and for what??


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6 responses to “Because he dances on the ceiling

  1. You are too funny. Lionel Ritchie.

    For my hatred of people, I blame the women who stood in front of me on the escalator at work yesterday, not moving aside even though it was obvious that I was late for my next meeting…


  2. Oh I love this. I blame VT for my love of maple syrup and ALL of England for my love of gardening.

  3. Fun! I blame the library for hooking me on books and Alice Starmore for my stash.

  4. Guess who I blame for my love of Sandy’s Knitting II?

  5. I blame Bonne Marie – the first knitting blog I ever read!

  6. Charlotte

    Awwww. You blame Fig for your love of kitties. Good job Fig! What a wonderful ambassador for your kind!

    Can I just take a moment in this silly thread to say how gracious and loving it was for you to open your heart and home to two lonely little kitties?